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5 Players With High Aggression For Your FIFA 22 Auction

Fans love to see aggression from a player. Mainly because, in a world of aloof, highly-paid stars with fragile egos, it shows they’re passionate about playing for the club badge. But aggression’s not always a good thing. At a FIFA auction, you should be wary of packing your team with aggressive stars. Some are worth the risk and in this article, we highlight 5 of them. Sign these guys up and you’ll have no questions about their commitment.


Premier League FIFA 22 Team Impressive Players of the Season

After a pulsating Premier League season, FIFA 22 finally released the Team of the Season (TOS). As you expected, this squad is dominated by quality players from Liverpool and Manchester City. However, the selection is also with a lot of controversies. Many EPL lovers believe that while some players deserve this selection, few should not be on the list. So, in this post, we will discuss the players selected, their performances, and their ratings. We would also share our view on the FIFA 22 Team of the Season.


7 FIFA 22 World Cup Matches You Should Never Miss

Four years of wait is no joke! Nothing is more exciting than knowing it's only a few days from the 2022 FIFA World Cup. There are several head-to-head contests in this World Cup that you don't want to miss. We've helped you with the best 7 heavyweight matches of the season.


Best 8 Tips to Win your Next PBA Gambling Tickets

Are you planning to bet on the next PBA game and want to win? But know that gambling is based on luck, and there is no guarantee that you will win your bet. Basic betting tips can improve your stakes and maximize winning chances. Here are simple tricks you can use to win your next PBA predictions.


FIFA 22 La Liga Team Impressive Players of the Season

FIFA 22 released the Team of the Season (TOS) shortly after the end of the League. Needless to say, Real Madrid won this season. But it’s also essential to let you know that other impressive players from other reputable teams are on the list. We will discuss the players selected here, their position, performance, and league rankings. We’d also like to share our views on the Team of Season picks in this post.


Who Will Win? Top 5 Favorite Countries to Win 2022 FIFA World Cup

We will review the 5 favorite nations we believe can be crown the winner at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. These FIFA 22 predictions are not only to prepare you for the competition but also help you to make the right decision while wagering. Before we check out these countries, remember you can always get your FIFA news here at our site. We will also bring you other FIFA trending actions here. 


47 Betting Vocabulary, Sports Betting Terms, Slang Terminology You Must Know

If you're new to betting on sports and find the terminology a bit intimidating, listening to hard-core gamblers using sports betting lingo can be like hearing a totally different language. Don't worry, EsballPH HaloWin Casino compiled a comprehensive archive of even the most obscure sports betting words and terms.


Top 5 Most Impressive PBA Players So far

The ongoing 47th season of the 2022 PBA is arguably the most anticipated league among all Philippine basketball enthusiasts. Our research reveals the season's top 5 PBA players. However, it's essential to know that this article updates you on these great players and helps you make the best decisions when making PBA predictions or PBA betting.


2022 FIFA World Cup Draw, Who is the FIFA 22 Real Group of Death

If you're following FIFA News, you would know that there is virtually no World Cup season without a "Group of Death", and this year is not left out. The term “Group of death” is used for the team that is the season’s crux. In short, they seem difficult to challenge.


Where are the PBA Alaska Aces

If you notice from the beginning of the PBA season 47, you'll see that Alaska Ace isn't participating. As you can imagine, there is a lot of controversy among thousands of Alaska Ace fans worldwide. There's also no doubt that you're also here to find out what happened to Alaska Ace and why they didn't make it to the 2022 Philippine Cup.


2022 Top 5 Most Impressive PBA Teams So far

In the 2022 PBA, most of the teams have the most fantastic squad. We know you might find it hard to pick the most impressive of them all. But not to worry! We’ve got you covered with the top 5 most impressive PBA teams so far in 2022.


PBA Game Week 6 Predictions

Since the 47th season started on June 5, we have had many exciting PBA matches between top teams in the competition. However, if you look forward to placing a wager on the next PBA games, we have our game week 6 PBA predictions. These predictions didn’t come from a vacuum, but after reviewing each team's performances lately, their head-to-head and strengths.


FIFA 22 RANKINGS: 4 Best Striking Duos

In 2022, you won’t find many ‘big-man-little-man’ forward duos. Teams often rely on a lone striker with help from midfielders, or a hard-working trio of attackers who each track back as willingly as shoot. That said, the prolific front two still has a place in football. In this article, we rank our top 4 FIFA 22 should rate these Striking Duos for sizzling chemistry.


FIFA 22 NEWS: 4 Best Transfers Of The Summer So Far

The European summer transfer window opened on June 10 and although it’s early days, we’ve already witnessed some high-profile moves that could prove pivotal next season. It’s never that easy as chairmen, players and agents play the waiting game in a bid to get the best deal to suit their interests. That being said, some trainers will be happy at the prospect of working with these 4 confirmed signings.


FIFA 22 AUCTION: 4 Of The Best Second-Tier Strikers 

The hardest thing in football is scoring goals. That's why clubs pay a premium for strikers who are guaranteed to hit the back of the net. But what if you're a club with a modest transfer budget? These second-tier strikers cost a lot less than the household names, but they could prove to be prolific all the same. Sign these players in a FIFA auction and equip your side with a lethal finisher.


FIFA 22 TRENDING: 4 Of The Most Promising Young Defenders

The art of defending is notoriously difficult to master. Bobby Moore, Franz Beckenbauer, and Paolo Maldini's outstanding defensive talent is coming through the ranks at the world's top clubs. This article celebrates 4 of these FIFA 22 trending defender stars. We'll outline what makes them such hot defensive prospects, explore the players' achievements so far and assess their potential.


2022 PBA Philippine Cup and PBA Governors' Cup Highlights

This article will brighten you on PBA Governors' Cup and PBA Philippine Cup's latest team scores and their points. We're here to help boost your current enlightenment with our handy on the PBA live scores; read below for the newest PBA Governors' Cup team and PBA Philippine Cups highlights and their leading.


Latest PBA Standings Point Table and 4 PBA News For 2022

The PBA points table and standings are the real rankings and their points. Having the Northport as the 1st leading team and San Miguel 2nd position. Read below to be aware of all the team points and their position. Be sure to follow our guides for your favorite teams during the 2022 season, below is the latest PBA standings point table for 2022.


4 Latest PBA News You Should Know Before Betting on PBA

There are over a dozen regular-season PBA games played virtually every day. The Barangay Ginebra San Miguel is the most recent champion. This article is about the four latest news stories; before betting on the latest PBA, here are the four latest news to get you started.


FIFA 22 Trending: 5 over-30 Evergreen Strikers Ready To Light Up The World Cup

When a striker passed the age of 30 it marked the start of their decline; that’s no longer the case. Here are 5 FIFA Trending evergreen strikers set to boss it in Qatar 2022; each of whom will be into their 30s by the time the tournament kicks off.

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