PBA Prediction: Beermen Facing Tough Dragons in the Semi Dec 14


On Dec 14th, the San Miguel Beermen will undoubtedly be the underdogs in this semi-final matchup against the Bay Area Dragons covered by EsballPH HaloWin Bet.

San Miguel Beermen has now won six straight games though and rolled through the 2022 PBA Commissioner's Cup quarter-finals series behind Devon Scott. The Bay Area Dragons have now activated Andrew Fabian Nicholson again for this postseason run.

No matter who the import player for the Dragons has been they have been dominant. Through the elimination round and the quarterfinals, this team has won 11 games and lost just two.

The San Miguel Beermen started off the season slowly but are now one of the hottest teams in the league and should not be taken lightly in this game or series.

EsballPH HaloWin Bet believes that this will be the best series we have seen so far following the elimination games. These two teams have so much talent and have been playing some really good basketball right now.

Two of the most dominating players in the entire PBA will be in this series which includes Devon Scott for the Beermen and Andrew Fabian Nicholson for the Dragons.

This should be a series that all fans of the PBA should be wanting to tune in for. A lot of people have the Bay Area Dragons as the favorite in the series but the San Miguel Beermen could surprise some people in this one.

PBA Prediction: Beermen Facing Tough Dragons in the Semis

PBA Prediction: The Quarter Finals were a Breeze for the Beermen

For the San Miguel Beermen, the quarter-finals were a best-of-three-games series. They only needed two games to take out the Converge FiberXers.

In the first game of the series, the San Miguel Beermen won by a score of 114-96 and in the second game, they won 120-107. Both of these games were won by double digits. This team has the great combination of having a star player in Devon Scott along with a ton of talent around him that compliments his game nicely.

In both games of the quarter-finals, this team had a balanced scoring attack. Everyone on the San Miguel Beermen can shoot the ball and plays unselfish basketball.

In this upcoming series against the Bay Area Dragons look out for this team as they can compete with the other top teams in the PBA and EsballPH HaloWin Bet thinks that they will show it in this series.

PBA Prediction: Beermen Facing Tough Dragons in the Semis

PBA Prediction: The Bay Area Dragons Easily Advanced in One Game

Since the Bay Area Dragons had the top spot following the elimination games they were granted the ability to advance to the semi-finals after winning just one game in the quarter-finals.

This team took full advantage of that situation and defeated the Rain or Shine Elastopainters after one game where they won 126-96. This game marked the return of Andrew Fabian Nicholson to the roster after Myles Powell was put on reserve. Both of these players are extremely talented but Andrew Fabian Nicholson they felt gave them a big boost.

In the game, Nicholson scored 32 points. The real story for the Bay Area Dragons though was the play of Hayden Joel Blankley who came out of nowhere to score 47 points in the game. He was averaging just nine points going into the game and exploded for a game-high 47. If he can keep playing like that this team will be extremely tough to beat.

PBA Prediction: The Fate of the Beermen Relies on Devon Scott

EsballPH HaloWin Bet could make the argument that Devon Scott has been the best player in the PBA since his first game earlier in the elimination round. Since he has been on the team they have rarely lost.

Devon Scott has been a massive part of this six-game winning streak that the Beermen are on right now. His presence in the paint has been a big factor as to why teams are unable to score a lot on them or keep them from scoring on the other end. He is so big and athletic that he gets nearly every rebound and can finish with ease at the rim.

For the Beermen to win this game and series they will need a massive game again from Scott which he has produced time and time again. Scott knows how important it is to get that first win in the semi-finals so expect a big game from him in a close contest.

PBA Prediction: Beermen Facing Tough Dragons in the Semis

PBA Prediction: Andrew Fabian Nicholson is Back for the Dragons

In the elimination round, the Bay Area Dragons had the top scorer in the PBA, Andrew Fabian Nicholson. They replaced him with Myles Powell who was great as well but now they have turned back to Nicholson for the quarter-finals and semi-finals.

He left right off where he was after he scored 32 to help them advance to the semi-finals against the Beermen. Look for another big performance from him in this game as he tries to set the tone for the Dragons in the semi-finals.

During the elimination round, Andrew Fabian Nicholson averaged over 38 points per game. That makes him one of the best scorers the PBA has ever seen. The matchup between him and Devon Scott down low will be one of the best ever and will be fun to watch this game and series.

PBA Prediction: Beermen Facing Tough Dragons in the Semis

PBA Prediction: Who will Win this Matchup in Game One of the Semi-Finals?

The overall favorite may be the Bay Area Dragons as all year they have had the best record in the PBA and have been blowing teams out recently.

It wouldn't surprise EsballPH HaloWin Bet though if the San Miguel Beermen put up a good fight and win this first game of the series. The Beermen have been extremely hot and haven't lost in nearly a month now. It would be a shock for the Beermen if they lost even though others may believe that they don't have a chance.

This game could be extremely close and should be a great one to watch as anything can happen with these two powerhouse teams.

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