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Invite Friends Get 1999 Rebate Bonus & Referral Bonus

Invite Friends Get 1999 Rebate Bonus & Referral Bonus

Share the wins with your friends by referring them to EsballPH. You'll also earn a rebate bonus when for each friend that joins and meets the bonus Cashback requirements. Everyone wins!

Invite Friends Get Rebate Bonus 1999

  • Promotion target: All members
  • Promotional period: 2022/07/01 ~ 2024/07/31

Recommend friends to join EsballPH, and you can get 1% of their deposit. Daily rebate bonus up to 1,999 PHP. Invite friends to earn money now!

Rebate Percentage 1%
Minimum Reward Amount 1 Php
Daily Top Bonus 1999 Php

Invite your Friends to Join EsballPH, Get Rebate Bonus!

The advantages of inviting friends to join an online casino may include:

  1. Receiving Rewards or Bonuses: Some online casinos may offer rewards or bonuses to the inviter as a token of appreciation. These can come in the form of cash, free games, or other additional perks.
  2. Social Interaction: Participating in online gambling with friends can enhance social interaction, as you share gaming experiences and discuss strategies, strengthening friendships.
  3. Increasing Player Base: Inviting friends to join can boost the player base of the online casino, promoting activity within the games and potentially increasing the total prize pool.
  4. Special Offers: Some online casinos provide special offers or rewards to new players or friends invited by existing players, such as free games or spins on slot machines.
  5. Shared Enjoyment: Engaging in casino games with friends can enhance the entertainment value, creating shared memories and experiences, making it a fun activity.

Invite Friends Get 1999 Rebate Bonus Activity Rules

  1. Recommend friends to play and get 1% of their deposit.
    **Example: Friend A deposit 10,000 PHP on August 1 2022 and you will get 100 PHP next day.
  2. When applying for membership, friend must put your USERNAME for referral ID;if not, you will not get the bonus.
  3. No need to apply for this bonus. System will automatically distribute bonus on 15:00 everyday.
  4. The bonus must be  1 PHP  - 1999 PHP everyday.
  5. his bonus need turnover 1X Turnover, no limit on gameplay.
  6. Refer more friends to play this game, so you can get more bonus. Click New Member to get more cash bonus!

Invite Friends Get 1999 Rebate Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. The promotion is limited to each account and IP, phone number, email, bank account and can only be used once. If you reapply for the discount, PanaloKO reserves the right to cancel the discount without prior notice.
  2. PanaloKO reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate this promotion at its sole discretion without prior notice.

How to Invite Friends Get 1999 Rebate Bonus

  1. Go to "Member"
  2. Click on "Referrals"
  3. Click on "Refer friend" to copy your ID link
  4. Let players paste your ID link into this table

Invite Friends Get 1999 Rebate Bonus

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