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FC Chinese New Year Slot Game

FC Chinese New Year Slot Game

Kasama ng mga larong Tsino sa Bagong Taon ang tradisyonal na estratehiya at slot games sa Tsina at ang Chinese Poker, na maaaring i-play sa mga grupo, pati na rin sa iba pang mga popular na laro sa buong taon na maaaring maging masaya sa loob ng libang panahon ng 7-araw na Spring Festival.

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Chinese New Year Game Introduction

How to Play Chinese New Year Game

Chinese slot game folklor says that during the Spring Festival, a monster called Nian Beast appeared in the wild in winter. Nian Beast was very ferocious and broke into houses to eat people in midnight. People built a bonfire and lit firecrackers at by their door to scare the Nian Beast away. When firecracker appears on all the 5 reels, you trigger a free game!

You can trigger free games repetitively and get up to 100 free games. You can get up to 72X for the free game.

Chinese New Year

The winning score of a 0.3 bet is as follows.

Chinese New Year The wildicon can be used to replace any icons except the scatter icon.
Chinese New Year When the scatter icon appears on 5 wheels, the player will acquire 13 free games.
Item Odds Item Odds Item Odds Item Odds
chinese-new-year 5x5
chinese-new-year 5x2.0
chinese-new-year 5x1.75
chinese-new-year 5x1.25
chinese-new-year 5x1
chinese-new-year 5x0.9
chinese-new-year 5x0.8
chinese-new-year 5x0.7

Chinese New Year Free Game

  • When Scatter appears on all 5 wheels, the free game will be triggered.
  • A different multiplier will appear for different numbers of. When there are more than 5 the minimum multiplier will be 3 and the maximum multiplier will be 72.
  • In the free game, when appears on 5 or more wheels, the player will acquire 13 more free games.
  • Free games can be acquired multiple times for up to 100 games.
  • When the free game is triggered again, the multiplier will be the same as when the free game was first triggered.
  • The system starts automatically if it is disconnected or no operation has been made over 10 seconds when it is in auto status.

Chinese New Year Game Payline Rules

Combining neighboring patterns from left to right on the roller results in a combo bonus. If any game result can't be determined due to any failure, the game will not hold.

chinese new year slot game payline rules

Chinese New Year Game Screen


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