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Latest PBA Commissioner's Cup Playoff Schedule and Scores in Philippines

The regular season of the 2022-23 PBA Commissioners Cup (PBA Season 47) has concluded. On December 7, the PBA quarterfinals, PBA semifinals, and PBA finals officially started. The latest PBA Commissioners Cup 2022-23 (PBA Season 47) PBA Playoffs schedule and PBA Playoffs scores live updates are available here. The Halowin Bet platform also provides a safe and fast sports betting platform. Let you bet worry-free.


Latest PBA Commissioner's Cup Schedule, Standings and Scores in Philippines

Want to know the latest PBA Commissioner's Cup 2022-23 (PBA Season 47) teams' PBA Rankings, PBA Schedule, PBA Points, and PBA Results? Quickly head to the Halowin Bet website. The latest PBA Commissioner's Cup 2022-23 (PBA Season 47) live updates are available here. Halowin Bet platform provides a safe and fast sportsbook platform. Make your bets worry-free.


FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Final Results, Schedule and Scores

Count down on the 2022 FIFA World Cup final which will be held on Dec 18, 2022. The 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar semi-final, quarter-final, and final tournament on all results, standings, scores, and match details are available at HaloWin Bet right now, click in to check out now and don't miss out.


FIFA World Cup 2022 Results, Schedule, Standings and Scores in Qatar

The 2022 World Cup officially started on November 21, 2022. Can Argentina's Messi and Portugal's Ronaldo win the World Cup trophy before retiring? Can defending champion France break the spell and advance to the next round? HaloWin Bet provides you with FIFA World Cup 2022 results, fixtures, standings, scores, and basic match details. The Halowin Bet platform provides a safe and fast sports betting platform. Let you bet worry-free.


Boxing Predictions: Inoue vs Butler Set for Undisputed Bantamweight Champion

Current bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue will face Paul Butler on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at Ariake Arena in Koto, Tokyo. This contest is for the undisputed bantamweight championship of the world, with the The Ring, WBO, IBF & WBC belts on the line. The bout will determine a new undisputed bantamweight champion and the first since Enrique Pinder beat Rafael Herrera in 1972.


FIFA Recap: 2022 World Cup Dec 2 Results on Group G and H

2022 FIFA World Cup Dec 2, the 13th day of the World Cup group stages as the final games were played in Groups G and H. And, like the previous evenings there was more than their fair share of drama in Qatar


FIFA Recap: 2022 World Cup Dec 1 Results on Group E and F

2022 World Cup Dec 1 is the 12th day of the World Cup, Groups E and F played to their conclusion and saw the biggest casualties to date among the teams to make an early exit from the tournament. Croatia 0 Belgium 0, Morocco 2 Canada 1.


Boxing Record: Bantamweight Champion Naoya Inoue Record

Naoya Inoue is the current WBA, IBF and WBC bantamweight (118LBS) champion. On October 2, 2012, Naoya Inoue played his first professional match. A victory over Nonito Donaire on June 6, 2022 extended the winning streak. Inoue Naoya's current record is 23 wins, 0 losses and 20 KOs. And continued to hold the bantamweight world title.


FIFA News: Ronaldo Makes History Again Scoring the 5th FIFA World Cup

Ronaldo became the first man to score in five successive World Cup finals, creating another piece of history. Leading international goal scorer of all time, he has now extended his haul to 118 goals..


Top 10 Heavyweight to Light Heavyweight World Boxing Rankings

HaloWin Bet gives you the latest top 10 boxing rankings for each weight class including Heavyweight (200 LBS+), CRUISERWEIGHT (200 LBS), and Light Heavyweight (175 LBS) for you to check out. And lists the top 15 boxing rankings of the four major cups of WBO, IBF, WBC, and WBA including boxer records and countries.


FIFA News: Possible Major Transfers in Jan After FIFA Qatar

World Cup is often an opportunity for players to put themselves in the shop window. The major clubs will either have scouts in Qatar or teams analysts watching every match closely for potential talent. Due to the timing of this World Cup and the proximity of the January transfer window, it would be no surprise if there was not already a flurry of activity behind the scenes, here are some major transfers that might happen in January.


FIFA News: Saudi Support Private Bids for Premier League Duo

FIFA News with Newcastle United already having Saudi owners, there are indications that two other Premier League clubs, Liverpool and Manchester United, could also have owners from the desert kingdom.


FIFA Recap: 2022 World Cup Nov 30 Results on Group C and D

In 2022 Nov 30th, World Cup saw Groups C & D conclude with more than their fair share of upsets also drama thrown into the equation. It also briefly introduced football fans to the concept of a unique form of tie-breaker, although, in the event, that was not needed. The winning teams are Tunisia, Australia, Mexico, and Argentina.


PBA Predictions: San Miguel v Meralco Face off Final Game

A handful of teams in the PBA have already clinched a playoff spot. There are a group of other teams that will be competing for the final remaining spots in the playoffs. Two of these teams are the San Miguel Beerman and the Meralco Bolts. All season these teams have been up and down. They are on the edge of making the playoffs currently. The upcoming game between the two that will be played on Friday, December 2nd will be a big one for both teams as far as their hopes of making it into the postseason. It should be one of the best games of the season Halo Sport believes.


PBA Predictions: Top Teams FiberXers and Barangay Will Face

Both Converge FiberXers and Barangay Ginebra San Miguel have now clinched a spot in the playoffs and will be competing for one of the top spots in those playoffs. Read more to predict who will win!


Reactions to 'One Love' LGBTQ+ Got Banned from FIFA Qatar

European nations including Denmark, England, Germany...and so on, were planning to wear ‘One Love' armbands to protest LGBTQ+ rights in Qatar and got threatened with Yellow Cards for wearing them.


Is there a difference between TKO and KO in Boxing?

If you are a casual fan of boxing for the first time, you must be familiar with the word "KO". You get so excited when you hear the commentary from the live announcer. But when I heard "TKO", I had a lot of doubts. That doesn't sound like "knocked down," so what's the difference? In this article, you will learn the difference between TKO and KO in boxing.


FIFA Recap: 2022 World Cup Nov 28 Group E and F Results Highlights

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Nov 28 featured the second group games in Groups E and F, including Costa Rica v Japan, Belgium v Morocco, Croatia v Canada, and Germany v Spain.


FIFA Recap: 2022 Nov 27 France Reached the Knock-Out Stage

On Nov 26 FIFA world cup 2022, France has broken the spell of the previous champion getting eliminated during group matches and made it to the Knock-out stage, Argentina is also back on track as well.


FIFA News: How will VAR affect the 2022 Qatar World Cup?

Assistive technology has been increasingly incorporated into football in recent years, and its impact can often be seen in the game itself. VAR and AVAR automatically check the accuracy of every field decision that can be reviewed. If the VAR check finds no error, then he or she will let the referee know there was no error. This type of check is called a "silent check" because it does not require any additional action from the player and usually does not cause any delay in-game progress.

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