Boxing Recap: Naoya Inoue1st undisputed bantamweight champion


Naoya Inoue of Japan became the first undisputed bantamweight champion in 50 years on Tuesday when he defeated England's Paul Butler in an 11-round contest in Tokyo to take over the WBO belt from Britain's Paul Butler. Now, the Japanese boxer star holds four bantamweight belts including: WBC, IBF, WBA, and WBO.

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Boxing Recap: Naoya Inoue1st undisputed bantamweight champion

Naoya Inoue beat Paul Butler Recap

Paul Butler, 34, was given a lesson by the undefeated Naoya Inoue, 29, nicknamed "The Monster" in Japan.

Naoya Inoue got off to a blazing start against Paul Butler in the first round, smashing numerous powerful shots. With Naoya Inoue in complete control, he launched a torrent of body shots in the second quarter that Paul Butler could scarcely reply to. In the early stages, Inoue continued to punish the Englishman, smashing the ball after trapping him in the corner twice.

Boxing Recap: Naoya Inoue1st undisputed bantamweight champion

As the game progressed, Paul Butler got deeper and deeper into his defensive shell, and Naoya Inoue grew more and more frustrated trying to coax him into offense

Naoya Inoue dominated the 11th round until he hit the body with a right hand before a solid left uppercut and a barrage of unanswered punches knocked Paul Butler down

Paul Butler's record fell to 34-3 during his first road trip.

Boxing Recap: Naoya Inoue1st undisputed bantamweight champion

Naoya Inoue's next stop

The Japanese boxer earned his 19th world title in a row and is undefeated in 24 professional fights.

And Naoya Inoue's 21st career knockout secured his place in history as no featherweight has ever held all four belts. 

"This is the greatest moment of my career," Inoue said after the game.

As we all know, this is Inoue's final contest at bantamweight. At the very least, he would become a fourth-tier champion, he previously stated in an interview. To increase his advantage now that he has secured immortality for his cherished nation.

Inoue, who has long set his sights on a unified bantamweight title and has also won the super flyweight and light flyweight world titles, has said he intends to move up to super bantamweight when he wraps up.

Naoya Inoue has ended boxing's bantamweight fight, but the chase for history is far from over.

Boxing Recap: Naoya Inoue1st undisputed bantamweight champion

Naoya Inoue1st person in Japan

Naoya Inoue officially entered the club of undisputed world champions of the modern boxing era. He is the ninth boxer in history to hold all four major belts (WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO) simultaneously.

The remaining eight are Josh Taylor (super welterweight), Saul Alvarez (super welterweight), Jamel Charlo (super welterweight), Bernard - Hopkins (middleweight), Jermaine Taylor (middleweight), Terrence Crawford (super lightweight), Oleksandusik (lightweight), Devin Haney (light heavyweight).

Earlier this year, Inoue became the first Japanese boxer to top Ring Magazine's prestigious pound-for-pound rankings as the best fighter in all weight classes.

Naoya Inoue KOs Butler Fight Hightlights

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