Football Studio Dice Evolution Gaming

Football Studio Dice: A thrilling twist on Football Studio, blending Bac Bo dice for added excitement. Engaging gameplay, lively hosts, vibrant football discussions.

Football Studio Dice Evolution Gaming

Football Studio Dice Game Introduction

Football Studio Dice Evolution offers a thrilling twist on the beloved Football Studio experience, incorporating the Bac Bo dice game for added excitement. Featuring engaging and straightforward gameplay, this game appeals to football fans seeking a distinctive gaming experience. Root for either the HOME or AWAY team and interact with our lively game hosts who foster vibrant football discussions.

Football Studio Dice Evolution Gaming

Introduction to Football Studio Dice Evolution Gaming

Football Studio Dice by EVO Live Gaming introduces a fresh twist by replacing traditional cards with four visually stunning dice, creating an unprecedented gaming concept. While bearing similarities to Football Studio, this version utilizes dice instead of cards. The HOME and AWAY scores are determined by the combined values of two dice, shaken automatically in four separate shakers, two for each team.

The objective is to achieve the highest total with the two dice. Reminiscent of real football matches, the game consists of two halves. Even if a player falls short during the 'First Half' dice shake, there's always the opportunity for a comeback in the 'Second Half' dice shake.

Set in an energetic environment exuding a sporty ambiance, Football Studio Dice promises an authentic football experience.

Football Studio Dice Key Highlights

  • The objective is to anticipate which of the two pairs of dice will yield a greater combined total.
  • Both primary bets offer even payouts, while a Tie pays out at 8:1.
  • Draw bets resulting in a total of 12 offer payouts at 80:1.
  • Featuring a football-themed studio, hosts direct discussions toward the latest news in the sport.
  • The dedicated live casino studio mirrors the appearance of a sports broadcast.
  • With optimal play, the game boasts a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.75%.

The Dice Shake in Football Studio Dice

Throughout the betting phase, all four dice begin shaking simultaneously, enhancing player involvement. The dice cease shaking at varying intervals, further heightening engagement.

Initially, the upper HOME and AWAY dice halt, followed by the lower HOME and AWAY dice a few seconds later. Once all dice settle, the outcome with the highest two-dice total determines either a HOME or AWAY victory.

In the event of a DRAW, diverse payouts are available based on the tied dice outcome, including one offering an 80x payout.

What You Should Know before Playing Evolution Football Studio Dice

Here are five essential points to understand before diving into Football Studio Dice Evolution:

  • The game's outcome hinges on the shaking of four dice—two for the home team and two for the away team. The side with the highest combined total emerges victorious.
  • Successful bets yield even-money payouts, denoted as 1:1.
  • A rare Draw scenario resulting in a total of 12-12 offers an impressive 80:1 payout. All other draws reward players at 8:1 odds.
  • The dice follow a specific rolling sequence: Dice 1 represents the Home team, followed by Dice 2 for the Away team, then Dice 3 for Home again, and finally, Dice 4 for Away.
  • The Return to Player (RTP) stands at 97.75%. However, for Draw outcomes, the RTP slightly decreases to 95.68%.

How to Play Football Studio Dice Evolution

Football Studio Dice boasts a custom-designed physical studio tailored specifically for the game.

The studio layout features a central playing table, dividing it into two halves. The left segment is designated for the Home team, while the right side caters to the Away team.

Integrated within the table are four dice shakers—two allocated for the Home team and two for the Away team.

The gameplay unfolds in two halves. Initially, the first set of Home and Away dice undergo shaking, followed by the second half, where the remaining Home and Away dice receive similar treatment.

The outcome is swiftly determined by the cumulative totals from both shakes, occurring within a matter of seconds.

Betting On Football Studio Dice

You can place bets on three bet positions.

  1. The Home Side.
  2. The Away Side
  3. A result is a Draw.

Placing a bet on either the Home or Away Side will yield an even-money payout of 1:1 upon a successful prediction of victory for your chosen side.

In the event of accurately foreseeing a draw, you'll receive an 8:1 payout for any draw outcome ranging from 2-2 up to 11-11.

However, if the Draw result culminates in a rare 12-12 scenario, the payout escalates significantly to an impressive 80:1.

How to Play Football Studio Dice Evolution

Features of Evolution Gaming Football Studio Dice

The standout feature that sets this game apart from competitors is the Football Studio concept. Dealers, well-versed in football knowledge, primarily focus on engaging the audience. They delve into discussions about the latest football news, matches, and outcomes, although these discussions do not impact the game's outcome.

Similar to the original Football Studio game, Dice incorporates a news feed positioned at the bottom left. Players have the option to tailor it according to their preferences in leagues and competitions.

In the bottom right corner, players can access more directly relevant information, such as previous Football Dice results.

Furthermore, players can immerse themselves in an interactive live chat window, fostering conversations about football with fellow players and presenters.

Playing Football Studio Dice Strategy

With a total of two hundred and seventy-seven outcomes, evenly divided between one hundred and thirty-three victories for both the Home and Away Teams, and eleven possible draws, predicting the outcome remains an impossible task. If such predictions were feasible, we would all be affluent!

While the game primarily offers even-money payouts, with results potentially leading to a Home Win, an Away Win, or a Draw, EVO Live Gaming maintains a house edge on the Draw. The majority of outcomes typically result in victories.

  • There is a 48% chance of a Home Win.
  • A 48% chance for an Away win.
  • And a 4% chance of a draw.

In terms of betting, sticking solely to wagering on either the Home or Away side for each game offers a 48% chance of winning.

The Martingale Strategy, often employed for even-money bets like these, is commonly used but ultimately ineffective. This strategy entails doubling a losing bet until a win occurs, yet it only results in breaking even at best. It fosters a risky mindset, falsely suggesting that losses can always be recovered when, in reality, there's a higher likelihood of losing everything.

For a sound Football Studio Dice strategy, I recommend placing bets on both the Home or Away sides while also allocating a small wager on the Draw. This approach ensures potential substantial gains, especially if the rare 12-12 draw occurs, offering an enticing 80:1 payout.

Football Studio operates as a gradual buildup game where significant wins typically require substantial bets, appealing to enthusiasts of Baccarat and similar games.

Another strategy I find effective is sticking to a winning position and maintaining that stance until experiencing a loss. Upon encountering a loss, doubling the bet and switching to the opposite position can be advantageous, especially during a streak of consecutive Home or Away wins over several game rounds.

Playing Football Studio Dice Strategy

Football Studio Dice Evolution Gaming Payouts

In Evolution Football Studio Dice live casino game, the payout system is refreshingly simple. Winning bets on either the Home or Away side result in even-money payouts. Draw bets typically offer an 8:1 payout, but if both sides roll a 12, players receive an impressive 80:1 bonus. It's a straightforward system that requires little memorization beyond these key details.

Bet Payout
Home 1:1
Away 1:1
Tie 8:1
12:12 Tie 80:1

Return To Player (RTP) in Football Studio Dice

The expected return (RTP) for Football Studio Dice stands at 97.75%, slightly surpassing that of Roulette, which boasts an RTP of 97.30%. In comparison to Evolution Baccarat, with an RTP of 98.94%, Football Studio Dice Evolution Gaming offers a slightly lower return. However, it outperforms Dragon Tiger, which has an RTP of 96.72%.

Summary of Football Studio Dice Evolution

Football Studio Dice offers a straightforward and enjoyable gaming experience. The studio environment is top-notch, with presenters engaging players in lively discussions about the latest football news and matches.

For those who enjoy both gambling and soccer banter, this game provides the perfect platform. Players can stay informed with real-time updates on the latest results from prestigious leagues such as the Premier League, Champions League, and FIFA World Cup, conveniently displayed within the playing interface. This ensures players are always up-to-date with the latest goals and match outcomes.

Football Studio Dice Evolution Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Football Studio Dice Evolution Gaming?
    Football Studio Dice, developed by EVO Live Gaming, is a live casino dice game that seamlessly blends football news coverage with easy-to-understand gameplay. The objective of the game is to accurately forecast which of two sets of dice will yield a higher outcome.
  • Where can I play Football Studio Dice?
    Football Studio Dice is available at all Evolution Live Casinos. EsballPH provides all of Evolution Live games for players. Come and join EsballPH to play real money EVO games! The dream of winning a grand prize is not out of reach!
  • What is the house edge in Football Studio Dice?
    The house edge for Home and Away bets stands at 2.25%, while the Draw bet carries a slightly higher house edge of 3.32%.
  • Is there a playing strategy for Football Studio Dice Evolution?
    A specific strategy exists for engaging in Football Studio Dice. Explore my insights on the most effective approaches for gameplay, based on my strategies.
  • What is the maximum payout?
    The maximum payout you can receive is 80 times your initial stake. This exceptional outcome is achievable solely by placing and winning a Draw bet, where both the Home and Away sides reveal a combined total result of 12.

Football Studio Dice Evolution Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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