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Evolution Crazy Time Live Casino

Evolution Crazy Time Live Casino

Crazy Time Live Casino by Evolution Gaming is a unique live online game show. Offering a one-of-a-kind player experience, and with multipliers, up to 25,000X the fun hits a new high!

Crazy Time Game Introduction

EVO Live Gaming, a leading provider of Live Casino solutions, has launched its latest exclusive game Crazy Time Live Casino. Crazy Time Live is the most expensive game Evolution has ever produced. After the game was launched to generate a high level of interest from players, EsballPH HaloWin hopes to bring it to more people with Crazy Time, joy. There is also a lot of animation happening in the background of the game, including roller coasters and flying octopuses! These all add to the overall crazy atmosphere when you play Crazy Time Live Casino.

Crazy Time is a unique live online game show built on our extremely successful Dream Catcher money wheel concept. The interactive fun and excitement reach crazy new levels with the chance to add multipliers from the Top Slot in each game round and in four exciting bonus games. Interactive elements and advanced technology make it possible for players to win different multipliers in two out of the four bonus games.

Crazy Time Live Casino, Crazy Time Casinno Online Philippines

How to Play Crazy Time Live Casino

Placing your bets is easy. In the initial round, you have just four choices – the numbers 1, 2, 5, or 10. Once you’ve placed your bet, the Top Slot takes a spin, together with the big wheel. And if they align on matching multipliers, that multiplier will be activated for that round. The host then spins the main wheel once again, by pressing the big red button, and the wheel is set in motion to reveal where Lady Luck has landed.

Offering live entertainment with added advanced RNG gameplay, Crazy Time Live offers a one-of-a-kind player experience, and with multipliers, up to 25,000X the fun hits a new high!

Crazy Time Casinno Online Philippines: Cash Hunt Game Tricks

When you bet on the Cash Hunt options, there are 2 segments and a 3.7% chance it will trigger. If the flapper lands on this bonus, the presenter introduces you to a shooting gallery. This is a huge 9×12 grid with 108 symbols that turn into multipliers. Now, this is an interactive game, so the 'Cash Hunt' game you see is individual for you, while other players will also have their individual screens.

At the beginning of the game, you will see all the multiplier values, and the presenter will spot the highest one. The higher the multiplier values are few, while lower-paying multipliers take up most of the board, so to hit the higher numbers, you need luck on your side. Next, multipliers are covered by the bonus game's fun symbols and then shuffled. Now your job is to use your touch screen or mouse to shoot the symbols and reveal your personal combination of multipliers!

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Evolution Crazy Time Live Casino Features

Crazy Time is an exciting, all-new development based on Evolution's successful Dream Catcher money wheel concept but offering four action-packed bonus games – more than Evolution has ever included in a single game. The centerpiece of the game is a spinning money wheel featuring four bonus bet spots – Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time – that take players off into the bonus rounds.

EVO Live Gaming Crazy Time gameplay keeps players entertained with a crazily varied mix of action, entertainment, betting opportunities and a succession of potential multiplier wins.

Crazy Time game elements make the game particularly entertaining and capture the audience with the added excitement of being able to participate in the action. The game also integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies in one game, including Random Number Generator (RNG) multipliers, augmented reality, slots-style and video-gaming elements.

Crazy Time Casino Philippines: Coin Flip Game Tricks

You can bet on the 'Coin Flip Bonus', which has 3 segments and is the most frequent bonus with a 5.56% chance of landing. When the bonus triggers, the host will walk up to the 'Flip-O-Matic' game machine and all the action will unfold. Using the RNG, the 'Flip-O-Matic' will offer 2 random multiplier values. One value appears in the 'red' area and the other in the 'blue' area, with one value usually much higher than the other for added excitement

Next, the host will manually flip a coin in the "Flip-O-Matic" machine. Simply put, if the flip results in red color, then your bet is multiplied by the red multiplier value, while blue pays the blue multiplier value.

Crazy Time Casino Philippines: Coin Flip Game Tricks

Crazy Time Live Casino Payout: RTP, Odds, Probability, Max win

The Crazy Time game boasts a theoretical return to player (RTP) ranging from 94.41% to 96.08%, with an average of 95.41% across all bets.

Analysis of Crazy Time indicates its high volatility, resulting in occasional small wins interspersed with inactive spins. Yet, sporadically, it delivers substantial payouts in a dazzling manner.

The game's design aims to provide players with the excitement of frequent bonus rounds right from the outset. To maximize success in Crazy Time, prioritizing bets on bonus rounds is essential, as they yield the most substantial rewards.

The likelihood of landing on each segment of the Crazy Time wheel is detailed in the table under the Hit Frequency category.

1 21 21/54 = 38.89% 1:1
2 13 13/54 = 24.07% 2:1
5 7 7/54 = 12.96% 5:1
10 4 4/54 = 7.41% 10:1
Pachinko 2 2/54 = 3.70% Up To €500,000
Cash Hunt 2 2/54 = 3.70% Up To €500,000
Coin Flip 4 4/54 = 7.41% Up To €500,000
Crazy Time 1 1/54 = 1.85% Up To €500,000

Every spin of the wheel in Crazy Time holds an equal probability, unaffected by past outcomes or the duration since a particular event occurred.

Theoretically, the Crazy Time bonus round stands as the most lucrative aspect, capable of yielding substantial wins, reaching up to 20,000 times the initial bet. The largest observed win to date was during the Cash Hunt bonus round in January 2022, amounting to 12,500 times the initial bet.

The maximum payout attainable in Crazy Time is €500,000, a threshold established to accommodate the potential for substantial winnings when there's an active multiplier during the Bonus Round triggered by the Top Slot mechanism.

Crazy Time Strategy: Cash Hunt Strategy and Tips

The Cash Hunt bonus round stands out with its presence on two green segments, captivating the interest of many Crazy Time players, likely due to the perceived element of strategy involved.

In the Cash Hunt bonus round, players encounter a virtual shooting gallery featuring 108 random multipliers scrolling across the screen, initially concealed by symbols before being shuffled. The challenge lies in uncovering the highest multiplier amidst this randomness.

Players aim and fire a cannon, selecting a symbol in an attempt to reveal a high-value multiplier. Should a player fail to select a target within the allotted time, the game automatically chooses one.

As the symbols fade away, the multiplier prize is unveiled, with each player experiencing a unique outcome based on their selected symbol.

While no strategy can enhance the odds of obtaining a larger win multiplier, the key lies in enjoying the excitement of the bonus round and ensuring an active bet is in play.

Crazy Time Live Statistics

Experience the exhilarating live casino game show, Crazy Time, like never before. Tune in to CasinoScores for live action and access to comprehensive statistics and information.

On Crazy Time Live Scores, you'll discover detailed statistics covering:

  • Spin History
  • Latest Top Multipliers
  • Best Individual Wins
  • Top Slot Matched Wheel Results

Crazy Time Results Today: All You Need to Know

To start off, it's crucial to identify reliable and current sources for accessing today's Evolution Crazy Time Results. Platforms such as Tracksino Crazy Time Live frequently offers real-time updates, including statistics and outcomes, serving as invaluable resources for players. Today’s results include:

Crazy Time Results Today: All You Need to Know

How Daily Crazy Time Results Can Influence Your Gameplay

Analyzing today's Crazy Time results can provide several benefits:

  • Strategic Betting: Identifying a bonus round that appears frequently today allows you to adapt your betting strategy to take advantage of this trend.
  • Timing: If today's outcomes reveal a pattern of frequent significant wins, it could be an opportune moment to participate in the game.

Consider this scenario: Suppose today's Crazy Time results indicate an increased frequency of triggering the Coin Flip bonus round compared to the norm. In such a situation, you may opt to allocate a larger portion of your budget to betting on this specific bonus round, with the anticipation of capitalizing on a potential hot streak.

Understanding today's Crazy Time results goes beyond merely knowing the numbers; it involves interpreting them in a manner that grants you a strategic advantage.

Evolution Live Crazy Time Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the biggest win on Crazy Time Live Casino?
    The largest multiplier win recorded on Crazy Time to date was on Thursday, January 20, 2022, during the Cash Hunt bonus round, resulting in a 12,500x win. However, theoretically, it's the Crazy Time bonus round that has the potential to offer the highest multiplier, reaching up to 20,000x.
  • Do you win real money on Crazy Time?
    Indeed, to engage in Crazy Time by Evolution, players must register with an online casino offering the game and participate with real money. Unfortunately, Crazy Time is not accessible for free play or demo mode.
  • How many Bonus Rounds are there?
    There are 4 bonus rounds within the Crazy Time game: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and the Crazy Time Bonus Wheel.
  • How does Cash Hunt work?
    During the Cash Hunt bonus round in Crazy Time, players encounter a virtual shooting gallery featuring 108 random multipliers. The objective is to locate the highest possible multiplier. Players use their mouse to aim and fire a cannon, selecting a symbol on the screen. Subsequently, all symbols vanish, revealing the multiplier prize associated with the chosen symbol. While all players who wagered on Cash Hunt participate in the round simultaneously, the outcome varies for each player depending on the symbol they selected.
  • What is the RTP of Crazy Time?
    The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Crazy Time varies depending on the type of bet placed. It ranges from 96.08% for the number 1 bet to 94.41% for the Crazy Time bonus round stake. On average, considering all individual bet payouts, the RTP stands at 95.41%.
  • What is Special about Evolution Live Crazy Time?
    Crazy Time is inspired by the Dream Catcher entertainment game but distinguishes itself by introducing four Bonus Rounds, each presenting the opportunity for substantial payouts.
  • Where can I play Crazy Time?
    You’ll be able to play at Evolution Live Casino on EsballPH.
  • Is there a strategy for Playing Crazy Time?I
    Indeed, strategies for playing Crazy Time exist, contingent upon factors such as your bankroll, risk tolerance, and past gaming experiences.

Evolution Live Crazy Time Frequently Asked Questions

With EVO Live Crazy Time Games recommended above, a collection of live dealer games powered by EVO Live Gaming, you're sure to find something you like.

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