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Bac Bo Evolution

Bac Bo Evolution

Bac Bo Evolution introduces a unique twist to the familiar Baccarat concept by incorporating four dice into the gameplay. EVO Bac Bo is easy-to-understand and has a great tie bet that pays up 88 to 1.

Bac Bo Game Introduction

Bac Bo Evolution brings an exciting twist to the classic Baccarat game by throwing in some dice action, making for a fresh and entertaining gaming adventure. It's endlessly engaging and flows smoothly, promising a good time all around. Plus, it's easy to pick up but keeps you on your toes with its excitement!

Bac Bo Evolution Live Casino Games, EVO Bac Bo Online

Bac Bo Evolution Live Casino Games: Introduction

The world's first live casino Bac Bo introduces a unique twist to the familiar Baccarat concept by incorporating four dice into the gameplay. What makes this game stand out is its straightforward mechanics and an enticing Tie bet that boasts an impressive 88 to 1 payout!

In essence, Bac Bo follows the structure of traditional Baccarat, but instead of cards, it utilizes four dice. The combined score of the Player's and Banker's hands is determined by the total sum of two dice, each pair shaken separately in four individual shakers—two for each hand. The suspense builds as the dice come to a stop at different intervals, allowing players to anticipate the final outcome. Once all four dice settle, the hand with the highest two-dice total emerges victorious.

Set against a modern Asian-themed backdrop, Bac Bo by EVO Live Gaming provides a plethora of live gaming statistics, offering insights into bets and game results for an immersive gaming experience.

5 Points About Evolution Bac Bo You Should Know

Here are 5 things you need to know before you start playing Bac Bo.

  • There are 4 dice shakers embedded in the table, which are used to shake the four dice,
  • The game history (past results) are never reset, unlike Baccarat when the card shoe is changed.
  • There are no complicated rules. The playing position with the highest total wins.
  • The dice are rolled in the following sequence Dice 1 – Player, Dice 2 – Banker, Dice 3 – Player, Dice 4 – Banker.
  • The RTP is 98.87%.

How to Play EVO Bac Bo - The Dice Shake

In Bac Bo Evolution Live Casino Games, four dice are utilized, with two allocated for the Player and two for the Banker. Each die is housed in its own automatic shaker, embedded within the gaming table's surface. As the betting phase commences, all four dice begin to shake, settling in a specific sequence:

  • Initially, the Player's dice come to a stop, followed by the Banker's dice.
  • The higher score between the Player and Banker is then determined.

If the Player achieves the highest score after the initial dice shake, the second dice belonging to the Player will stop next, and vice versa. Scores are dynamically updated throughout the gameplay, adding to the excitement as each dice shake concludes. Once all four dice have settled, the final outcome is revealed on the screen. The hand with the highest total of two dice emerges victorious. In the event of a Tie, various payouts are offered based on the specific tied dice result.

Bac Bo Evolution Live Casino Games, EVO Bac Bo Online

Betting On Evolution Bac Bo Online

Players have the option to place bets on three different playing positions:

  1. Banker: Pays out at 1:1 for a Win and at 0.9:1 for a Tie.
  2. Player: Offers a payout of 1:1 for a Win and 0.9:1 for a Tie.
  3. Tie: Provides varying payouts ranging from 4:1 to 88:1, based on specific outcomes:
  • A result of 2 or 12 pays out at 88:1.
  • A result of 3 or 11 pays out at 25:1.
  • A result of 4 or 10 pays out at 10:1.
  • A result of 5 or 9 pays out at 6:1.
  • A result of 6, 7, or 8 pays out at 4:1.
Bet Result Payout
Player Win 1:1
Player Tie 0.9:1
Banker Win 1:1
Banker Tie 0.9:1
Tie 2 or 12 88:1
Tie 3 or 11 25:1
Tie 4 or 10 10:1
Tie 5 or 9 6:1
Tie 6, 7, or 8 4:1

Evolution Live Bac Bo Road Maps

EVO Live Gaming Bac Bo features an extensive array of Road Maps, offering visual representations of past results that continuously update as the dice are rolled.

These Road Maps include:

  1. Bead Road: This map displays the outcomes of previous rounds. A red circle signifies a Banker Win, a blue circle indicates a Player win, and a gold circle represents a Tie. The display can be toggled between English and simplified Chinese, as well as Score Mode.
  2. Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road: These maps are derived from the Bead Road and present different interpretations of past results. For further details on how these Baccarat Roads are constructed, refer to the relevant information.
  3. Big Road: This map organizes results to highlight streaks, with each new column representing a new streak for either the Banker or the Player.

Additionally, other statistics are available, showcasing results in percentage form based on the last 50 outcomes.

Bac Bo Evolution Live Casino Games, EVO Bac Bo Online

Bac Bo Evolution Live Casino Games, EVO Bac Bo Online

EVO Bac Bo Strategy

In this game, only three outcomes are possible: a Player Win, a Banker Win, or a Tie. From a betting perspective, the likelihood of the game ending in a Tie is lower than it ending with a win for the Player or Banker. If there is a tie, your stake (if placed on Player or Banker) is returned to you minus 10%.

Therefore, the optimal bet will always be on Player or Banker. While there isn't a specific strategy for Bac Bo, you do have various betting options:

  1. Consistently bet on the same position – either Banker or Player.
  2. Alternate your bets between Banker and Player.

Both of these approaches rely on streaks to generate profits. However, predicting when these streaks will occur is challenging. The only available information is provided by the road maps, which display past results. It's important to note that these maps do not predict future outcomes. Instead, relying on probability can help you time your bets for potential streaks. In my experience, streaks of 4 or more are rare, so it's advisable to stop betting after a loss and resume later. This strategy works well for smaller bets.

Alternatively, you could occasionally place larger bets based on your prediction of the most likely outcome. This is a riskier approach, as incorrect predictions may require you to recover lost funds in subsequent bets.

The Martingale strategy, while not a true strategy, involves progressively doubling your bet until you win. The idea is to recover all losses in one bet and return to a break-even point. However, this method requires a substantial bankroll, as doubling up multiple times can quickly become costly.

My advice is to approach this game for entertainment and place small bets. If you're seeking the potential for big wins with a small stake, consider playing other games like Crazy Time, Adventures Beyond Wonderland, or Lightning Baccarat. Alternatively, you can wager on Banker or Player and allocate a small amount to the Tie bet, hoping for one of the higher-paying Tie outcomes. Keep in mind that while all Tie outcomes have an equal chance of occurring, the payouts are distributed unevenly, giving the house a significant advantage.

Evolution Live Games Best Tips for Live Bac Bo Online

Bac Bo closely resembles baccarat in many aspects, except for the absence of third-card rules. Consequently, most strategies employed in baccarat can be applied to Bac Bo as well. However, like baccarat, Bac Bo remains a game of chance, where players have minimal direct influence on the outcome. Therefore, the most effective strategy for Bac Bo revolves around prudent management of your bankroll.

The name "Bac Bo" suggests a connection to Sic Bo, drawing inspiration from its use of dice and automatic shaker. However, beyond these elements, the similarities between the two games are limited.

Bac Bo Evolution Live Casino Games, EVO Bac Bo Online

Final words of Evolution Gaming Live Dealer Bac Bo

Bac Bo Evolution offers a simplified version of Live Baccarat, employing dice instead of cards to determine outcomes. This innovative hybrid game serves as an alternative to both Live Sic Bo and traditional Baccarat, designed with a distinct Asian ambiance that caters to players from the region. While its potential popularity remains uncertain, especially for those unfamiliar with such games, EVO Bac Bo targets a specific demographic, possibly including fans of similar games like Dragon Tiger and Football Studio. With Evolution's renowned attention to detail, including top-notch presentation, studio quality, and professional dealers, players are guaranteed a superb gaming experience regardless of their familiarity with this genre.

Bac Bo Evolution Live Casino Games: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Bac Bo Evolution?
    EVO Bac Bo game, developed by Evolution, combines elements of Sic Bo and Baccarat, hence its name. In this live dealer game, dice replace traditional playing cards to determine the outcome between two hands: Player or Banker, aiming for the higher total.
  • Where can I play EVO Bac Bo live?
    Bac Bo is accessible across all Evolution Live Casinos and can be easily located within the lobby under the category of Baccarat Games.
  • Can I play Live Bac Bo on mobile?
    Certainly! All EVO Live Gaming are fully compatible with mobile devices running on various operating systems. The fast and straightforward nature of Bac Bo makes it particularly suitable for playing on the go. Just access the game through your preferred mobile-friendly casino platform, and you're ready to enjoy the action wherever you are.
  • What is the house edge in Evolution Bac Bo Live Games?
    According to official Evolution information, the overall house edge for Bac Bo is 1.13%. However, it's important to note that this figure assumes the use of the optimal Bac Bo strategy. Given that Player and Banker bets offer identical odds, focusing on these two options can provide confidence in facing a narrow house edge. Tie bets, on the other hand, lack reliable information regarding their Return to Player (RTP) or house edge. Nevertheless, it's expected that Tie bets in Bac Bo offer better odds compared to those in traditional baccarat.
  • Are there any side bets in EVO Bac Bo?
    As of now, Bac Bo offers only three fundamental bets: Player, Banker, and Tie. Given its recent introduction, the game lacks additional features or options. However, if Bac Bo Live gains popularity, there's potential for Evolution to expand and enhance the game in the future.
  • How can I win at Bac Bo Evolution?
    You can achieve success in Bac Bo by either placing winning bets or employing a strategy based on probability to guide your next bet. For further details, click here.
  • Is there a playing strategy for Bac Bo?
    There is a strategy for playing Evolution Bac Bo. There is more detailed information in this Bac Bo Strategy.
  • Is Bac Bo Live rigged?
    EVO Live Gaming is a leading and highly reputable company in the live casino industry. Their products undergo thorough auditing and scrutiny by third-party regulatory bodies to ensure fairness. Additionally, players can witness all dice rolling actions directly during gameplay, further reinforcing transparency and trust in the gaming process.

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