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Live Dragon Tiger Tutorial

Live Dragon Tiger Tutorial

Dragon Tiger Live is a popular live game, especially in Asia. It offers a unique type of side bet as its main mechanic. With its high quality design and 3D graphics, it attracts more players. If you want to try your own strategy and have a chance to win big money, then you should play now.

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Dragon Tiger Game Introduction

Dragon Tiger is a baccarat style game developed by Evolution Gaming, which is attracting more and more players. The game is hosted by a live dealer and is very simple to play, involving few tricks. If you want to learn to play live dealer, read on for EsballPH HaloWin thoughts on the game. How to Play Dragon Tiger Live?

Dragon Tiger Playthrough Strategy Tutorial

Dragon Tiger Playthrough Strategy Tutorial

Each round of Dragon Tiger begins with the players placing a bet on the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. The rounds usually last no more than 15 seconds, so the game is fast and demands your attention. You will see these positions on the table and also on the virtual betting layout below the video feed.

After you place the chips of selected value into the position you have chosen to bet on, the dealer will deal one card from the shoe to the Dragon and Tiger positions. The higher card wins, it is that simple. If the cards are of the same value, the Tie bet wins. 

Ace is valued as 1, then the other numbers follow – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and10. The Jacks are worth 11, Queens 12 and the Kings are the highest cards, worth 13. Winning Dragon or Tiger bets pay even money. In the case of a Tie and you have wagered on either Dragon or Tiger, half your bet is returned. If you bet on Tie and win, you will receive a payout at 11:1 odds.

Suited Tie bet

A Suited Tie bet pays 50:1. It covers the possibility of both cards drawn being identical, which means they need to be of both the same suit and value. If the outcome doesn’t match the Suited Tie bet, you will still get 50% of the initial main stake back. 

Dragon Tiger Playthrough Strategy Tutorial

Keep it Simple

Betting on Dragon or Tiger offers the lowest house edge. Big or Small is a similar bet, but any seven kills your action. And as for Tie.

No Ties Allowed!

We can’t emphasize this enough – don’t bet on Tie! It’s tempting to mix things up now and then by sticking some chips on Tie and hoping for the best, as you’ll get up to 11 times your stake in profit. But the house edge is a massive 32.77%. You might get lucky, however, the odds are heavily in the casino’s favor every time you bet on the Tie in Dragon Tiger.

Get Counting

Much like when you’re playing live blackjack, card counting can come into play in Dragon Tiger. Counting how many cards of 8 or above is a good way to start, and you can then bet on Big or Small accordingly. Or you could take note of how many 7s have come out of the deck, to determine whether you should avoid Big or Small bets altogether.

Use Betting Systems with Caution

Because Dragon Tiger is a straightforward game, some people would recommend using a generic casino system like the Martingale system. However, the potential to rack up a major loss if you have a bad run versus the small profit that can be made from winning is something to keep in mind. Keep it simple, just as you would in Casino War.

Best Live Dragon Tiger Casinos in Philippines

Hope you learn how to play Dragon Tiger by now, it's a game with unique characteristics, and although it has many advantages, it has a dangerous RTP. All in all, much respect for Evolution Gaming, who never ceases to impress us. EVO Live creates a connection between table game fans and live casino visitors.  If you are in search of a platform that provides you with an immersive betting experience, check out our games at EsballPH HaloWin Casino.

This is how to play Dragon Tiger tutorial, if you want more strategy, please click the button below.

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