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Evolution Monopoly Big Baller Game

Evolution Monopoly Big Baller Game

Evolution Monopoly Big Baller Game invites players on an exhilarating riverboat journey, where the focal point is a bingo-style ball drawing machine. Let's see how to play Monopoly Big Baller on EVO?

Monopoly Big Baller Game Introduction

Evolution Monopoly Big Baller Game invites players on an exhilarating riverboat journey, where the focal point is a bingo-style ball drawing machine. Inspired by one of the globe's most iconic board games, this game show elevates the thrill with multipliers that significantly enhance payout opportunities, ensuring heightened engagement. Embark on this vibrant adventure and challenge your luck in the company of none other than MR. MONOPOLY himself. Join the excitement and see where the dice roll takes you! More fun casino games are in EVO Live Gaming.

Monopoly Big Baller, Evolution Monopoly Big Baller Game

Introduction to Evolution Monopoly Big Baller Casino Game

Monopoly Big Baller delivers the classic MONOPOLY experience with an added twist of live game action and captivating augmented reality. This innovative bingo-style gameplay elevates excitement levels as MR. MONOPOLY takes the reins, pulling the lever to unveil a plethora of multipliers and Free Spaces on your cards.

As the ball drawing commences, 20 random balls are selected. Should any drawn number correspond to those on your cards, a daub is automatically marked on that number.

Achieve matches and complete one or more lines on your card to unlock multiplied payouts. Throughout your adventure, MR. MONOPOLY remains at your side, ensuring that entertainment never wanes!

How to play Monopoly Big Baller Game Evolution

Learn how to play monopoly big baller on Evolution, available for you to enjoy virtually anywhere on desktop, tablet or smartphone. Here's a quick overview of features and other properties that are specific to Monopoly Big Baller by EVO Live Gaming:

  • Made up of 60 multi-colored numbered balls.
  • Three different multipliers in the main game.
  • Place bets on one to four Chance / Free Space cards.
  • Play on 3 and 5 rolls cards for the popular MONOPOLY bonus round.

Monopoly Big Baller, Evolution Monopoly Big Baller Game

odds & Payouts on Monopoly Big Baller game

  • Monopoly Big Baller comes with a 96.10% RTP.
  • Free Space card: Win between 2-39:1 per line.
  • Chance card: Win between 2-199:1 per line.
  • 3/5 Rolls Bonus Cards: Win 3 or 5 rolls respectively in the Monopoly Big Baller bonus round.

You win by forming vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines; your winnings increase the more lines you manage to get.

Slip Payout
Free Space card 2-39:1 per line
Chance card 2-199:1 per line
3 Rolls MONOPOLY Bonus Game
5 Rolls MONOPOLY Bonus Game

Play Round on Monopoly Big Baller

Upon entering Monopoly Big Baller, players have the opportunity to place bets on up to four Chance or Free Space Cards, in addition to the three rolls and five rolls bonus slips. Get ready to strategically allocate your bets and immerse yourself in the excitement of the game!

  • Free Space card: The centre cell is a ‘free space’; this acts as a drawn number and increases the odds of making a line.
  • Chance card: The centre cell is guaranteed to be a multiplier, but free spaces may be added to the card later.

The main game - Chance multiplier types

After betting time is over, MR. MONOPOLY will pull a lever to place random daubs (free spaces) and multipliers for your cards. A daub acts as a drawn number.

Multipliers are engaged when a ball or several balls are drawn that correspond with the number of the multiplier on the card.

There are three types of Chance multipliers:

  • Standard multiplier: Awards a multiplied payout on any line containing this number. Standard multipliers have a value of 10x or 20x. If a number with a Standard multiplier is drawn and that number becomes part of the winning line, your winnings for that card are multiplied by that amount.
  • Line multiplier: Pays out if you win this line. Line multipliers have a value of 20x or 50x. Line multipliers are paid out if you make a line with the specified numbers. Your card winnings will be multiplied by the multiplier amount.
  • Global multiplier: Any winning line on this card receives the multiplied payout, and the line does not need to contain the multiplier. Global multipliers have a value of x2 or x3. If you draw a number with a Global multiplier and get one or more winning lines, your payout for this card is multiplied by this multiplier amount. Global multipliers multiply all other multipliers (including Line and Standard multipliers).

The game adds multipliers once all bets are placed and confirmed, followed by the release of 60 balls, where a random draw will pick twenty of them. The numbers on your card(s) highlight whenever a drawn ball matches the number, and your goal is to fill as many lines as possible.

Balls and numbers drawn

After Free Spaces or multipliers have been allocated to the cards, the ball drawing commences, with 20 out of 60 numbered balls drawn from the ball drawing machine.

If a drawn ball's number matches any number on your cards, a daub is automatically placed on that corresponding number.

The drawn balls are showcased on your screen, along with the remaining number of balls yet to be drawn. Red balls signify matches on one or more of your cards, while grey balls indicate no matches on any of your cards.

If you complete one or more lines on your card, the bet on that card wins!

Monopoly Big Baller, Evolution Monopoly Big Baller Game

Monopoly Big Baller Live Casino Game: The Bonus Game

The bonus rounds in MONOPOLY Big Baller present opportunities to secure substantial multipliers, making them pivotal for maximizing winnings. Ideally, entering a bonus round with a multiplier enhances your chances of hitting big wins.

The bonus rounds closely resemble those seen in Monopoly Dream Catcher. However, in MONOPOLY Big Baller, the "Rolls" are expanded to three and five.

Each bonus round follows an identical gameplay format, differing only in the number of "Rolls" performed.

It's worth noting that the Three Rolls and Five Rolls bonus rounds could be triggered simultaneously, with one succeeding the other if both are won during the main game. Prepare for exhilarating gameplay as you embark on these bonus rounds, aiming to capitalize on their potential for massive multipliers!

The Bonus Round

The bonus round consists of a MONOPOLY Board game with properties, Free Parking, Go To Jail and Chance and Community Chest, and Income and Super Tax squares.

The squares are assigned initial multipliers, which get boosted when random houses and hotels drop on them.

MR.MONOPOLY starts on the GO square.

Two Dice are rolled, displayed on screen in a Blimp that floats above the game board.

MR. MONOPOLY moves along the board, stopping at the square corresponding to the total of the two dice.

  • A 3 Rolls Bonus gives three rolls of the Dice. The 5 Rolls bonus has 5 Rolls of the Dice.
  • Should a double be rolled, MR. MONOPOLY will move the required spaces and add an extra roll to the number of dice rolls.
  • If the square contains a multiplier, it gets added to your prize fund.
  • If the square is a Tax Square, your winnings are reduced by 10%; if it’s a Super Tax square, the reduction is 20%.
  • Landing on the Go To Jail Square will send MR. MONOPOLY to Jail requires the roll of a double before he can move on.
  • The Chance and Community Chest squares can award a prize or charge a mystery fee.
  • If MR. MONOPOLY walks around the board and passes GO; all future multipliers get doubled.

The MONOPOLY board game money rules

The MONOPOLY board has the same layout as a regular MONOPOLY board, with the difference that each property has an attached multiplier. The Bonus Game starts with houses and hotels randomly being built on some properties, which will increase their multipliers.

Spaces on the board

As the dice are rolled, MR. MONOPOLY will advance the corresponding number of spaces on the board. Your accumulated Bonus Game winnings will be visibly showcased and then added to your Bonus win total. In the event MR. MONOPOLY lands on Chance or Community Chest, you stand to win either a random cash prize or receive a fee. Brace yourself for the excitement as you navigate the board alongside MR. MONOPOLY, anticipating the various rewards that await you at each turn!

If MR. MONOPOLY stops on the ‘Go to Jail’ space; he will move to the jail space. You must roll a double to get out of jail. Going to jail and finishing the Bonus Game while in jail does not affect your previous Bonus winnings. You get an additional dice roll if a double is rolled during a regular Bonus Game.

Income taxes

Income tax (taxes that are part of this MONOPOLY game, not real life taxes!) will reduce your Bonus winning by 10%, and Supertax will reduce your winnings by 20% if your Bonus winnings allow it.

How to win Monopoly Big Baller

When MR. MONOPOLY passes ‘GO’, all the prizes on the board will be doubled. When no more rolls are left, the Bonus Game is over, and all your Bonus winnings are paid together with your winnings (if any) from the Bingo game.

Evolution Monopoly Big Baller Live Casino Game: How to Play?

Evolution Monopoly Big Baller Strategy

Monopoly Big Baller revolves around creating lines and accessing bonus rounds. Completing lines earns payouts, while entry into bonus rounds presents the chance for significant multiplier payouts. Strategize accordingly to capitalize on these opportunities and maximize your winnings throughout the game.

The decisions the player (you) needs to make are:

  1. The type of cards to choose.
  2. How many cards to bet?
  3. Whether to bet on the bonus rounds.
  4. Whether to bet on one or both Bonus rounds.
  5. How much to bet?

I base the information and tips here on logic, common sense and what I’ve found works for me when I’ve played.

It's crucial to recognize that while these tips and strategies can enhance your enjoyment of MONOPOLY Big Baller, they do not guarantee victory. Gambling inherently involves risks, and there's no foolproof strategy to ensure consistent wins. These suggestions are aimed at helping you have a more enjoyable gaming experience while avoiding impulsive decisions that could lead to rapid losses.

It's important to approach MONOPOLY Big Baller with a responsible mindset, understanding that no one can guarantee a winning strategy. Anyone claiming otherwise is not being truthful. Play responsibly and prioritize entertainment value over the pursuit of guaranteed wins.

Evolution Monopoly Big Baller Results and Statistics Tracker

MONOPOLY Big Baller does not include previous results history or built-in trackers. However, the game's statistics display the number of balls drawn and the remaining count for the current game round. While there are multiple results for each game round, EVO Live Gaming may have opted against providing extensive data due to the complexity and potential overwhelm for the average player. It could enhance the player experience to incorporate past multipliers for bonus rounds directly into the playing interface rather than relying on the moderator in the chat for this information. This would streamline the gaming experience and provide players with valuable insights without the need for additional inquiries.

Casino Monopoly Big Baller Live Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Monopoly Big Baller Live?
    MONOPOLY Big Baller is an entertainment game from EVO Live Gaming, where a presenter draws balls from a bingo machine to make lines on cards players have placed a bet. There are two unique cards, which, when filled, lead into an animated RNG bonus round based on the famous Monopoly board game. All prizes get paid as multiples of a player’s bet, which sometimes pay more than 2000x.
  • What is the maximum multiplier?
    There is no maximum multiplier set, but there is a limit on how much it will payout to a single player. The limit is £$€500,000.
  • Do All Players Play the Same Numbers?
    Every player playing the game will use the same cards and numbers. Of course, players can choose the number of cards to bet on and the type of cards to play.
  • What is the Largest multiplier possible?
    EVO Live Gaming has not publicly disclosed whether there is a maximum multiplier in MONOPOLY Big Baller. Nevertheless, entering the bonus round with a multiplier on the bonus card presents the opportunity to accumulate substantial winnings. With this potential for increased multipliers, players can aim for significant wins during the bonus round.
  • Is there a strategy for Monopoly Big Baller?
    The strategies for Monopoly Big Baller are more about which card types to bet on and how you distribute your bets across the different cards. I have written a strategy guide that describes some of the options.
  • How to win Monopoly Big Baller game?
    Winning on Monopoly Big Baller is possible. However, success largely depends on effective bankroll management and strategic betting. It's essential not to exceed wagering more than 10% of your bankroll on any single game. Distribute your bets evenly between cards, prioritizing those that have higher chances of returning wins. It's important to note that bonus rounds can be highly volatile, potentially resulting in small returns even when participating in these rounds. By carefully managing your bankroll and adopting a balanced betting strategy, you can increase your chances of winning while navigating the game's fluctuations.

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