Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live Casino Game

Evolution Gaming Monopoly live casino game is a unique online adaptation of Monopoly board game. It offers live chat functionality, a fantastic game show host, and the chance to win max jackpot of $500,000. Welcome to play Monopoly live casino Philippines game at EsballPH.

Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live Casino Game

Monopoly Live Game Introduction

EVO Live Gaming introduced the online Monopoly Live casino game in response to the success of their other live game shows, such as Crazy Time, Funky Time, and Dream Catcher. Similar to these games, Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming features a large spinning wheel with various segments for players to place bets on, including special bonus rounds.

Monopoly Live Casino Game - Evolution Gaming Philippines

As expected, the Monopoly live casino game offers the interactive features that online casino players have come to enjoy. This includes live chat functionality, a charismatic game show host, and the potential to win substantial prizes, with a maximum jackpot of $500,000.

The inclusion of live chat and interaction with both fellow players and the dealer contributes significantly to the popularity of Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming among casino enthusiasts. Additionally, the game's thrilling bonus rounds have been responsible for some of the most significant wins in online casinos, further enhancing its appeal.

Monopoly Live Casino Game Overview

For those concerned about whether integrating a board game into a Money Wheel would disrupt the game's flow, rest assured. Alongside the essential branding elements, the Money Wheel features special segments that, when landed on, trigger an incredibly exciting Bonus Round, enhancing the gaming experience. Additionally, players need not worry about dealing with competitive family members trying to collect rent – a relief for many.

Building on the success of Dream Catcher, Monopoly live casino game offers players the opportunity to wager on the outcome of the wheel's spin. The game is conducted in one of Evolution's bustling studios, where it is live-streamed in high definition 24/7. While the Money Wheel commands center stage, Mr. Monopoly can be seen enjoying tea on one side, with dice patiently waiting on the other. The studio backdrop, featuring skyscrapers, completes the aesthetically pleasing setup, evoking the spirit of the classic board game.

Despite the visually stunning studio, it's often the dealers who steal the spotlight. Each dealer is a highly trained professional, adept at fostering a friendly and engaging atmosphere while skillfully managing the game. In terms of professionalism, EVO Live Gaming holds licenses from reputable regulators like the UK Gambling Commission and the MGA, instilling confidence in players that they're receiving fair treatment. The game's return-to-player (RTP) ratio typically averages around 96.23%, though this can vary based on the specific bet being placed.

Monopoly Live Rules: How to Play Monopoly Live Casino Philippines Game

Evolution Gaming Monopoly live  is a distinctive live online adaptation of the immensely popular Monopoly board game. Hosted by a live game presenter, the game revolves around predicting the segment where the oversized wheel will come to a halt. The wheel features 'CHANCE' segments offering instant cash prizes and multipliers, as well as '2 ROLLS' and '4 ROLLS' segments. These latter segments trigger a virtual MR. MONOPOLY to spring into action during the bonus round. MR. MONOPOLY navigates a 3D Monopoly board, collecting prizes and multipliers tailored exclusively for you!
If you are new to Monopoly live casino Philippines game, here is everything you need to learn about the game:

The main money wheel game

Monopoly Live showcases a massive spinning wheel with 54 equally-sized segments. Among these segments, 48 are dedicated to numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, distributed in varying proportions. However, what truly amplifies the excitement of Monopoly live are the remaining 6 segments. These consist of two Chance segments, three 2 Rolls segments, and the elusive 4 Rolls segment.

At the outset of the game, players have the freedom to place bets on any number of segments they desire. Once all bets are in place, the game show host initiates the spin of the colossal Monopoly wheel. Players eagerly observe as the wheel spins until it comes to rest on a particular segment. Depending on the landed segment, players who wagered on it either receive the corresponding payout or advance to the bonus round.

Should the wheel stop on a bonus segment, those who placed bets on that particular bonus are ushered into the bonus round, while spectators await the conclusion of the round.

Bets on Monopoly Live Casino Game

To participate in Monopoly Live, simply place your bets on the segment you believe the wheel will stop at: 1, 2, 5, 10, '2 ROLLS', or '4 ROLLS'. These segments are all visible on the user interface betting grid, except for 'CHANCE'.

Once all bets are placed, the game host spins the wheel. The winning segment is determined by the flapper at the top of the wheel when it comes to a stop.

If the wheel lands on a numbered segment you bet on, you win. If it lands on any other segment, additional winning opportunities may arise.

All bets are paid out based on the odds corresponding to the number in the winning segment. For instance, if you bet on number 5 and it wins, you'll receive winnings at odds of 5:1. If you win, your initial bet is returned along with your winnings.

When the wheel lands on 'CHANCE', you can either win a cash prize or a multiplier bonus. Landing on '2 ROLLS' or '4 ROLLS' activates the Bonus game, offering additional chances to win big.

The ‘CHANCE’ segments

When the wheel lands on a 'CHANCE' segment in Monopoly live Evolution Gaming, players are presented with a Chance card by MR. MONOPOLY. This card may reveal either a random cash prize or a random multiplier bonus.

  • If the Chance card reveals a cash prize, each player wins the random cash amount displayed on the card.
  • If the Chance card reveals a multiplier bonus, all player bets remain active. The game host spins the wheel again, and the multiplier indicated on the card will be applied to the winnings of the next spin. If another multiplier is obtained on the subsequent spin, the multiplier effect stacks.
  • If the Chance card reveals a multiplier bonus and the next spin results in a Bonus game ('2 ROLLS' or '4 ROLLS'), all multipliers present on the Bonus game board are multiplied accordingly.

Monopoly Live Rules: How to Play Monopoly Live Casino Philippines Game

The Bonus game in the Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming

If the wheel stops at '2 ROLLS' or '4 ROLLS', the Bonus game commences, and MR. MONOPOLY embarks on his escapades in the 3D MONOPOLY world.

To participate in the Bonus game, you must have placed a bet on either '2 ROLLS' or '4 ROLLS'. If you haven't placed bets on these options, you'll still observe the Bonus game but won't receive any prizes.

If the wheel lands on '2 ROLLS', the Bonus game spans a minimum of two dice rolls, extending to a minimum of four rolls if it lands on '4 ROLLS'. Should a double be rolled during the Bonus game, an extra dice roll is granted. These dice rolls occur in the live studio.

After each dice roll in the Bonus game, MR. MONOPOLY traverses the 3D MONOPOLY board. The number of squares he advances equals the combined total of the two dice from that roll. At each stop on the board where he lands following a dice roll, cash prizes are awarded to qualifying players.

Whenever a double is rolled, an additional free dice roll is granted, except when doubles are employed to exit Jail.

Your cumulative Bonus game winnings are tallied and added to your Bonus win.

Once all dice rolls are exhausted, the Bonus game concludes, and all Bonus winnings are disbursed along with your initial bet. Subsequently, you return to the main money wheel game for another opportunity to test your fortune.

Monopoly Live Casino Results: Winning Result

Once the wheel comes to a stop, the outcome varies based on the segment where it lands. Winning in the Monopoly live casino game depends on various factors, and not every bet guarantees a cash prize.

  • Number Segments:
    If the wheel stops at one of the numbered segments, players receive a cash prize corresponding to that segment. Each number on the wheel pays out at a ratio of one to one. For instance, number 1 pays 1:1, number 2 pays 2:1, number 5 pays 5:1, and number 10 pays 10:1.
  • Chance Segments:
    When the wheel lands on one of the two Chance segments, players who placed bets on that segment can either win a random multiplier for the next round or a random cash prize.
  • Bonus Game Segments (2 Rolls or 4 Rolls):
    If the wheel stops at either of the bonus game segments, 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls, players are transported to a 3D Monopoly board where Mr. Monopoly rolls the dice. As Mr. Monopoly moves through the board, he accumulates multipliers. Players with an active bonus bet receive the total multiplier collected by Mr. Monopoly during the bonus round.

How to Play Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming?

Monopoly Live and Lightning Roulette are the most popular live casino games available. Here you can read how to play Monopoly Live.

  1. Go to the Casino Lobby. Then, Click on Live Casino and Go to Monopoly Live.
    Once clicked on Monopoly Live casino Philippines game, the casino takes you to the live studio of EVO Live Gaming where a host presents the game.
    Go to the Casino Lobby. Then, Click on Live Casino and Go to Monopoly Live
  2. How to place your Bets
    Monopoly live casino game has 6 betting options. There are 4 different numbers to bet on and 2 different bonuses.
    Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live Casino Philippines
  3. Spin the Wheel
    The host spins the wheel. All bets are off after a few seconds. You have 12 seconds to place your bets.
    Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live Casino Philippines
  4. The Wheel Stops at a Number
    If the wheel comes to a stop and the flipper points to a number and you placed a bet is on this number, your bet will be multiplied by the number. You will also receive your initial bet back.
    Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live Casino Philippines
  5. Or the Wheel Stops at a Bonus Game
    If the wheel stops on one of the bonuses, the bonus becomes active. If you placed a bet on the active bonus, you will participate, otherwise, you will be a spectator.
    Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live Casino Philippines
  6. The Bonus Game Begins
    Mr. Monopoly builds some multipliers before the dice are thrown.
    Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live Casino Philippines
  7. Roll the Dice
    2 Dice are rolled and Mr Monopoly makes as many steps on the board as the total of the dice. If a double is thrown an extra throw is added.
    Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live Casino Philippines
  8. Payout
    The game has ended and if you have won, the prize won will immediately be added to your account. After this, the next round starts.
    Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live Casino Philippines

Monopoly Live Statistics and Payouts by Segments

In Monopoly Live casino Philippines game, the game wheel consists of 54 equally sized segments. However, each number and bonus feature appears on the wheel a different number of times. Consequently, the various possible bets have different probabilities and Return to Player (RTP) percentages. Here are the statistics for Live Monopoly:

Bet Number of segments Payout Winnings from a $10 bet
1 22 1:1 $10
2 15 2:1 $20
5 7 5:1 $50
10 4 10:1 $100
Chance 2 Random prize or a multiplier
2 Rolls 3 Bonus feature
4 Rolls 1 Bonus feature

Casino Scores Monopoly Live Casino Tracker

Monopoly live casino game by Evolution, is inspired by the widely beloved board game. Unlike the straightforward strategy in regular Monopoly, which mainly involves hoping to roll doubles at the right moment, the casino version introduces an intriguing twist to the gameplay.

In Monopoly Live, players have access to various tools, including statistics that display the history of rounds. This feature enables you to see which segments appear more frequently than others. Understandably, new players might wonder how to leverage this information to gain an advantage in the game. Let's explore some real-life examples to determine if using Monopoly Live stats as a strategy genuinely enhances your gameplay.

Monopoly Live Stats

Segment Expectation Hour 24 Hours Week Month
1 40.75% 31.15% 41.30% 41.19% 40.95%
2 27.78% 36.07% 26.24% 27.12% 27.65%
5 12.96% 6.56% 12.73% 13.12% 13.20%
10 7.40% 13.11% 7.64% 7.77% 7.37%
Chance 3.70% 6.56% 4.10% 3.75% 3.70%
2 Rolls 5.55% 6.56% 5.73% 5.25% 5.29%
4 Rolls 1.85% 0.00% 2.26% 1.80% 1.83%

Congratulations to the players who observed that the 4 Rolls segment appeared more frequently than expected during the day and chose not to bet on it. However, they could not have predicted that Ten would land so often in the last hour. Conversely, Five came up much less frequently, despite both segments aligning with expectations throughout the day. This underscores how chance and luck play a more significant role in the outcomes of individual game rounds and short sessions than statistical probabilities do.

Monopoly Live Biggest Wins

Since the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls bonus games in Monopoly Live are essentially the same, differing only in the number of rolls, the largest winnings typically come from the 4 Rolls bonus round. For example, on April 28, 2020, lucky players achieved the biggest payout ever of 9,600x on the 4 Rolls bonus.

Surprisingly, the seventh-biggest payout in Monopoly Live history, 2,080x, came from the 2 Rolls bonus. Statistically speaking, the 2 Rolls bonus round triggers three times more often than the 4 Rolls on average.

Monopoly Live Statistic by Bonus Type

Could it be that playing Monopoly Live is more advantageous at certain times than others? To explore this possibility, let's examine the frequency of the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls bonus rounds in three distinct sessions. These rounds are particularly noteworthy because they offer the highest likelihood of securing substantial wins. Analyzing their occurrence could shed light on whether timing influences the chances of hitting these lucrative bonus rounds.

First Day's Outcomes
Bonus Game 2 Rolls 4 Rolls
Times Hit 88 22
Highest Payout 80x 378x
Lowest Payout 1x 13x
Average Payout 13x 64x
Second Day's Outcomes
Bonus Game 2 Rolls 4 Rolls
Times Hit 81 27
Highest Payout 31x 544x
Lowest Payout 1x 10x
Average Payout 12x 62x
Third Day's Outcomes
Bonus Game 2 Rolls 4 Rolls
Times Hit 84 25
Highest Payout 75x 855x
Lowest Payout 1x 15x
Average Payout 14x 78x

2 Rolls Stats

Let's examine the most successful 2 Rolls rounds from our Monopoly live statistics. Although players don't make active decisions during this stage, it's interesting to observe which starting points in the bonus round tend to have a higher potential for winning.

Payout 80x 31x 75x
Extra Multiplier 4x None 5x
Rolls 2-5, 4-9 3-5, 4-4, 5-5, 4-6 5-6, 4-5
Squares Passed Chance, Bow Street Euston Road, Bow Street, Leicester Square, Chance Pall Mall, Free Parking

In the rounds with the two highest payouts, an additional multiplier was granted due to the Chance segment preceding the bonus. In contrast, the round that resulted in a 31x win did not have such an extra multiplier. Despite having two doubles, it ended up being the most modest among those considered. Therefore, the presence of an extra multiplier significantly influences the results of the bonus round, more so than the occurrence of doubles, which players often eagerly anticipate.

How to Win Monopoly Live Game?

Before delving into strategies for Monopoly Live, it's crucial to grasp that Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming is entirely random. Regardless of the strategy employed, it's impossible to predict the outcome of a specific round of Monopoly betting. While various strategies can help manage your bankroll and potentially increase your chances of winning, it's essential to understand that no strategy can guarantee success.

Low-Risk Monopoly Live Betting Strategy

  • This strategy involves betting on the most frequently occurring number, which in this case is "2".
  • While it may not yield substantial profits, especially in the short term, consistently betting on "2" can help sustain your gameplay over an extended period.
  • "2" has an RTP of 96.23%, making it the most frequently occurring number on the Monopoly wheel.

High-Risk Monopoly Live Betting Strategy

  • For a more daring approach, you can incorporate bets on the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls bonus segments along with bets on the number "2".
  • This strategy entails placing a higher number of bets on a single round, thereby increasing the risk. However, it also offers the potential for more significant payouts compared to the low-risk strategy.
  • It's essential to use this high-risk strategy sparingly to avoid quickly depleting your funds.

Alternative Monopoly Live Betting Strategy

  • Betting on all segments in a given round guarantees a win but ensures that every other bet will be a losing one. This approach is not recommended as it often results in overall losses unless a substantial payout is achieved.
  • Avoid relying on Monopoly Live results or score apps to predict outcomes, as the game's randomness makes such predictions futile.

Reddit Monopoly Live Betting Strategy

  • Some Reddit users have attempted to calculate optimal strategies for Monopoly Live based on segment RTPs. Their conclusion aligns with the low-risk strategy of consistently betting on the number "2".
  • Betting on "2" offers the safest option with the highest probability of success over time.

Ultimately, while strategies can help manage gameplay and potentially improve outcomes, success in monopoly live evolution gaming relies primarily on luck. It's essential to approach the game responsibly and enjoy it for its entertainment value rather than relying solely on strategic approaches.

FAQ of Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming

  • What is the maximum payout in Monopoly Live casino Philippines game?
    The maximum payout a single player can win when playing Eonopoly Live eolution gaming is $500,000.
  • What is the maximum potential winnings in Monopoly Live casino game?
    The biggest multiplier ever recorded on Monopoly Live was of 6400x and gave the lucky player a total win of 444,719. This was very close to the maximum possible payout of $500,000.
  • Is playing Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming online secure?
    Yes. EVO Live Gaming is widely recognized as one of the most reputable software developers in the iGaming industry, setting the standard for live casino products. The developer collaborates with fully licensed operators not only in the UK but also in various other jurisdictions. It's worth noting that all the casinos recommended on this page are fully licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, ensuring a secure and fair gaming environment for players.
  • How is Live Monopoly different from regular Monopoly?
    Monopoly live diverges significantly from the traditional Monopoly board game. The primary gameplay in Monopoly Live revolves around a money wheel, with players placing bets on the result of each spin. However, a similarity between the two games lies in the 3D Monopoly Bonus round. During this phase, players observe Mr. Monopoly navigating a vast virtual board. Along the way, he gathers prizes, evades jail, and contributes to players' earnings, adding an element of excitement reminiscent of the traditional Monopoly experience.
  • Can I play Monopoly Live casino demo mode?
    Unfortunately, Monopoly live casino game does not offer a free-play demo mode. Unlike other online casino games, live games typically do not include free-play options. If you're interested in trying out monopoly live casino Philippines game, you can select a casino with a low minimum deposit requirement and start playing with the smallest possible bet. This allows you to experience the game without risking a significant amount of money.
  • How do I bet on Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live ?
    To bet on Monopoly live, you simply need to load the game up and bet on the segments you think the Monopoly wheel is going to stop at. You can bet on as many segments as you wish per round.

Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live Casino Philippines

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