Evolution Fan Tan Game

The article will provide a comprehensive guide to playing Evolution Fan Tan, catering to both beginners and seasoned players alike. We'll review how to play fantan game basics and advanced strategies.

Evolution Fan Tan Game

Fan Tan Game Introduction

EVO Live Gaming's rendition of Fan Tan draws inspiration from an ancient and highly popular Chinese gambling pastime. In this game, participants wager on the outcome of a random grouping of counters or beads into sets of four, attempting to accurately predict the remaining count. Successfully predicting the number leads to a win. For those seeking additional complexity, more intricate betting options are available, typically tailored for seasoned players.

Fan Tan represents one of the latest additions to Evolution's suite of live dealer games, strategically designed to cater to the growing demand from players in the Asia-Pacific region.

Although Evolution isn't the pioneer in offering live Fan Tan, they have developed the most comprehensive and feature-rich version of the game. This top-notch rendition is exclusively available at the finest Evolution Live Casinos.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to playing Fan Tan live casino game, catering to both beginners and seasoned players alike. I will cover essential topics, including gameplay basics and advanced strategies. Additionally, I will conduct a brief comparison between Evolution Fan Tan and its competitors, highlighting key differences. Finally, I will recommend select Evolution Live Casinos where you can enjoy this exciting game.

Fan Tan Live Casino, Fantan Game, Evolution Fan Tan

Evolution Fan Tan Game: Description

Fan Tan, although primarily popular in Asia, is a distinctive and straightforward game to grasp. Its core objective revolves around predicting the quantity of pebbles left after they've been divided into groups of four. Rooted in ancient tradition, the game offers a blend of excitement, simplicity, and a meditative gameplay experience, delivering a unique emotional engagement not commonly found in modern gaming.

Evolution Fan Tan takes place within a specially designed live casino studio adorned with an ancient Chinese aesthetic.

The setup includes a table or playing mat known as "Tan ching," a stack of white ceramic beads, a glass dome, a metal selection cup named "Tan koi," and a bead selection stick called "Tan pong."

To initiate the game, the Dealer/Croupier randomly selects beads from the glass dome using the metal cup. Using the selection stick, the chosen beads are then separated into groups of four until only a final row of beads remains. This final row can contain one, two, three, or four beads.

The primary objective for players is to place bets and accurately predict the total count of remaining beads.

Characteristics Description
Game type Classic Asian board game, Live game
Developer EVO Live Gaming
RTP 96.25%
Game objective Predict the number of pebbles (1, 2, 3, or 4) after dividing them into groups of 4
Standard bets Fan Tan, Odd or Even, Big or Small
Additional bids Nim, Kwok, Ssh
Minimum bet 0.2$
Maximum bet 5000$
Statistics Betting statistics and results of the last 500 rounds
Interactivity Chat with the guide and other players

Choice of two game views

You can opt for either the default game view, which is perfect for learning the game, or switch to the advanced game view. The default view showcases the main Fan Tan bet types, while the advanced view offers a wider array of traditional Fan Tan bet types.

Betting possibilities

Begin your Fan Tan journey effortlessly by exploring the fundamental bet types: bet on a single number (1, 2, 3, or 4) with Fan Tan, or opt for an Odd or Even, Big or Small wager.

For those seeking the complete Fan Tan immersion, delve into the bets cherished by Fan Tan enthusiasts: the Nim bet along with its various iterations, the Kwok bets, and the Ssh (Sheh-sam-hong) bets. Our intuitive betting grids simplify the game, making it exceedingly easy to grasp.

The beads

At the onset of each game round, the dealer initiates by randomly selecting a number of beads using the metal cup.

Once the betting period concludes, the dealer unveils the selected beads and proceeds to arrange them into rows of four using a designated stick.

As the count of beads dwindles to four or fewer, the dealer arranges these remaining beads into a single line at the center of the table, thereby presenting the conclusive outcome: 1, 2, 3, or 4 beads.

Fan Tan Live Casino, Fantan Game, Evolution Fan Tan

How To Play Fan Tan Evolution Game

Evolution Fan Tan offers two distinct game views for players to choose from.

The first presents a simplified version of the betting grid, focusing solely on the main bet types. This view is highly recommended for newcomers to Fan Tan.

For those seeking a deeper and more intricate experience, the advanced game view features both basic bets and a diverse array of the more intricate and traditional Fan Tan bets.

Betting and payout variations

Fan Tan boasts a wide array of betting options as its main feature. To avoid confusion among players, these bets are categorized into two types: those suitable for beginners and those designed for experienced players.

Here are the betting options tailored for beginners:

  • Fan Tan: This entails betting on whether 1, 2, 3, or 4 beads will remain. The objective is to correctly guess the number of remaining stones. The payout ratio is 2.85:1.
  • Odd or Even: This bet involves predicting whether the final count of beads will be an even or odd number. The payout ratio is 0.95:1.
  • Big or Small: This bet revolves around predicting whether the remaining number of beads will be categorized as large (3 or 4) or small (1 or 2). The payout ratio is 0.95:1.

Fan Tan Live Casino, Fantan Game, Evolution Fan Tan

Advanced players have access to additional types of bets, including:

  • Nim: This bet involves wagering on two numbers. The first number represents the expected outcome, while the second denotes the return when the original bet pays out at 1:1. The payout ratio for Nim bets is 1.90:1.
  • Kwok: With this bet, players wager on two distinct numbers. The payout ratio is 0.95:1.
  • Ssh: This bet encompasses wagering on three different numbers. The payout ratio is 0.32:1.

Fan Tan Live Casino, Fantan Game, Evolution Fan Tan

Evolution Fan Tan Strategy

While Fan Tan may appear to be solely dependent on chance, some players opt to follow certain patterns they've identified through statistics or probability theory. Additionally, various strategies from other gambling games can be adapted for use in Fan Tan.

Strategies for Evolution Fan Tan can differ based on factors such as your playing style, personal preferences, the size of the pot and bets, as well as your comprehension of the game. If you're new to Fan Tan, consider employing the following strategies to enhance your understanding, courtesy of Evolution Gaming:

Follow the Leader strategy

This strategy operates on the basic concept of imitation. By observing the actions of the most frequently winning player, you replicate their betting choices. While it doesn't assure victory, this method enables you to familiarize yourself with diverse betting styles and leverage their effectiveness.

Odds/Even Strategy

In this strategy, the focus is solely on betting either on even or odd outcomes. You have the option to consistently wager on either even or odd results throughout the game, or you can adjust your choice based on the preceding results.

Big/Little Strategy

Similar to the "Even/Odd" strategy, this approach involves betting on either a "Big" outcome (3 or 4 beads remaining) or a "Small" outcome (1 or 2 beads remaining). You have the option to maintain a consistent bet or adjust it based on the progression of the game.

Progressive Martingale Betting Strategy

In this strategy, you employ a progressive betting approach where you raise your bet following each loss to recoup previous losses. Upon winning, you revert to your initial bet. This tactic can be precarious as it demands a larger budget to execute effectively.

Statistical Prediction Strategy

This strategy relies on utilizing statistical data and the outcomes of previous rounds to forecast the result of the upcoming round. By analyzing information such as winning numbers and the betting statistics of other players, you can make well-informed decisions.

It's important to bear in mind that regardless of the strategy you adopt, Fan Tan ultimately remains a game of chance, and no strategy can assure a win. Play with moderation and responsibility to derive the utmost enjoyment from the game while safeguarding your finances.

FanTan Game Return To Player (RTP)

The theoretical return to player ranges from 96.25 to 98.75%, depending on the bet type that you make. In the tables below, you’ll see the payouts for each of the individual bets you can make playing Evolution Fan Tan.

  • Basic Fan Tan Bets RTP
    Bet Type Payout Ratio
    Fan Tan (1, 2, 3, or 4) 2.85:1
    Odd or Even 0.95:1
    Big or Small 0.95:1
    Nim (Two numbers) 1.90:1
    Kwok (Two different numbers) 0.95:1
    Ssh (Three different numbers) 0.32:1
  • Advanced Fan Tan Bets RTP
    1 Nim 2 1.90:1
    1 Nim 3 1.90:1
    1 Nim 4 1.90:1
    2 Nim 1 1.90:1
    2 Nim 3 1.90:1
    2 Nim 4 1.90:1
    3 Nim 1 1.90:1
    3 Nim 2 1.90:1
    3 Nim 4 1.90:1
    4 Nim 1 1.90:1
    4 Nim 2 1.90:1
    4 Nim 3 1.90:1
    Kwok 1-2 0.95:1
    Kwok 4-1 0.95:1
    Kwok 2-3 0.95:1
    Kwok 3-4 0.95:1
    ssh 3-2-1  0.316667:1
    ssh 3-2-1 0.316667:1
    ssh 2-1-4  0.316667:1
    ssh 1-4-3 0.316667:1

Features of Fan Tan by EVO Live Gaming

The game draws its inspiration from East Asian themes and is situated in a meticulously crafted studio adorned with thematic designs. Fan Tan offers an opportunity to delve into a realm of oriental hospitality, thrill, and sophistication.

At its core, the gameplay revolves around predicting the number of pebbles, making it a straightforward yet captivating process that allows players to put their intuition and luck to the test.

Fan Tan caters to players of all skill levels by providing two versions of the game: standard and advanced. In the standard version, players can place basic bets, while the advanced iteration introduces a plethora of additional betting options, enhancing complexity and excitement.

Comprehensive statistics are available, allowing players to review the outcomes of the last 500 rounds.

Fan Tan stands out from other live casino offerings due to its meditative yet engaging nature, providing a unique and entertaining experience.

Fan Tan Live Casino, Fantan Game, Evolution Fan Tan

Pros and cons of Fan Tan

  • Pros of Fan Tan
    1. Simple Gameplay: Fan Tan features straightforward rules, making it accessible to players of all levels of experience.
    2. Variety of Betting Options: Players can choose from a range of betting options, allowing them to tailor their gameplay according to their preferences and strategies.
    3. Cultural Immersion: The game's East Asian motifs and themed design provide players with an immersive experience, adding an element of cultural richness to the gameplay.
    4. Social Interaction: Fan Tan can be enjoyed with friends or other players, fostering social interaction and camaraderie.
    5. Meditative Experience: The game's meditative nature can provide players with a calming and relaxing experience, making it a pleasant pastime.
  • Cons of Fan Tan
    1. Reliance on Chance: Like many other casino games, Fan Tan is ultimately a game of chance, meaning that outcomes are largely unpredictable and uncontrollable.
    2. Potential for Addiction: As with any form of gambling, there is a risk of addiction associated with Fan Tan, especially for individuals prone to compulsive behaviors.
    3. Limited Skill Influence: While some strategies can enhance the probability of winning, the game's reliance on chance means that skill has a relatively limited impact on outcomes.
    4. Budget Management: Without proper budget management, players may find themselves spending more than intended or experiencing financial losses.
    5. Complexity in Advanced Version: While the advanced version of the game offers more betting options, it may also introduce additional complexity, potentially overwhelming new players.

Playing Fan Tan Online Better Than in a Real Casino?

  • Convenience
    Participating in Fan Tan online offers unparalleled convenience, enabling players to relish the game from the comfort of their residences. The accessibility and adaptability provided by online platforms eradicate the necessity for travel and in-person attendance, empowering individuals to immerse themselves in the game at their convenience, irrespective of their location or time constraints.
  • Better Odds
    Online platforms for Fan Tan frequently feature competitive odds and payout rates, fostering a favorable gaming environment that enriches players' overall experiences. Through optimized odds and comprehensive game statistics, these platforms endeavor to provide enthusiasts with a rewarding and equitable gameplay experience.
  • More Bonuses and Promotions
    Online platforms for Fan Tan commonly showcase a diverse array of bonuses, promotions, and rewards tailored to incentivize and acknowledge players. Ranging from enticing welcome bonuses to ongoing promotions, these platforms augment the gaming experience for players, presenting supplementary value and avenues to optimize their winnings.

Evolution Fan Tan Game FAQ

  • What is Fan Tan?
    Fan Tan holds a prestigious status as an ancient board game cherished by various Asian communities. Thanks to Evolution Gaming's interpretation, enthusiasts can now experience it online with a live host. The gameplay is straightforward, revolving around predicting the number of remaining pebbles on the table.
  • Where can I play Fan Tan?
    Due to the popularity of Live Games from Evolution Gaming, Fan Tan is available on most gaming platforms and websites. Our website makes it easy for you to choose where you can play it safely.
  • Is there a free or demo version of Fan Tan Evolution?
    Regrettably, there isn't a demo version available for Evolution's live games. However, you have the option to observe the gameplay or experience it firsthand with a minimal deposit.
  • Are there any strategies for playing Fan Tan?
    Similar to many other casino games, Fan Tan Evolution does not offer a guaranteed winning strategy. The game's outcome is reliant on luck and determined by a random number generator. Nonetheless, you can enhance your winning potential by employing a prudent betting strategy and understanding the odds associated with each bet.
  • How many people can play Evolution Fan Tan?
    Evolution Fan Tan accommodates an unlimited number of players, making it one of the many sought-after one-to-many live games offered by Evolution.
  • What is the RTP of Evolution Fan Tan?
    The Return to Player (RTP) of Evolution Fan Tan typically ranges from 96.25% to 98.75%, depending on the specific bet types chosen during gameplay.
  • Is Fan Tan Live by Evolution a fair game?
    Yes, Fan Tan is an equitable game created by EVO Live Gaming, a trusted software developer. Independent testing agencies regularly assess the game's fairness and randomness to ensure its integrity.

Fan Tan Live Casino, Fantan Game, Evolution Fan Tan

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