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Evolution Double Ball Roulette Live

Evolution Double Ball Roulette Live

Double Ball Roulette Evolution brings new betting options, varied odds, and even a jackpot offering a payout of up to 1,300x your initial wager. Let's learn how to play Double Ball Roulette Live.

Double Ball Roulette Game Introduction

Evolution Double Ball Roulette Live presents an inventive twist on traditional Live Roulette. Instead of one, two balls are launched simultaneously by the live dealer using a patented device, resulting in two winning numbers per spin. This unique setup introduces fresh betting possibilities and increases the chances of payouts, with some reaching up to 1,300 to 1. With its success in the land-based gaming industry, this game offers an unparalleled level of excitement, promising double the enjoyment for players with the prospect of more frequent victories.

Double Ball Roulette Evolution, Double Ball Roulette Live

Introduction to Double Ball Roulette Evolution

Double Ball Roulette Evolution stands out as one of the most thrilling live casino experiences available today. EVO Live Gaming introduced this captivating version of the game to online audiences in 2016. True to its name, this variant adds an extra ball to each spin, resulting in two winning numbers. Utilizing compressed air, a specialized mechanism propels the balls forward, ensuring they avoid colliding.

This innovation, while straightforward to grasp, brings forth new betting options, varied odds, and even a potential "jackpot" offering a payout of up to 1,300 times your initial wager. By following our expert advice and strategies, you can quickly master the art of playing Double Ball Roulette like a seasoned professional. For those interested in playing with real money, we provide recommendations for the top live online casinos.

Players can opt for outside bets, which yield doubled payouts if both balls succeed, or inside bets, offering halved payouts with only one successful ball – achieving full payout if both balls win.

In this guide, you'll discover the mechanics of Double Ball Roulette Live, effective gameplay strategies, odds and payouts breakdowns, available online casinos hosting the game, and crucially, the optimal strategies for securing victories.

Game Information
Game Type Roulette
Developr Evolution
Max Payout 1,300x
Best Strategy Single number betting, Wheel coverage
RTP 97.30%

How to Play Double Ball Roulette? Evolution Double Ball Roulette Rules

In this article, I'll delve into the live dealer Double Ball Roulette by EVO Live Gaming, which exclusively employs a single-zero wheel, making it a unique offering among online live dealer versions.

You'll encounter this variant at select casinos featuring Evolution's live dealer software. Although automated versions exist, both with single-zero and double-zero wheel configurations, the Evolution product undoubtedly stands out as the premier choice.

Here's a breakdown of the key features of this game:

  • It utilizes the standard single-zero European wheel.
  • The layout closely resembles that of traditional roulette.
  • Two balls are simultaneously in play.
  • Outside bets require both balls to succeed for a win.
  • Inside bets necessitate only one successful ball for a win, with double winnings if both balls succeed.
  • The Jackpot bet pays out when both balls land on the same selected number.
  • Due to the presence of two balls, standard bets offer payouts roughly at 50% of those in standard roulette, given the doubled chances of winning on each spin.

How do they successfully rotate two balls on the roulette wheel without them colliding?

Indeed, the solution is rather straightforward: compressed air is employed to propel the balls almost simultaneously.

With the second ball consistently trailing the first by one second, the timing ensures that the first ball invariably lands in a pocket ahead of the second due to this slight delay between their releases.

Is it possible for both balls to land on the same number?

Certainly, it is possible for both balls to land on the same number. The likelihood of this occurrence is calculated as 1/37 x 1/37 = 1/1,369.

Considering the double ball jackpot payout of 1300 to 1, the house edge for this specific bet stands at approximately 5%. Consequently, it's not considered a favorable bet to place.

It's worth noting that due to the timing disparity between the release of the two balls, they often land apart from each other. Thus, the actual probability of both balls landing on the same number might be even lower than the calculated 1/1,369 chance.

When opting for inside bets (such as Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner, Line) in Double Ball Roulette Live, which provide two opportunities to win, the ideal outcome is for both balls to be successful. These bets circumvent the issue arising from the time gap between the release of the two balls.

Evolution Double Ball Roulette Odds & Double Ball Roulette Payout

In Double Ball roulette Evolution Live game, the payouts are adapted to accommodate the presence of two balls on the wheel, influencing the outcomes when you place your bets.

For outside bets, both balls must land on the desired outcome for you to secure a payout.

On the other hand, for inside bets, only one of the balls needs to deliver the desired result for you to win. However, it's important to note that the payouts for inside bets are typically halved compared to those in regular European roulette.

Evolution Double Ball Roulette Odds & Double Ball Roulette Payout

Outside bets

Outside bets in Double Ball roulette casino game follow a slightly different approach compared to traditional single ball roulette.

These bets are prominently featured in gold on the playing interface, ensuring they are easily identifiable.

To win an outside bet, both balls must land successfully, but the payouts are typically more generous compared to traditional roulette.

These are the types of outside bets available.

Bet Description Payout
On Selected Number Two balls landing on the same number 1300:1
On Any Number Two balls landing on the same (any) number bet 35:1
Column A bet that covers one of the 3 vertical columns.
3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27-30-33- 36
1st Dozen A bet that covers numbers 1 to 12 8:1
2nd Dozen A bet that covers numbers 13-24 8:1
3rd Dozen A bet that covers numbers 25-36 8:1
Odd A bet that covers all odd numbers 3:1
Even A bet that covers all even numbers 3:1
Red A bet that covers all Red numbers 3:1
Black A bet that covers all Black numbers 3:1
1-18 A bet that covers numbers 1 to 18 3:1
19-36 A bet that covers 19-36 3:1
Red/Black A bet on Red or Black 1:1

Double Ball Roulette Live - Called Bets

Additionally, there's an option to place called bets, facilitated by a race track displayed at the bottom right of your screen for convenience.

These bets allow you to wager on specific sections of the wheel, typically involving split bets or straight up number bets.

The payouts for called bets mirror those of the Inside Bets.

Evolution Double Ball Roulette Odds & Double Ball Roulette Payout-Called Bets

Inside bets and Double Ball Roulette 1300x-to-1 Jackpot

Inside bets hold a special appeal in Double Ball Roulette Evolution live game, serving as a primary reason for choosing this version of the game.

Typically, inside bets involve wagering on a single number or one of the alternative options like Split or Street, with the aim of winning if the ball lands in the desired pocket. Traditionally, you have only one opportunity to win.

However, in Double Ball Roulette live, you are afforded two chances to win. For the following bets, you only require one ball to land in the correct pocket to secure a win, as outlined in the pay table below. Should both balls land in the correct pocket, your winnings will be doubled, effectively granting you victory twice over!

Bets Description Payout
Straight Up A bet on any single number 17:1
Split A bet placed on the line between any two numbers, either horizontal or vertical 8:1
Street A bet on any 3 horizontal numbers in a row, e.g 1-2-3 or 7-8-9. 5:1
Corner A bet placed at the intersection of 4 numbers, e.g 7-8-10-11 or 29-30-32-33. 3.5:1
Line A bet covering two adjoining Streets, so 6 numbers are covered. 2:1

Moreover, should both balls land on the selected number, you'll be the lucky winner of the 1,300:1 jackpot!

Double Ball Roulette Live Game Features

  • Inside bets offer two winning opportunities but come with lower payouts.
  • Outside bets require both balls to win, but they offer higher payouts.
  • Betting on both balls landing on a single number is possible.
  • The betting layout closely resembles that of standard Roulette.
  • The game features a new User Interface with Multi-camera Immersive View.
  • The studio boasts large-screen backdrops that change imagery throughout gameplay.

Additionally, all the latest Roulette features are integrated into the interface:

  • The Racetrack remains accessible at all times.
  • Users can now select up to nine neighboring numbers on the racetrack.
  • Three views display trending numbers or those potentially due based on recent spin history.
  • Bets can be placed directly from the statistics.
  • The number of recent spins can be adjusted from 50 to 500, allowing users to review the history in various perspectives.

How to Win Double Ball Roulette?  Evolution Win Double Ball Roulette Winning Strategy

When playing Double Ball Roulette online casino game, remember two key rules: first, set your loss and profit thresholds and stick to them diligently. Additionally, it's advisable to avoid the supplementary outside wagers. Beyond these guidelines, embrace your preferred approach to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Ultimately, it's crucial to acknowledge that the house always maintains an advantage over the player. Success largely hinges on luck rather than any system or strategy. Martingale and similar tactics possess inherent flaws and should not be relied upon as guaranteed paths to substantial winnings.

An intriguing yet high-risk, high-reward strategy involves covering the entire golden wheel with low-value chips. This approach increases the likelihood of winning the jackpot whenever both balls land in a single pocket (odds of 38/1 per spin). However, executing this tactic demands considerable patience and a substantial bankroll. Proceed with caution.

Our recommendation is to steer clear of the two new outside bets in Double Ball Roulette casino game. The odds of achieving a black + red result are less than 33%, suggesting that the 1:1 payout should be more favorable. Similarly, while the "Two balls on any number" bet offers a 35:1 payout, the odds of this outcome are 38:1. It's wiser to focus on making more precise predictions for a chance to secure the coveted 1:1,300 jackpot from the golden racetrack.

How to Win Double Ball Roulette?  Evolution Win Double Ball Roulette Winning Strategy

Evolution Double Ball Roulette Strategy and Tips

When engaging in Double Ball Roulette Evolution Live game, players are faced with a crucial decision.

They can opt for a low-variance strategy by placing inside bets or embrace a high-risk, high-reward approach with outside bets.

Many players, myself included, prefer leveraging the lower variance of inside bets compared to traditional single ball roulette, while also aiming for the enticing 1,300:1 jackpot.

Inside bets offer payouts ranging from 2:1 to 17:1, allowing players to wager conservatively or aggressively.

Among these, the Line bet stands out as the safest option, boasting a 2 to 1 payout that doubles if both balls win. It's this possibility of a double win that makes the Line bet particularly appealing, in my opinion.

Conversely, outside bets provide higher payouts but entail a diminished likelihood of winning.

Personally, I believe that roulette's variance is already sufficiently high, and further increasing it may lead to extended periods of losses.

Successful strategies in Double Ball Roulette live are likely to center around inside bets and pursuit of the jackpot. These aspects represent the game's strengths and should be capitalized on as much as possible.

Double Ball Roulette Online Casino Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Double Ball Roulette Evolution live game?
    This version of European roulette distinguishes itself by employing two balls instead of one. This introduces a unique array of betting options and payouts, where inside bets provide double the chance to win but with halved payouts, while outside bets offer halved odds of winning but double the payouts.
  • How does Double Ball Roulette work?
    In Double Ball Roulette, two balls are propelled from a tube with a slight time gap between them, minimizing the possibility of collision. This unique setup necessitates a specific paytable tailored to accommodate the utilization of two balls.
  • How to win Double Ball Roulette Live?
    In Double Ball Roulette Live, players can opt for inside bets or outside bets. Inside bets offer double the chance to win since two balls are in play, but the payouts are halved. Conversely, outside bets have a halved chance of winning as both balls must succeed, but the payouts are doubled.
  • How to play Double Ball Roulette?
    In Double Ball Roulette Evolution game, the gameplay follows the same principles as traditional roulette, allowing players to place inside bets, outside bets, and called bets. However, it's essential to note that the odds and payouts are adjusted to accommodate the use of two balls, which we delve into extensively in our article.
  • What are Double Ball Roulette odds?
    Indeed, the odds in Double Ball Roulette online casino game significantly differ from those of traditional roulette. Outside bets present a twofold challenge as both balls must succeed, yet the payouts are doubled. Conversely, inside bets offer twice the chance of winning as two balls are in play, but the payouts are halved.
  • Can both balls in Double Ball Roulette land on the same number?
    Yes, it's entirely possible for both balls to land on the same number, and in EVO Live Gaming Double Ball Roulette live, achieving this outcome rewards players with a jackpot of 1,300 to 1.

Double Ball Roulette Online Casino Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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