Evolution XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

XXX Treme Lightning Roulette, or more reasonably Extreme Lightning Roulette, is a more volatile and risky version of Lightning Roulette. As a quick disclaimer, this game is not available to the general public yet. In this review, we’ll explain how to play Lightning Roulette, tricks and hints and strategies for winning more often.

Evolution XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Game Introduction

Evolution XXXtreme Lightning Roulette live game takes the suspense to the maximum level as Chain Lightning brings more Chain Lightning Numbers and additional Double Strikes for more possibilities to win even higher multiplier payouts! Once bets have closed, the first Lightning Numbers with Lightning Multipliers from 50x up to 500x (49:1 to 499:1) are generated and struck by lightning, just as in Lightning Roulette. Then the Chain Lightning effect takes hold, with additional bet spots hit by lightning – potentially making up to ten in total. But that's not all; Double Strikes can increase multipliers up to 2,000x (1999:1). Evolution XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, or more reasonably Extreme Lightning Roulette, its maximum win for XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is 2,000x your total bet.

A neighbour bet covers a particular number as well as other numbers that lie in close proximity to it on the roulette wheel. To place a neighbour bet, click/tap a specific number on the racetrack. A chip will be placed on the chosen number and on numbers that neighbour it to the right and left. Click/tap on the circular "-" or "+" button to increase or decrease the set of neighbours to the right and left of the chosen number. XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is a ground-breaking XXXtreme version of the award-winning Lightning Roulette that combines Live Casino with a high-payout RNG (Random Number Generator) element to offer an even more electrifying and entertaining gaming experience. Follow EVO Live Gaming and read more rules and strategies of EVO games.

Evolution XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Bonus Features Tips

The maximum multiplier is 2,000x which is applied to your single number win on any given round. The maximum win for XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is 2,000x your total bet.

  • Lucky Numbers: Once the betting window has closed, up to 10 lucky single numbers will be struck by lightning and a multiplier applied of between 50x-500x. If you bet on a lucky number and the ball lands on it for the final result, then you win the multiplier. If space is struck twice by lightning, then the multiplier is increased even further up to a total of 2,000x that is applied to any wins landed on the number.
  • Remember: You need to place a single number bet to qualify for the Lucky Numbers multipliers. If you prefer to play Red or Black then you can still win cash when your lucky colour is landed.
  • Auto Bets: In the stats menu, you can set Auto bets that will automatically place your selected bets for each round for as many round as you like. Choose from hot numbers, cold numbers, dozens, columns, or neighbour bets and let the game handle the rest.
  • AutoPlay: Select your bet size and the number of games you wish to play and let the game do the rest. Select your favourite bets, sit back, and enjoy the show for between 5-100 selectable rounds.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Extreme Lightning Roulette

How To Play Extreme Lightning Roulette

The objective of the XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is to predict the number on which the ball will land by placing one or more bets that cover that particular number. The wheel includes the numbers 1-36 plus a single zero. You can place many different bets on the Roulette table, covering a single number or a certain range of numbers. A Straight Up bet on a Lightning Number or Chain Lightning Number is required to win a multiplied payout. Each type of bet has its own payout rate.

Select your chips from the bet menu and then place them down on the betting table. Once bets close, the dealer will hit a lever and reveal the Lucky Numbers for the round. The wheel will come to a stop and wherever the ball rests is the winning pocket.

After beting time has expired, one or more lightning numbers with increased payouts are randomly selected and the ball is spun within the roulette wheel. The ball will eventually come to reset in one of the numbered pockets on the wheel. The player wins if they placed a bet that covers that winning number. If the winning number is among the randomly selected lightning numbers and is covered by the player's bet on a Straight Up bet, the appropriate increased payout is paid to the player.

Can you bet on every number in XXXTreme Lightning Roulette. Remember – not every round will see the ball land on a multiplied number. You would have to spend 35 bet units to cover the whole board but would win 19x on most of them. This could drain your bankroll very quickly unless you get lucky on the first few tries.

Lightning Round

After betting time has expired, the ball is spun automatically within the Auto Roulette wheel, and the game host will pull a lever to initiate the generating of Lightning Numbers. One to five Lightning Numbers with random Lightning Multipliers (multipliers of 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 350x, 400x and 500x) are generated and highlighted in yellow in the user interface, as well as in the game show environment.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Extreme Lightning Roulette

Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning can strike in each game round to further build suspense. The Chain Lightning can generate up to nine additional Chain Lightning Number bet spots – allowing the Lightning Numbers and Chain Lightning Numbers to make up (but never exceed) an astonishing ten bet spots in total per game round! The Chain Lightning Numbers and Chain Lightning Multipliers will be highlighted as red in the user interface.

Double Strikes

And if that’s not enough, the second round of lightning called Double Strikes can happen. Double Strikes can increase multipliers up to 600x - 2,000x! The ball will eventually come to rest in one of the numbered pockets, and the winning number will be displayed on the screen. You win if you have placed a bet that covers the winning number. If the winning number is among the randomly selected Lightning Numbers or Chain Lightning Numbers and is covered by the players’ bet on a Straight Up bet, the bet is multiplied by the won multiplier. Autoplay is available if you wish to automatically play the same bets for a selected number of game rounds.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Extreme Lightning Roulette

Play Step By Step

  • Choose your chip size in the betting window
  • Put your bet on any of the numbered spaces on the board
  • The wheel will be spun once all bets are closed
  • Up to 10 random numbers will be struck with lightning and multipliers added
  • Double strikes can also occur which will double the multiplier on the spaces up to 2,000x
  • If the results land on your selected number, then you win the multiplier that is attached to that space

Bet Types

You can place many different kinds of bets on the Roulette table. Bets can cover a single number or a certain range of numbers, and each type of bet has its own payout rate. Bets made on the numbered spaces on the betting area, or on the lines between them, are called inside bets, while bets made on the special boxes below and to the side of the main grid of numbers are called outside bets.

Inside Bets

  • Straight Up: place your chip directly on any single number (including zero).
  • Split Bet: place your chip on the line between any two numbers, either on the vertical or horizontal.
  • Street Bet: place your chip at the end of any row of numbers. A street bet covers three numbers.
  • Corner Bet: place your chip at the corner (central intersection) where four numbers meet. All four numbers are covered.
  • Line Bet: place your chip at the end of two rows at the intersection between the two rows. A line bet covers all the numbers in both rows, a total of six numbers.

Outside Bets

  • Column Bet: place your chip in one of the boxes marked "2 to 1" at the end of the column that covers all 12 numbers in that column. The zero is not covered by any column bet.
  • Dozen Bet: place your chip in one of the three boxes marked "1st 12", "2nd 12", "3rd 12" to cover the 12 numbers alongside the box.
  • Red/Black: place your chip in the Red or Black box to cover the 18 red or 18 black numbers. The zero is not covered by these bets.
  • Even/Odd: place your chip in one of these boxes to cover the 18 even or 18 odd numbers. The zero is not covered by these bets.
  • 1-18/19-36: place your chip in either of these boxes to cover the first or second set of 18 numbers. The zero is not covered by these bets.

After the bets are closed the randomly selected "lucky numbers" with their "lucky payouts" will be highlighted on the betting grid.

Neighbour Bets

Click/tap the Neighbour Bets button to view a special oval or racetrack-shaped betting area that allows you to place neighbour bets and other special bets more easily. Re-click/tap the button to close/re-open this feature.

Each bet covers a different set of numbers and offers different payout odds. Bet spots will be highlighted.

Tiers Du Cylindre

This bet covers a total of 12 numbers that include 27, 33 and the numbers that lie between them on the side of the Roulette wheel opposite to zero.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Extreme Lightning Roulette

Return To Player

The optimal theoretical return-to-player (RTP) for straight up bet is 97.12%. The optimal theoretical RTP for all other bets is 97.30%

Place Bets

The bet limits panel shows the minimum and maximum allowed bet limits at the table, which may change from time to time. Open the bet limits to check your current limits.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette 20-500,000

To participate in the game, you must have sufficient funds to cover your bets. You can see your current balance on your screen.

In the immersive view, the TIMER informs you of the duration of betting time. After it expires, the betting is closed, and no more bets are accepted.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Payout

Evolution XXXTreme Lightning Roulette uses a standard European roulette wheel. This means it only has one zero, which is generally better than American roulette. Most Inside and Outside bets have the same payouts as any other live casino roulette game.

The only major difference is that Straight Up bets in XXXTreme Lightning Roulette pay 19:1. That’s a serious drop from the industry-standard 35:1, and a big one from the original game’s 29:1. However, with multipliers, this can be increased to a whopping 2,000x! More numbers are multiplied per round, too. Check out the XXXTreme Lightning Roulette (Extreme Lightning Roulette) paytable below for more details.

Inside Bets

Bet Covers Payout
Straight Up 1 number 19-1999:1
Split 2 numbers 17:1
Street 3 numbers 11:1
Corner 4 numbers 8:1
Line 6 numbers 5:1

Outside Bets

Dozen Covers Payout
Dozen/Column 12 numbers 2:1
Red/Black 18 numbers 1:1
Even/Odd 18 numbers 1:1
Low (1-18), High (19-36) 18 numbers 1:1

The maximum payout for your winning in a game round is limited to 50,000,000. Player bet is excluded from this calculation. You will be notified by a tool-tip on the betting grid when your next placed bet is about to exceed the maximum allowed wager on a particular bet spot which could result in a win that exceeds the Max Payout limit. You will be prevented from adding further bets to this and any other bet spot which could result in the max payout limit being exceeded.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Extreme Lightning Roulette

Tracksino Extreme Lightning Roulette Results, Round History

Occured At Spin Result Multiplier First Lucky Second Lucky Third Lucky Fourth Lucky Fifth Lucky
Feb 29 @ 12:30 32 x 6 (100x) 8 (50x) x x x
Feb 29 @ 12:29 14 x 11 (50x) 30 (100x) 35 (50x) x x
Feb 29 @ 12:28 36 x 17 (150x) 30 (100x) 32 (100x) x x
Feb 29 @ 12:28 33 x 1 (50x) 11 (100x) 28 (150x) x x
Feb 29 @ 12:27 25 x 1 (100x) 34 (100x) x x x
Feb 29 @ 12:26 5 x 6 (50x) 22 (100x) 33 (100x) x x
Feb 29 @ 12:25 36 x 6 (50x) 17 (200x) 26 (50x) x x
Feb 29 @ 12:25 8 x 29 (50x) x x x x
Feb 29 @ 12:24 36 x 5 (50x) 19 (200x) 28 (50x) x x
Feb 29 @ 12:23 36 x 14 (100x) 21 (100x) 33 (100x) x x

Can I Play XXXtreme Lightning Roulette On Mobile

Hit the table and electrify your Roulette play on the go as all of the table casino games from EVO Live Gaming are fully compatible with mobile devices. Sign up to EsballPH HaloWin and experience the best of real money live casino games at your fingertips.

What Is The Difference Between XXXTreme Lightning Roulette And Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette has 29:1 payouts on Straight Up bets with between 1 and 5 multiplied numbers, with multipliers between 50x and 500x. XXXTreme Lightning Roulette has 19:1 Straight Up payouts, between 2 and 10 multiplied numbers, and multipliers going up to 2,000x.

Evolution XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is XXXtreme Lightning Roulette?
    Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette presents a heightened level of volatility compared to its counterpart, Lightning Roulette. Both are live dealer roulette games featuring multipliers capable of amplifying a straight-up win to 2000 times the original bet.
  • What is the maximum Multiplier on Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette?
    The maximum multiplier achievable is 2000x, attained through a Double Strike event on an existing multiplier. The base maximum multiplier stands at 500x, with the Double Strike also being 500x.
  • Lightning Roulette vs. Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette, which one is better for players?
    For more consistent wins, Lightning Roulette is the preferable choice. However, if you're seeking larger wins and are willing to accept the risk of depleting your bankroll in the pursuit, Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette is the game for you.
  • Is there any strategy for playing Evolution XXXtreme Lightning Roulette?
    Certainly, exploring different strategies for playing Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette is crucial, especially considering varying attitudes towards risk and available bankroll. Delving deeper into specific strategies tailored to this game can provide valuable insights and enhance your gameplay experience.
  • Where can I play Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette?
    You can enjoy playing EVO Live Gaming Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette at EsballPH Online Casino. It renowned for comprehensive range of Evolution Games alongside offerings from other top providers.
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