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FIFA 22 Schedule: The First Match vs The Opening Match

Even though there are still just several weeks left until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, it already feels like the tournament is right around the corner. The schedule for the 2022 World Cup is an incredible dream come true for football enthusiasts. The group stage will consist of four matches each day, all of which will occur within a radius of 46 miles. This incredibly handy schedule gives spectators a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feast on football played at the best possible level. In this article, we examine the FIFA 22 schedule, considering the opening and first games of the championship.


FIFA 22 MATCH: Top 8 Group Games to Watch (part2)

The FIFA World Cup is an international men's football championship held every four years and competed for by senior national teams. The 22nd edition of the tournament is planned to take place in 2022. The event is slated to go down in Qatar between the dates of Nov. 21 and Dec. 18, 2022. In this article, we put together 5 top matches that you cannot afford to miss in the group stage.


FIFA 22 PREDICTIONS: Who’ll Win The La Liga in 2022-23

The Spanish season kicks off on August 12 and after Real Madrid’s procession towards the La Liga title last term, the widely-held expectation is that Los Meringues will repeat the feat in 2022-23. But is that the case? Will a summer of changes at Barcelona help the Catalan club close the gap at the top? And what about the other teams? Can any of them spring a surprise? In this FIFA 22 Predictions article, we’ll assess the chances of the Spanish teams being most likely to lift the title.


FIFA RANKINGS: 5 Of The Most Controversial Transfers Ever

Every now and again, a transfer happens that shakes up the football world. Completely out of the blue, a well-loved player switches from one team to their bitter rivals. What follows is usually an outpouring of anger and disbelief from the fans who used to cheer his name and pure delirium from the supporters of his new team. This has happened on a handful of occasions over the years and in this FIFA rankings article, we highlight 5 of the most notorious transfer switches of all time, featuring several icons.


FIFA 22 Ligue 1 Team of the Season (TOTS)

The season seems to be in an exciting phase, and the release of the FIFA 22 Ligue 1 Team of the Season (TOTS) is undoubtedly causing a fuss among thousands of football fans. This post reviews all players in the selection and their position, rating, and performances.


FIFA 22 MATCH: Top 8 Group Games to Watch (part1)

The World Cup is only four months away, which is close enough for football fans to start planning their viewing. While many will attempt to watch every single match, for some people that’s unrealistic. Most of us have to juggle work and other life commitments. Inconvenient isn’t it? If you only have time to watch five group matches this World Cup, make it these.


FIFA 22 PREDICTIONS: Who’ll Win The Premier League in 2022-23 

Premier League fans, add a note to your calendars — August 5 marks the start of several months of relentless twists, turns, and drama as the new season gets underway. In 2021-22, Liverpool was the only side that came close to matching eventual champions Manchester City. With both teams' streets ahead of the opposition, it’d be easy to think that the title will return to one of those two clubs again this campaign. But is that the case? Does any member of the chasing pack have the quality to lift the trophy? In this FIFA 22 Predictions article, we evaluate the chances of the most likely Premier League title contenders.


FIFA HIGHLIGHTS: Top 3 Memorable World Cup Comebacks Ever

How many times have you watched a game of football thinking the losing side is dead and buried, only for them to mount the most unlikely comeback? It happens frequently in club football. Manchester United’s last gasp win over Bayern Munich in the 1999 UEFA Champions League final, for example. Or Manchester City’s incredible final day victory over QPR to secure the Premier League title in 2012. And who could forget the miracle of Istanbul, where Liverpool overturned a 3-0 deficit to beat AC Milan in 2005? But what about at the international level? Let's look at top 3 memorable World Cup comebacks ever.


FIFA 22 Rankings: The 5 Best Center Backs In the World

There are still several defenders who love nothing more than a physical battle with a center forward, putting in a goal-saving block, or making a last-ditch tackle, even though they’re technically gifted with the ball at their feet. And in this article, we celebrate the absolute best of them. Here are the 5 best center-backs in the world right now, ranked. Pick any one of these players in your FIFA 22 team for an impenetrable defense.


5 of the most underrated Premier League players to buy at FIFA Auction

There are players who are consistently outstanding but, for one reason or another, just don’t receive the credit they deserve. Maybe they play for an ‘unfashionable’ club or have their performances overshadowed by a stellar-name teammate. In this article, we celebrate 5 unsung heroes of the Premier League. Sign these solid performers at a FIFA Auction and they won’t let you down. 


FIFA 22 Bundesliga Team Impressive Players of the Season

Even though we didn’t get a new champion for the German league title this season, for the first time in a while, we have a lot of young talented players making the FIFA 22 Team of the Season list. As a matter of fact, this selection cut across almost all teams in the league with only five players coming from Bayern Munich and two from Borussia Dortmund.This post reviews all the players in bundesliga team of the season, their performances, and their rating.


FIFA PREDICTIONS: 10 likely World Cup top scorers (part 2)

Ronaldo, Miroslav Klose, Gary Lineker, Toto Schillaci... just a few of them have won the Golden Boot for the top scorer in the World Cup. But who will it be this year? With just over four months to go until this year's tournament in Qatar, we're assessing the chances of some of the strongest forwards in international competition. In FIFA Predictions Part 2, the analysis continues on players 6 to 10 who will hit the net multiple times this winter. Read on for more FIFA predictions.


FIFA PREDICTIONS: 10 likely World Cup top scorers (part 1)

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022 is a little over 4 months away which means for football fans, it’s like there are two Christmasses this year. Who’s likely to hit the back of the net more than anyone else? In this FIFA Predictions article, we evaluate the chances of 5 players hoping to take home the Golden Boot.


FIFA 22 Seria A Team Impressive Players of the Season

After an interesting and exciting season in the Italian League, we now have the FIFA 22 Team of the Season. However, only a few of these great players made this list, which has brought about criticism from various perspectives. In this post, you will know all the players on the FIFA 22 Seria A team list, their ratings, and what you should know about the selection.


5 Players Who Could be Playing their Final Game in FIFA 22 World Cup

The 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup is on board. But amidst the glad tidings comes heart-breaking news; you might witness some remarkable footballers playing their last game. This means some players are on the verge of retirement, which could be their last chance to shine. We're sure you're here to meet them. So without wasting time, let's talk about the players who could be playing their final game in FIFA 22 World Cup.


Our Favorite 5 Teams For the 2022-23 PBA Governor’s Cup

Did you know that PBA expects 13 teams for the next Governors' Cup? The interesting part is that the Bay Area Dragons team will participate as a visiting team. You’ll agree that PBA Governor's Cup is a must-watch for you at this point. Most teams are ready to do anything to get the marbles, we’ve come up with our top 5 favorite teams for the upcoming 2022-23 PBA Governors Cup.


Our Favorite 5 Teams For the 2022-23 PBA Commissioner’s Cup

The 2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup is out of the way. Above board, this is also a great chance for all major PBA teams to take charge, especially for the first time in two years. Meanwhile, we’ve kept our fingers crossed to see the best team win the league. But let us introduce you to our favorite 2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup teams.


Top 5 Most Disappointing PBA Players so Far in 2022

Before the 2022/23 PBA Philippine Cup began, you would have expected much from certain professional PBA Players. But unfortunately, while some have lived up to expectations, some have been like a bear with a sore head. However, considering several factors, we have created a list of the top five most disappointing PBA players so far in 2022.


PBA Predictions: Who Will Win Season 47 Philippine Cup, San Miguel or Tropang Giga

Undoubtedly, Season 47 of the PBA Philippine Cup Championship is between two major PBA teams, San Miguel Beermen and TNT Tropang Giga. Nevertheless, there was some controversy over the overall winner of the tournament. Statistics for both teams are different, but tensions between each team cannot be underestimated. In addition, each team’s player's spectacular performances even make it more difficult to predict. But before we can decide on the winning team, let’s check out the match between two teams and our PBA predictions.


6 Practical Online Betting Tips For The Last PBA Matches in Season 47

It isn't easy to eclipse bookmakers and win your bets consistently. That's because the PBA betting sites also needed to make some profits.Nevertheless, know that winning the last day's bets of PBA Match in season 47 will be a grindstone as bookies will be a little tricky. So, be careful when placing your bets to avoid losing all. But to be on the safe side, we have put together 6 practical online betting tips for the last PBA matches in season 47 to give you an edge on your stakes.

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