The Greatest Boxing Match of All Time You should Know


The most influential professional athlete and Former undisputed heavyweight champ of the world Muhammad Ali met Joe Frazier who was a WBA, WBC, and The Ring heavyweight champ back then, for the heavyweight champion title on 8 March 1971.

The Greatest Boxing Match of All Time You should Know

In this blog, we will certainly discuss information about this historical and greatest boxing match of all time, Technical analysis of that fight, Records associated with that fight, and the aftereffects of that match.

Historic Backdrop of the Boxing Match:

Both Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali were undefeated and heavyweight champions in their respective weight divisions. So, they were contending for the "World heavyweight champion" title however this was not the main factor for the buzz and appeal of this fight.

Before this boxing battle, Muhammad Ali won the heavyweight championship that was later refused because of his sight on the American government in the Vietnam Battle. As a result, individuals began identifying him as a traitor.

While on the other hand, Joe Frazier was in favor of the American Government taking part in the Vietnam War. Additionally, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali both had serious bitterness at an individual level. Individuals that were anti-establishment were backing up Muhammad Ali to win the battle while the Pro-establishment individuals supported Frazier to win the battle.

Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier Comparison:

Muhammad Ali Vs Joe Frazier
Died at the age of 74 Age Died at the age of 67
6 Feet 3 Inches (191 cm) Height 5 Feet 11 ½ Inches (181 cm)
The Greatest Alias Smokin' Joe
93.21 (205 ½ lbs) Weight 98 Kg (215lbs)
Orthodox Stance Orthodox
78 Inches (198 Inches) Reach 73 Inches (185)
61- 56- 5- 0 Boxing Record 37- 32- 4- 1
37 Knockout Wins 27
Heavyweight Division Heavyweight


The Greatest Boxing Match of All Time You should Know

Spectators who witnessed this fight at Madison Square Park

The fight happened at Madison Square Park New York City and before the fight, the setting outside the arena was impressive. There was a circus-like atmosphere and people were shouting the names of their respective boxers heightening the battle a lot more.

Fans, children, and celebrities were dressed up to support their favorite boxers, and countless security workers were put on to stay clear of any type of mismanagement. Not only in America, boxing fans were looking forward to this fight from around the globe.

Many popular stars like Lancaster, popular painters, and digital photographers attended the battle. Practically 21,000 fans went to the most effective Battle in Boxing history in the field.

Descriptive Analysis of the Battle:

The battle was insane, going on for 15 rounds when not every person anticipated it. Initially, Ali was like a boxing wizard, jabbing Frazier left and right for the initial 5 rounds. However afterwards, Ali got tired. Frazier threw an effective left hook in the eighth round, making Ali stumble right into the ring's facility.

Things became heated up, and the referee had to step in. The 11th round was wild. Frazier struck Ali with a left hook, and it felt like Ali might drop, yet the referee really did not count it as a knockdown. They kept going, with Frazier touchdown-heavy hits, and Ali stumbling about.

By the 15th round, Frazier was winning according to the courts. Ali's jaw was swollen, and he even dropped early in the round. But, Ali stood up and stayed on his feet regardless of Frazier's solid punches. In the end, the referees determined Frazier won, and it was Ali's first-ever loss in the ring. It was truly an up-and-down sort of fight.

Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier I Fight Result:

The battle absolutely met the expectations of the followers all over the world and Joe Frazier went out as the winner of the greatest boxing match of all time.

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Total
Artie Aidala (judge) A A F F F F F A A F F F A A F Frazier, 9–6–0
Bill Recht (judge) F A F F A F F F A F F F F A F Frazier, 11–4–0
Art Mercante (referee A A F F F A A F A A F F F F Frazier, 8–6–1

Viewership records and Income from Greatest Boxing Match of All Time:

The Greatest Boxing Match of All Time You should Know

This battle was among the most-seen matches in the history of sports. It was telecasted in more than 50 nations and in 12 languages. Around 300 million people viewed this fight on real-time broadcasts across the globe. The majority of the viewership amongst these numbers was from the UK.

This boxing fight was hailed as the greatest boxing match of all time that saw broadcast earnings from a solitary boxing battle or any kind of showing-off match. The fight venue might manage just 21000 fans while various other screening venues were set up in several cities in the United States and also in London, UK.

The administration of this fight earned from the ticket sales of the fight inside the field and from closed-circuit occasions. Besides this, the live telecast viewership likewise added to the revenue of this fight. The ticket sales of closed circuit locations and fields earned $45.8 Million at that time which today becomes around $300 Million after adjusting for inflation.

Aftereffects of this Fight in Boxing World:

Muhammad Ali lost the greatest boxing match of all time battle however he really did not approve of it and he was entitled to the loser on racial grounds. Therefore, he requested a rematch with Joe Frazier. Joe lost the title to George Foreman after nearly two years.

Muhammad Ali then fought with George Foreman, beat him, and was declared the World Heavyweight champion. Before this battle, Ali and Frazier tackled each other in their 2nd spell and Muhammad Ali won comfortably. Later, both Ali and Frazier defended for the third time in the fight which is considered Thrilla in Manila and Ali asserted victory once more.