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Where are the PBA Alaska Aces

If you notice from the beginning of the PBA season 47, you'll see that Alaska Ace isn't participating. As you can imagine, there is a lot of controversy among thousands of Alaska Ace fans worldwide. There's also no doubt that you're also here to find out what happened to Alaska Ace and why they didn't make it to the 2022 Philippine Cup.


2022 Top 5 Most Impressive PBA Teams So far

In the 2022 PBA, most of the teams have the most fantastic squad. We know you might find it hard to pick the most impressive of them all. But not to worry! We’ve got you covered with the top 5 most impressive PBA teams so far in 2022.


PBA Game Week 6 Predictions

Since the 47th season started on June 5, we have had many exciting PBA matches between top teams in the competition. However, if you look forward to placing a wager on the next PBA games, we have our game week 6 PBA predictions. These predictions didn’t come from a vacuum, but after reviewing each team's performances lately, their head-to-head and strengths.


FIFA 22 RANKINGS: 4 Best Striking Duos

In 2022, you won’t find many ‘big-man-little-man’ forward duos. Teams often rely on a lone striker with help from midfielders, or a hard-working trio of attackers who each track back as willingly as shoot. That said, the prolific front two still has a place in football. In this article, we rank our top 4 FIFA 22 should rate these Striking Duos for sizzling chemistry.


FIFA 22 NEWS: 4 Best Transfers Of The Summer So Far

The European summer transfer window opened on June 10 and although it’s early days, we’ve already witnessed some high-profile moves that could prove pivotal next season. It’s never that easy as chairmen, players and agents play the waiting game in a bid to get the best deal to suit their interests. That being said, some trainers will be happy at the prospect of working with these 4 confirmed signings.


FIFA 22 AUCTION: 4 Of The Best Second-Tier Strikers 

The hardest thing in football is scoring goals. That's why clubs pay a premium for strikers who are guaranteed to hit the back of the net. But what if you're a club with a modest transfer budget? These second-tier strikers cost a lot less than the household names, but they could prove to be prolific all the same. Sign these players in a FIFA auction and equip your side with a lethal finisher.


FIFA 22 TRENDING: 4 Of The Most Promising Young Defenders

The art of defending is notoriously difficult to master. Bobby Moore, Franz Beckenbauer, and Paolo Maldini's outstanding defensive talent is coming through the ranks at the world's top clubs. This article celebrates 4 of these FIFA 22 trending defender stars. We'll outline what makes them such hot defensive prospects, explore the players' achievements so far and assess their potential.


2022 PBA Philippine Cup and PBA Governors' Cup Highlights

This article will brighten you on PBA Governors' Cup and PBA Philippine Cup's latest team scores and their points. We're here to help boost your current enlightenment with our handy on the PBA live scores; read below for the newest PBA Governors' Cup team and PBA Philippine Cups highlights and their leading.


Latest PBA Standings Point Table and 4 PBA News For 2022

The PBA points table and standings are the real rankings and their points. Having the Northport as the 1st leading team and San Miguel 2nd position. Read below to be aware of all the team points and their position. Be sure to follow our guides for your favorite teams during the 2022 season, below is the latest PBA standings point table for 2022.


4 Latest PBA News You Should Know Before Betting on PBA

There are over a dozen regular-season PBA games played virtually every day. The Barangay Ginebra San Miguel is the most recent champion. This article is about the four latest news stories; before betting on the latest PBA, here are the four latest news to get you started.


FIFA 22 Trending: 5 over-30 Evergreen Strikers Ready To Light Up The World Cup

When a striker passed the age of 30 it marked the start of their decline; that’s no longer the case. Here are 5 FIFA Trending evergreen strikers set to boss it in Qatar 2022; each of whom will be into their 30s by the time the tournament kicks off.


FIFA 22 Highlights: 4 Great Performances In June

We pick out 4 of the best, featuring Memphis Depay, Ben Davies, Lionel Messi, and Son Heung-min, who are set to shine at the World Cup in Qatar, expect to see them in plenty more FIFA highlights reels in the months to come.


FIFA 22 Auction: 5 Set Piece Takers You Want In Your Team

When you have certain players in your team, winning a free-kick 30 yards from goal is almost as good as being awarded a penalty. For this handful of stars, the ability to curl one around a wall or knuckleball it into the top corner is second nature. In this article, we celebrate 5 of the world’s best free-kick takers who you almost certainly want to sign on FIFA 22 Auction. Get one of these guys on your team for guaranteed goals.


FIFA Trending Players: Breakthrough XI of 2021/2022

The 2021-22 season star performers in Europe's top competitions names are familiar, but several rising stars shared the limelight. Here's the list of FIFA trending players who made their debut at the club or national level in 2021-22.


FIFA 22 Predictions: 8 transfers that could change the World Cup

The European summer transfer window opens on June 10th. In this article, we make FIFA 22 predictions about 8 potential transfers. Each could have a massive impact on this year’s World Cup.


PBA Preseason News : What you should expect in PBA Season 47

Unlike any other PBA season, PBA Season 47 promises to be thrilling, exciting, engaging, and exhilarating. We have compiled some significant events and important moments to look forward to. While waiting for the season, how about you start your season with this post. Let's dive into PBA preseason news!


7 Interesting PBA betting tips for 2022 PBA Governor's Cup

We have got you seven exclusive and interesting PBA betting tips for the 2022 PBA Governors Cup. Sounds cool, right? Let us dive in right away. Remember these tips and become a  PBA betting expert.


Messi the seven stars streak of his career! Historic Ballon d'Or Ruler

As the highest individual honor in world football, the Ballon d'Or has never failed to attract attention. 2021 Ballon d'Or suspense was finally revealed - Messi took home the Ballon d'Or for the 7th time in his career with 613 votes over Levandowski's 580 votes. This night, social media cheered for Messi, the comment section went crazy for Messi, and the Eiffel Tower lit up for Messi. At least on the level of personal honor, the Argentinean Ballon d'Or is the "best ever".


UEFA Nations League Prediction: 5 Games To Watch In June 2022

The UEFA Nations League returns this June with four rounds of competitive matches, including a series of face-offs between some serious World Cup contenders.  We'll outline where each team is at in their World Cup preparations, highlight a likely star from each side, and predict which way the game will go.


6 Factors to consider before joining Top 5 PBA Betting Sites in 2022

Who is the best PBA betting site in 2022? There are many PBA betting sites in the park. But for simplicity, we have highlighted six key factors to consider when choosing a PBA gaming platform.

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