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EZugi Live 32 Cards Casino Games Online

EZugi Live 32 Cards Casino Games Online

EZugi live 32 Cards casino game uses 32 cards, featuring numerical values ranging from 6 to 13. The goal is to anticipate which Player will emerge victorious by attaining the highest total card value.

32 Cards Game Introduction

32 Cards, a thrilling card game by EZugi Live Games, is deeply rooted in the Indian subcontinent market, offering a high-paced and exhilarating experience. Played with a deck of 32 cards featuring values from 6 to 13, the game's goal is to anticipate the player with the highest total card value.

This review by EsballPH online casino outlines the gameplay of 32 Cards game, its potential winnings, as well as the betting limits for each hand, shedding light on the card game's unique use of a 32-card deck.

32 Cards EZugi Live Casino Games Online Rules & Tricks

What is Ezugi 32 Cards Casino Game Online?

Ezugi introduces 32 Cards casino game, its latest addition to the lineup of Asian-focused live dealer card games. Building on the success of their Indian-themed offerings like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti, Ezugi 32 Cards provides an engaging experience for players worldwide, not limited to Indian audiences.

True to its name, 32 Cards utilizes a modified deck of 52 cards, excluding Aces through Fives, resulting in a deck of 32 cards. The gameplay involves four betting positions, each receiving one card, with the position holding the highest total emerging victorious.

In terms of presentation, 32 Cards casino game maintains Ezugi's signature style, set within an Indian-themed ambiance. Presenters adorn traditional Indian scarfs, adding a cultural touch to the experience while retaining universal appeal. The game interface follows Ezugi's familiar layout, ensuring ease of play across desktop and mobile platforms.

With its straightforward rules and unlimited player capacity, 32 Cards game offers a quick and accessible gaming experience for all.

Key Highlights

  • The sole live 32 Cards casino game online currently available.
  • Offers an exhilarating, straightforward, and accessible experience.
  • Enjoy high-quality streaming across all platforms.
  • Features an intuitive design and responsive interface for seamless gameplay.

How to Play 32 Cards EZugi Live Casino Games

Before each round commences, players have approximately twenty seconds to place their bets while the dealer reshuffles the 32-card deck, preventing any card counting. Placing bets is straightforward: select the desired coin value and allocate it to one of the four positions. The payout for each position is clearly indicated below the corresponding player hand.

Once the betting period concludes, any placed wagers are confirmed, and the dealer proceeds to draw four cards from the deck, assigning them to their respective positions. Each card contributes its face value to the total. For instance, drawing a six adds six points, while drawing an eight adds eight points, and so forth.

These points are then added to the fixed-point values assigned to each hand. For instance, player hand eight always starts with eight points, as do hands nine, ten, and eleven. After combining both sets of points, the result is the final hand value. For example, drawing a six for player hand eight yields a final hand value of fourteen (6 + 8 = 14).

Upon determining the final hand values for all four positions, they are compared to ascertain the winner. In cases where two hands tie, an additional card is drawn for those positions to break the tie. Once a victor is determined, a new round begins.

How to Play 32 Cards EZugi Live Casino Games

EZugi 32 Cards Casino Rules

32 Cards game online utilizes a deck comprising 32 cards, ranging in value from 6 to 13 (King). Below is a list of all the cards used in the game. The aim is to anticipate which player's hand will accumulate the highest total card value among Player 8, Player 9, Player 10, or Player 11.

You have the option to place bets on four players seated at the table, each of whom starts with a set number of initial points:

Player 8 Player 9 Player 10 Player 11
8 points 9 points 10 points 11 points

To initiate a game round, you can place bets on the player you predict will win during the "Place your bets" timer. After the "No more bets" announcement, the dealer will distribute one card to each player. Each player's total is determined by adding their default prefix points to the value of their dealt card. For instance, if Player 8 receives a card worth 6 points, their total becomes 14. Following the distribution of cards, the player with the highest total wins the round. If there's a tie among two or more players for the highest total, an additional card is drawn only for those players to break the tie. However, if the tie doesn't involve the highest total, it's disregarded, and no additional cards are drawn. Drawing more cards to resolve the tie for the highest total continues until only one hand achieves the highest total, ensuring no ties conclude the round. Once a clear winner emerges, the round concludes.

Players who wager on the winning side will receive their winnings according to the payout table provided below. Each game round utilizes a single deck of 32 cards, which is shuffled or replaced before the commencement of every round.

Cards participating in the game:

32 Cards deck Value
EZugi 32 Cards Casino Rules 6 Points
EZugi 32 Cards Casino Rules 7 Points
EZugi 32 Cards Casino Rules 8 Points
EZugi 32 Cards Casino Rules 9 Points
EZugi 32 Cards Casino Rules 10 Points
EZugi 32 Cards Casino Rules 11 Points
EZugi 32 Cards Casino Rules 12 Points
EZugi 32 Cards Casino Rules 13 Points

EZugi 32 Cards Game Payout Table

Betting Position Payout
Player 8 11:1
Player 9 4.5:1
Player 10 2.2:1
Player 11 1:1

Betting Instructions in Ezugi Online Casino 32 Cards Game

To place a bet, adjust the chip value using the slider and then click directly on the corresponding Player box: Player 8, Player 9, Player 10, or Player 11. Once the timer completes its countdown, the dealer will distribute a card to each Player box. If a clear winner emerges (based on the sum of the player's initial total and the card value dealt), the dealer will announce it. In the event of a tie among players with the highest totals, additional cards will be dealt to each tied hand until a single winner remains.

If a game is already underway, you must wait for its completion before placing a bet.

EZugi live 32 Cards Casino game Features

It was satisfying to find the scoreboard displaying data from the previous one hundred rounds. It offers comprehensive insights at a glance. Beneath the scoreboard, there's a breakdown highlighting the most frequently winning bets, providing an opportunity to observe potential patterns. However, it's important to note that while analyzing patterns can be engaging, it's not a dependable strategy. Any perceived patterns are likely random and could vanish as swiftly as they emerged.

EZugi live 32 Cards Casino game Features

Ezugi Live 32 Cards Gameplay Procedure

Let's walk through an example round to ensure a clear understanding of the rules of 32 Cards game online:

  1. Shuffle the deck: The dealer begins by shuffling the cards, a standard procedure before each hand.
  2. Place your bets: As the cards are shuffled, you'll have around 15 seconds to place your bets. Using the chips provided on the screen, you can wager on any of the four hands. You have the option to cover up to three of the four spaces, but you cannot bet on all four hands simultaneously.
  3. Deal the cards: Once the betting window closes, the live dealer reveals a card face up in each of the empty spaces on the table. Player 8 receives the first card, followed by players 9, 10, and 11 in sequential order.
  4. Determine the winner: After dealing all four cards, the dealer announces the winner. If mental arithmetic isn't your strong suit, don't worry. A graphic on the left-hand side of the screen displays the totals of each hand, making it easy to follow along. You can toggle this graphic on or off as needed.
  5. Receive your payout: If you bet on the winning hand, congratulations! Your winnings will be automatically added to your casino balance. If you didn't win this time, no need to fret. With EZugi 32 Cards casino game, new rounds come swiftly, providing another chance to place your bets in just a few moments.

EZugi Online 32 Cards Casino Game Tricks

When engaging in real money earning games in India, it's essential to adhere to some simple tips to enhance your chances of success or minimize losses. Similarly, in Ezugi live 32 Cards game online real cash game, applying these straightforward tips can be advantageous:

  • Maintain Emotional Stability:
    One crucial tip for Ezugi 32 Cards Live game is to keep your emotions in check. Clear thinking is essential for making sound decisions during gameplay.
  • Choose a Suitable Environment:
    Opt for a conducive environment to play the game. Playing in such surroundings helps maintain concentration and focus. EsballPH online casino is recommended as an ideal platform for this purpose.
  • Know When to Quit:
    Recognize the importance of stopping when facing consecutive losses in the Ezugi online 32 Cards Live real cash game. Regardless of your strategy, persisting in play while experiencing losses can lead to financial strain.

EZugi 32 Cards Casino Game Strategy

When playing games like 32 Cards, it's wise to focus on attaining consistent small wins rather than chasing the elusive big payouts, such as the 11:1 odds on position 8. This high-risk bet only pays off approximately once every 10-12 hands.

Instead, prioritize bets on outcomes that occur more frequently. For instance, combining bets on positions 11 and 10 yields a win rate of around 75%. By allocating your bets to these two positions, you increase your chances of regular returns.

A prudent strategy involves structuring your bets so that if one position loses and the other wins, you recoup your initial stake. This approach helps to mitigate losses and maintain a steady stream of earnings over time.

How to Win 32 Cards EZugi Live Casino Games

While certain casino games like blackjack can be mastered with skill and discipline, no guaranteed strategy has been discovered for winning at 32 Cards as of now.

Nevertheless, there are essential principles to adhere to for maximizing your chances of success in any casino game. Avoid playing when fatigued and refrain from excessive alcohol consumption, as impaired judgment can lead to poor decision-making.

Additionally, responsible gaming is paramount. Establishing both maximum win and loss limits is crucial. Whether on a winning or losing streak, knowing when to walk away from the table and take a break is imperative for maintaining a healthy gaming experience.

EZugi 32 Cards RTP

When crafting a tailored strategy for 32 Cards game, it's crucial to take into account the payout rate associated with each type of bet. While the official 32 Cards Return to Player (RTP) is stated as 92.71% on EZugi Live Games, it's important to note that the payout rate varies depending on the specific wager.

Here are the four different Return To Player rates:

Return To Player
Player 8 93.99%
Player 9 90.09%
Player 10 93.77%
Player 11 92.97%

With such diverse payout rates, it appears that there are indeed two distinct strategies to explore.

Risk Averse Strategy

The first strategy involves focusing on securing regular, albeit smaller, payouts by exclusively betting on Player 11. While the payout for this bet is only 1 to 1, it boasts the second-best Return to Player (RTP) rate, offering a favorable opportunity to prolong your bankroll.

With the higher frequency of wins associated with this bet compared to others, the likelihood of encountering losing streaks and experiencing frustration is diminished. Moreover, you can aim to accumulate numerous small wins within a short timeframe before deciding to end your session.

High Variance Strategy

On the other end of the spectrum lies the Player 8 option. Despite offering the longest odds among the four, paying out at 11 to 1, it paradoxically boasts the highest Return To Player (RTP) rate at 93.99%.

The odds indicate that, on average, you'll need to wait through approximately 12 rounds before landing a winner. Consequently, this strategy entails higher variance, requiring patience to endure potential long losing streaks. However, for those with a high tolerance for such fluctuations, the statistics are unequivocal: this bet presents the best opportunity for long-term success.

Conclusion of 32 Cards Ezugi Live Casino Games

Ezugi 32 Cards live casino game can be aptly characterized as "simple yet effective." Its straightforward gameplay makes it accessible even to beginners, who can grasp its mechanics after just a few hands.

While it may not attract as large a following as other live dealer games like roulette or blackjack, 32 Cards game offers enjoyable gameplay with a unique structure that provides a refreshing alternative in the live casino arena. Moreover, its Indian-themed setting is sure to resonate with casino enthusiasts in that region.

EZugi Live 32 Cards Casino Games Online Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 32 Cards by EZugi?
    32 Cards EZugi Live Casino Games is a distinctive live dealer card game developed by Ezugi, featuring a single deck of 32 playing cards. Notably, this deck is modified from the standard 52-card deck by removing the Aces through Fives.
  • Is the 32 Cards live game rigged?
    Indeed, Ezugi has established a solid reputation for trustworthiness since 2013, bolstered by their commitment to fair gaming practices. Moreover, their games, including 32 Cards, undergo independent certification to ensure fairness. It's worth noting that 32 Cards game holds approval from both the Curaçao and the Malta Gaming Authority, further affirming its integrity and reliability.
  • Are there any side bets in EZugi live 32 Cards game?
    In EZugi 32 Cards live casino game, there are no additional side bets; rather, players focus solely on the four primary betting positions available.
  • What is the biggest win on EZugi 32 Cards game online?
    The highest payout on 32 Cards is 11:1, awarded for a win on the Player position 8.
  • Where does 32 Cards originate from?
    32 Cards casino game is a highly popular Indian card game that has been expertly adapted by EZugi Live Games for online play, complete with a live dealer.
  • Is there a winning strategy for EZugi live 32 Cards casino game?
    Similar to most live casino games, 32 Cards game online operates based on randomness, making it challenging to devise a guaranteed winning strategy. However, we've provided some valuable advice to enhance your chances of success while playing 32 Cards elsewhere on this page.
  • Where can I play Ezugi 32 Cards?
    Ezugi 32 Cards game can be played at EsballPH online casino.

EZugi Live 32 Cards Casino Games Online Frequently Asked Questions

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