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Ezugi Live Auto Roulette Casino Game

Ezugi Live Auto Roulette Casino Game

EZugi Auto Roulette live game is accessible to an unlimited audience round the clock. It features quicker sessions and more betting opportunities due to shorter intervals between bets.

Auto Roulette Game Introduction

Geared towards players seeking uninterrupted Roulette gameplay, Auto Roulette game by EZugi Live Games is a live-streamed table game accessible to an unlimited audience round the clock. Hosted from a European studio, it offers seamless play on both desktop and mobile devices without sacrificing video quality or gaming functionality.

This version follows the standard single zero betting layout, house edge, and payout table. However, it features quicker sessions and more betting opportunities due to shorter intervals between bets, typical of auto tables.

Auto Roulette Online Game Ezugi Live Casino

What is Auto Roulette game? Introduction to EZugi Live Auto Roulette Casino Game

European/Single Zero Roulette stands as one of the oldest and most captivating gambling games globally, renowned for its simplicity.

Featuring 37 individually numbered slots in alternating red and black colors, with a green Zero pocket, the wheel clearly delineates itself from Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, Dozens, or Columns bets.

In Auto-Roulette, the ball is automatically spun using a wheel engine, with the winning number promptly displayed on your screen.

The game's objective is to accurately predict where the spinning ball will land within the rotating wheel. Successfully predicting the number results in a payout based on the type of bet made.

How to Play Auto Roulette Live EZugi Casino Games

Begin by selecting the optimal EZugi Live Games that aligns with your preferences and requirements, ensuring it offers fast payments, generous payout limits, enticing bonuses, a diverse range of games, and more. Upon registration with one of these platforms, proceed with the following gameplay instructions:

  1. Wait for the betting window to open and select your desired chip value to determine your bet amount per round.
  2. Place your chips on the betting table by clicking on the corresponding chip values and positions on the table.
  3. As it's a live dealer game with numerous players participating simultaneously, there's no need to initiate the round; simply await the commencement of the game in real-time.
  4. After the round concludes, your winnings will be showcased on the main screen and automatically added to your balance.
  5. Utilize the 'More Games' button to seamlessly transition to any other real dealer game offered by Ezugi.
  6. Lastly, you have the option to either withdraw your winnings or retain the funds in your casino balance, along with access to a diverse array of other games.

EZugi Auto Roulette Game flow

To initiate gameplay, wait until the prompt "Please place your bets" appears. Then, choose the value of the chip you wish to wager for the upcoming spin and position it on the corresponding betting areas on the gaming table.

Your total bet will be visibly indicated in the "Total bet" section.

Once the message "No more bets" is displayed, no further wagers can be placed or adjusted. Any bets already placed remain unchanged.

At the conclusion of the betting period, the total value of all placed bets is deducted from your balance.

Upon the ball settling into a pocket, the winning number is presented in both the statistics bar and at the center of the screen. Additionally, it is highlighted on the table layout. If any of your placed bets cover the winning number, you will receive winnings according to the Roulette payout table. Your winnings will be showcased in the "Last win" area and within the winning message.

In the subsequent betting round, you have several options:

  • Replicate your previous game's bets by utilizing the Rebet button.
  • Increase all your previous bets by doubling them.
  • Reverse the last action made in placing bets using the Undo feature.
  • Clear all wagers from the table layout to start anew.

EZugi Live Auto Roulette Rules

Bet Types in EZugi Live Auto Roulette Online Game

Roulette offers a variety of bet types, categorized into Inside Bets and Outside Bets. Inside Bets are placed on the numbered section of the table layout, while Outside Bets are placed on other areas of the table.

Inside Bets:

  • Straight Up Bet: Wager placed on a single number, offering the highest payout odds at 35 to 1.
  • Split Bet: Wager on two adjacent numbers by placing chips on the line between them. This bet pays out at 17 to 1.
  • Corner Bet: Wager positioned at the intersection of four numbers, for example, covering 8, 9, 11, and 12. This type of bet pays at 8 to 1.
  • Street Bet: Wager on a group of three numbers situated at the end of a row, such as 13, 14, and 15. Payout for a street bet is 11 to 1.
  • Six-Line Bet: Bet placed at the intersection of two street bets, encompassing six consecutive numbers like 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36. This bet pays out at 5 to 1.

Outside Bets:

  • Column Bet: A wager covering 12 numbers placed on the designated spot marked "2 to 1" at the end of a column. This bet encompasses all 12 numbers within the corresponding column and pays out at 2 to 1.
  • Dozen Bet: A wager covering 12 numbers placed on one of the three boxes marked "1st 12," "2nd 12," or "3rd 12." It encompasses twelve numbers from the corresponding dozen ranges (1-12, 13-24, or 25-36) and pays out at 2 to 1.
  • Chances: Red/Black, Even/Odd, 1 to 18/19 to 36: Named for their payout odds of 1 to 1, these bets cover 18 numbers on the board as described in each box. Red/Black bets encompass either the 18 red or black numbers. Even/Odd bets encompass even (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) or odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.). 1 to 18/19 to 36 bets encompass the lower or higher 18 numbers and pay out at a 1:1 ratio.

The Zero pocket remains excluded from coverage by any Column, Dozen, or Chances bets.

During the betting phase, the numbers associated with the selected bet type will be visibly highlighted.

For instance, a Straight-Up Bet's payout of 35:1 implies that if you wager, say, 5 chip units on a single number and it wins, you would receive 175 chip units as winnings, in addition to your original bet of 5. Thus, your total payoff equals the sum of your winning 175 chip units plus your initial bet of 5 units.

EZugi Live Auto Roulette Rules

Ezugi Live Auto Roulette Casino Game Payouts

Bet Type Covers Payout
Straight up 1 Number 35:1
Split 2 Numbers 17:1
Street 3 Numbers 11:1
Corner 4 Numbers 8:1
Line 6 Numbers 5:1
Column 12 Numbers 2:1
Dozen 12 Numbers 2:1
Red/Black 18 Numbers 1:1
Even/Odd 18 Numbers 1:1
1-18/19-36 18 Numbers 1:1

Return to player

The RTP of Roulette is 97.30%.

Playing on Racetrack

The Roulette Racetrack displays numbers as they appear on the wheel, offering a platform for Wheel Sectors and Neighbor bets.

Wheel Sectors, a prominent group of bets, are facilitated through the Roulette Racetrack.

On a Single Zero Roulette wheel, four main sections correspond to specific areas on the table, known in French as Voisins du Zero with a subsection Jeu 0, Tiers Du Cylindre, and Orphelins.

  • Voisins du Zero encompasses a 9-chip bet covering Zero along with seven numbers to the right and nine numbers to the left. This largest sector involves 2 chips on Street 0/2/3, 2 chips on Corner 25/26/28/29, and one chip each on Splits: 4/7, 12/15, 18/21, 19/22, and 32/35.
  • Jeu 0 consists of a 4-chip bet including one chip on 26 in Straight Up and one chip each on Splits: 0/3, 12/15, and 32/35.
  • Tiers du Cylindre is a 6-chip bet covering numbers from thirty-three to twenty-seven inclusive. This bet involves one chip placed on each of the following Splits: 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30, and 33/36.
  • Orphelins comprises a 5-chip bet encompassing two sections of the wheel outside of Tiers and Voisins. It includes one chip on 1 in Straight Up and one chip each on Splits: 6/9, 14/17, 17/20, and 31/34.

Neighbor in EZugi Auto Roulette Online Game

A Neighbor Bet encompasses a specific number and its neighboring numbers on the Roulette wheel. You can modify the number of neighbors automatically placed by clicking or tapping the circular "-" or "+" buttons during betting.

For instance, a "Number and two Neighbors" bet involves wagering 5 chips, with 1 Straight Up bet on 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15.

Roulette Valid Spin Rule

For a winning number to be considered valid, the spin itself must be deemed valid.

A valid spin adheres to specific criteria: the Roulette ball must rotate in the opposite direction to the wheel's rotation and must complete a minimum of four full revolutions along the wheel's track before settling to qualify as valid.

If a spin fails to meet these validity conditions, it's referred to as a "No Spin."

Instances where a "No Spin" would be declared include:

  • The ball completing less than four full revolutions.
  • The ball spinning in the same direction as the wheel.
  • The ball or wheel being spun in the incorrect direction.
  • The wheel ceasing to rotate during the spin.
  • The ball dropping onto the wheel but failing to land in a pocket, instead revolving on the wheel for more than three wheel cylinder revolutions.
  • The ball exiting the wheel entirely (ball-out).
  • Any foreign object entering the wheel.

In the event of a "No Spin," Auto Roulette online game will initiate a re-spin according to our established procedures.

Your bet will remain active on the table until a valid spin occurs.

Error Handling in EZugi Live Casino Auto Roulette game

If any errors occur during the game process, the current round will be temporarily halted, and the shift manager will be alerted. Players will receive an on-screen pop-up message informing them of the ongoing investigation. If the shift manager can promptly address the issue, the game will resume normally. If immediate resolution isn't feasible, the round will be canceled, and initial bets will be refunded to all participants.

You are personally responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your wagers placed on the Roulette table. Should your bet surpass any minimum or maximum limits, it will be automatically adjusted, with a notification appearing on your screen to inform you.

If the ball lands in a number slot but a different winning number is displayed on your screen, the correct winning number is the one where the ball landed on the Roulette wheel.

Should any irregularities arise, please provide the Round number of the game in question to Customer Support for further assistance.

Disconnection happened in Auto Roulette EZugi Live Game

EZugi Live Games services are delivered over the internet, which can occasionally result in disconnections. These interruptions have the potential to disrupt the game flow and user experience.

To mitigate the impact of unexpected disconnections, if a player loses connection to the game server, a reconnect message will appear on the screen. During this time, the game and chat functionalities may behave improperly or become entirely inactive until the player successfully reconnects to the game server.

Here are the error handling rules for disconnections:

  • If a disconnection occurs before bets are placed, meaning before the 'No More Bets' message appears, your bet will not be deducted from your balance, and you will not participate in the game round. Upon reconnection, please check your balance and promptly notify your operator if any issues arise.
  • If a disconnection happens after a game round begins, after the 'No More Bets' message appears, we cannot guarantee that your bet was placed. It's advisable to verify with your operator to ensure your balance is accurate. If your bet was indeed placed, the game will continue as usual, and any winnings will be processed based on the game outcome, regardless of the disconnection.

Ezugi Roulette Popular Variations

Ezugi online casino provider strives to cater to the preferences of all players by offering a diverse range of features. This includes multilingual support, with languages such as Thai, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and more available. Additionally, Ezugi provides a wide betting range to accommodate various bankrolls for real money play, along with other customizable mechanics.

As a result, Ezugi offers a variety of Live Roulette games to suit different player preferences. These include Diamond, Speed, Auto, and Ultimate variations, each offering unique gameplay experiences.

Ezugi Live Diamond Roulette Game

In reality, it's simply the classic European roulette experience, conducted within a live studio environment where additional Ezugi live games can be streamed by other dealers situated behind your roulette table. Each round provides a 15-second window for placing bets. Betting limits typically range from $0.20 to $5000 per round, although these limits may vary depending on the specific casino.

All essential betting tools, including the main table and the neighbor bets section, are conveniently located below the screen. Meanwhile, the menu and various navigation tools are positioned above on the right side of the screen. Within the menu, players can access detailed rules for playing Ezugi's Live Diamond Roulette.

Ezugi Roulette Popular Variations-Diamond Roulette

Ezugi Live Speed Auto Roulette Game

This online roulette variation is ideal for players seeking a fast-paced gaming experience with a high frequency of rounds. With a 15-second window to place bets and each game round lasting approximately the same duration, players can enjoy around two rounds per minute. Despite the rapid gameplay, all other features and payouts remain standard, ensuring an authentic European Roulette experience streamed from a real studio with a 97.3% Return to Player (RTP) rate. Moreover, Live Speed Roulette Ezugi is also available on mobile platforms for added convenience. Similar roulette games are offered by Evolution and Pragmatic Play providers as well.

Ezugi Roulette Popular Variations-Ezugi Live Speed Auto Roulette Game

Ezugi Live Auto Roulette Game

Primarily, the interface and betting options in the Auto version remain consistent with traditional roulette. However, a significant distinction lies in the absence of a live dealer. Instead, players witness a real-time roulette wheel spinning, while still having the opportunity to place chips on the betting table within a designated timeframe. The game operates automatically, appealing to those who prefer solitude during gameplay. Results and other game aspects are communicated by a robotic announcer.

Live Auto Roulette Ezugi accommodates bets ranging from $0.10 to $5000, although it's advisable to verify the limits at your chosen casino. Additionally, variations like Prestige Auto Roulette, featuring a neon-lit wheel for enhanced ambiance, and Speed Auto Roulette, offering a fast-paced automatic experience, are available for added variety.

Ezugi Live Ultimate Roulette

In contrast to its predecessors, this version stands out for its unique blend of live entertainment elements with the classic roulette game. Launched in 2023, its innovative mechanics are not surprising given the timing. If you've experienced Lightning Roulette by Evolution, you'll find the gameplay mechanics of Live Ultimate Roulette Ezugi familiar. While the fundamental gameplay and layout are akin to traditional roulette, the game's elements and studio decorations are all presented in a charming cartoon style.

However, the standout feature of Ezugi Ultimate Roulette lies in the introduction of additional multipliers generated before each round. Ranging from 50x to 1000x, these multipliers add an extra layer of excitement. Additionally, players have the option to purchase extra multipliers (up to 3 multipliers for 10% of their bet), allowing for a total potential multiplier of up to 2000x. It's important to note that Straight Up bets pay out at a rate of only 28:1 in this version. EZugi Live Games has also introduced a clever option that enables a single multiplier to cover multiple numbers, thereby increasing the chances of earning additional rewards.

Ezugi Roulette Popular Variations-Ultimate Roulette

How to Win Auto Roulette Game? Ezugi Live Auto Roulette Strategy

Every Ezugi online casino game operates on randomness, a fundamental aspect to be mindful of. Cheating programs or purported "100% winning strategies" are ineffective, as these games are designed to be fair. However, this doesn't imply that you cannot employ legitimate online roulette strategies to mitigate the house edge and manage your bankroll effectively. Strategies may involve betting systems, adjusting risk levels to match your gaming style, utilizing complex bets that complement each other, and adhering to basic tips. By monitoring statistical details and observing the game's long-term behavior, you can enhance your understanding and potentially improve your outcomes.

Roulette live Betting Systems

Various betting systems involve following specific sequences when placing real money bets. Depending on the system's concept, you'll determine when to increase or decrease your bet and by how much. While these systems aren't classified as roulette strategies since they aren't rooted in game knowledge, they provide a structured approach to gameplay planning and bet modification.

  • The Martingale system is the most popular, advising players to double their bet after each loss and decrease it after a win. This approach entails higher spending but aims for larger wins to offset losses.
  • The D'Alembert system is another popular option, also employing a negative progression. However, in this system, the bet is increased or decreased by a predetermined unit rather than doubling.
  • The Fibonacci betting system is based on a sequence where each new number is the sum of the previous two numbers (e.g., $1, $1, $2, $3, $5, $8, $13, $21, etc.).

Different risk levels in Live Auto Roulette

Your betting approach can vary depending on your bankroll size and personal preferences. You don't have to adhere strictly to a single online roulette strategy; instead, feel free to explore different options based on your preferences and risk tolerance.

  • High rollers aiming for substantial jackpots may focus on Straight Up bets, which offer a 35:1 payout for guessing a specific number. These bets can be combined with even money bets (e.g., red/black) to increase the chances of more frequent wins while still maintaining the potential for significant payouts.
  • Players seeking a moderate gameplay experience may find Straight Up bets too risky. Instead, they can consider combining even money bets with options like Split (17:1), Street (11:1), Corner (8:1), or Line (5:1). While the risks remain notable, they are somewhat lower compared to the high roller strategy, while the potential for attractive winnings remains intact.
  • Newcomers or players with smaller bankrolls may perceive the aforementioned options as too risky. In such cases, focusing on even money bets (red/black, even/odd, 1 to 18/19 to 36) can be a prudent choice. These bets can be paired with Dozens (2:1) and Columns (2:1) to enhance the chances of winning while mitigating risks.

EZugi Live Auto Roulette Tricks & Tips

While gameplay outcomes in live Ezugi roulette are random and beyond your influence, you can still impact other aspects, such as your choice of online casino and the bonuses you receive. Here are some basic tips for playing live Ezugi roulette:

  • Avoid American roulette:
    This variant carries a higher house edge due to the presence of two zero sectors on the wheel. Opt for European or French roulette variations instead, as Ezugi primarily focuses on the European variant.
  • Plan your bankroll wisely:
    Responsible gambling entails selecting a bankroll that aligns with your budget. The amount you allocate for casino spending should not adversely affect your financial situation.
  • Prioritize outside bets:
    Although wins from outside bets may not yield massive payouts, their odds are typically above average. Consider combining them with other bets offering higher payouts for a balanced strategy.
  • Exercise caution with casino bonuses:
    Before claiming a bonus from your online casino, carefully review its wagering requirements and compatibility with live table games. Even bonuses with seemingly low wagering requirements of around 30x can be challenging to meet, so don't rely too heavily on bonuses in your strategy.
  • Choose the right online casino:
    Select an Ezugi live online casino that offers a wide range of games from this vendor, transparent terms, and prompt payouts within reasonable limits. Ensure the casino holds relevant licenses and implements necessary safety measures for a secure gaming experience.

Conclusion of Live Auto Roulette Ezugi Casino

Ezugi, with its extensive experience, primarily focuses on providing live dealer games accessible from anywhere. Apart from conventional live studios, the company offers a unique feature called OTT (Over the Table), which immerses virtual players into real land-based casinos, allowing them to interact with other guests in real time. EZugi Live Games offers a wide variety of roulette games, each boasting captivating features, interfaces, and potential payouts. These games adhere to traditional European roulette rules, accommodating inside and outside bets, neighbor bets, and call bets. In addition to standard special bets, the game introduces a unique Red/Black Split bet, allowing players to place four or seven split bets exclusively on red or black numbers. The roulette follows a standard payout structure, with a house advantage of 2.7%. While these titles are accessible on mobile devices, players need to sign up and deposit funds to place real-money bets and enjoy live roulette with Ezugi dealers.

Ezugi Live Auto Roulette Casino Game FAQ

  • What distinguishes Auto Roulette from traditional live dealer games?
    EZugi Auto Roulette online game offers uninterrupted gameplay accessible to an unlimited audience round the clock, featuring automatic ball spins and quicker sessions with shorter intervals between bets.
  • How does the game flow of Ezugi Roulette progress from placing bets to announcing winners?
    Players begin by selecting chip values and placing bets on the table. Once betting closes, the ball settles into a pocket, and the winning number is displayed. Winning bets are then paid out accordingly, and players have options to replicate, increase, undo, or clear their previous bets for the next round.
  • What are the different types of bets available in Auto Roulette game, and how do they differ?
    Inside Bets involve wagering on specific numbers or groups of numbers on the table layout, such as Straight Up, Split, Corner, Street, and Six-Line bets. Outside Bets cover broader categories like Column, Dozen, and Chances (Red/Black, Even/Odd, 1-18/19-36), offering lower payouts but higher odds of winning.
  • How does the Ezugi Ultimate Roulette offer additional excitement to players?
    It introduces extra multipliers ranging from 50x to 1000x before each round, with an option to purchase up to 3 multipliers for a total potential multiplier of up to 2000x.
  • What should players know about the payout structure of Ezugi Ultimate Roulette?
    Straight Up bets pay out at a rate of only 28:1 in this version, while a single multiplier can cover multiple numbers to increase chances of earning additional rewards.
  • What is the primary focus of Ezugi Live Auto Roulette strategy?
    While gameplay outcomes are random, players can employ legitimate strategies to mitigate the house edge and manage their bankroll effectively.

Ezugi Live Auto Roulette Casino Game FAQ​​​​​​​

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