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EZugi Cricket War Game

EZugi Cricket War Game

EZugi Cricket War game is a simple and fast-paced two-card game, based on the hugely popular Dragon Tiger concept. Although the rules of the game are simple the player experience is great!

Cricket War Game Introduction

Cricket War game, presented by EZugi Live Games, offers a dynamic card game experience inspired by the popular Dragon Tiger format. It combines straightforward gameplay with an exhilarating atmosphere.

In EZugi Cricket War game, two cards are dealt – one for the Bowler and one for the Batsman. Players predict which card will hold the higher value, or if it will result in a tie, and place their bets accordingly. If both the Bowler and Batsman receive cards of matching suit and rank, it leads to a Suited Tie.

What makes this game stand out is its immersive setting. Cricket War game is particularly favored by sports enthusiasts, featuring a cricket-themed studio complete with a meticulously designed cricket stadium table felt. The ambiance of a live sports arena heightens the excitement, offering players an unparalleled blend of gaming and cricket fervor.

Cricket War EZugi Live Game Information Review

Cricket War EZugi Live Game Information Review

According to Ezugi, Cricket War is a versatile game. Firstly, it offers a refreshingly straightforward casino experience, played with just two cards. As a result, Cricket War game employs a single deck that is regularly shuffled, making card counting nearly impossible due to its extreme simplicity.

Ezugi has previously ventured into the realm of baccarat with its exclusive Live Speed Baccarat. While both games share aesthetic visuals and involve cards, Cricket War game distinguishes itself by its simplified nature and rules. In Cricket War, players aim to predict whether the Bowler or the Batsman will receive the higher card. Here is Ezugi Cricket War game information review for you in this article.

EZugi Cricket War is designed to be extremely easy to understand and master, making it accessible for beginners. With its appeal to the Indian gambling market and potential global popularity, it stands poised to become a favorite among players worldwide.

Key Highlights

  • Streamlined live dealer casino game with only 2 cards
  • Favorable winning odds exceeding 50%
  • Evokes a reminiscent atmosphere of Casino War
  • Tie Bet offers a generous payout of 10:1
  • Strong stake-to-payout ratio of 96.27%
  • Beginner-friendly minimum stake set at $1

How to Play Cricket War EZugi Game

Cricket War Ezugi live game operates under the Common Draw rules, where all players are dealt the same cards. Subsequently, it's the individual players' discretion to choose which card to play. Essentially, you are empowered to make your own prediction about the outcome between the Bowler and the Batsman in this Ezugi live game.

At the onset of each round, the dealer initiates betting. Players are given approximately 20 seconds to place their bets before the dealer closes betting. Thanks to its rapid pace, EZugi Cricket War live game concludes in just a matter of seconds. Moreover, with only two cards involved, the game allows for numerous rounds per hour.

In terms of aesthetics, Cricket War game seamlessly merges elements of sports and live casinos. How does it achieve this? Well, the live dealer game is directly influenced by the sport of cricket, with its two roles named after cricket positions – Bowler and Batsman. This parallel draws similarities to games like baccarat or Andar Bahar.

The entire casino studio is adorned with cricket-themed décor, including dealers dressed in thematic attire. The table itself boasts high-quality, authentic green felt, resembling a cricket playing field.

EZugi Cricket War Card Ranks

In Cricket War EZugi live game, the aim is to possess the card with the highest value. However, in this new Ezugi game, how are the cards ranked?

Numbered cards maintain their pip value, while the Ace holds the highest rank. Face cards carry greater worth than numbered ones. Yet, within the face cards, some hold more value – the King being the highest-paying card, trailed by the Queen and then the Jack. It's important to note that suits hold no significance in the rules of Cricket War game.

How to Play Cricket War EZugi Game

EZugi Cricket War Game Rules

In EZugi Cricket War game, two hands are dealt: one for the Bowler and another for the Batsman. Players place bets on which hand they believe will win the round, whether it's the Bowler's or the Batsman's. The winning hand is determined by the card with the highest value. In the event that both the Bowler and Batsman hands have the same value, the round results in a Tie. A Suited Tie occurs when both the Bowler and the Batsman cards are not only equal in rank but also in suit.

Betting Options and Payouts

Cricket War Ezugi game features exceptionally simple rules, even simpler than those of baccarat. One similarity is that a winning Tie bet offers higher payouts compared to the main bets, which pay out even money. The objective of Cricket War game is to wager on the hand containing the highest-value card. While you cannot predict the outcome since it's randomly generated, you can rely on your intuition. It's essential to remember that Cricket War by EZugi Live Games is a game of pure chance, meaning each round is independent of the others. There is no correlation between winning hands, so it's crucial not to succumb to the gambler's fallacy.

Card Values in Ezugi Cricket War

In EZugi Cricket War game, the card ranking ranges from lowest to highest as follows: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King, with Ace valued at 1 and King valued at 13.

The game is played using eight standard decks of 52 cards. Gameplay continues until the cutting card is drawn. Once the cutting card is revealed, the dealer will shuffle or change the cards. If the cutting card is drawn during a hand, that particular hand will be completed, and the dealer will shuffle or change the cards at the conclusion of the round.

Winnings are paid as follows:

Winning Hands Payouts
Bowler 1:1
Batsman 1:1
Tie 11:1
Suited Tie 50:1

If a tie occurs in EZugi Cricket War game, bets placed on both the Bowler and the Batsman will result in a loss of 50% of the wagered amount.

EZugi Cricket War Betting Instructions

To place a bet in Cricket War, first, choose a chip value from the slider. Next, click directly on the options provided: Bowler, Batsman, Tie, and/or Suited Tie. After the betting time has elapsed, the dealer will deal one card for the Bowler's hand and one for the Batsman's hand. If a game is currently underway, you must wait until it concludes before placing your bet.

Return to Player
Bowler 96.27%
Batsman 96.27%
Tie 89.64%
Suited Tie 86.02%

Error Handling in Cricket War EZugi live Game

In the event of any error in the game procedure, the game round will be temporarily halted, and the shift manager will be promptly notified. Players will receive an on-screen pop-up message, informing them that the issue is under investigation. If the shift manager can quickly rectify the error, the game round will resume as usual. However, if an immediate resolution is not feasible, the game round will be annulled, and initial bets will be refunded to all participating players.

If a system disconnection occurs after a bet has been placed on the game table but before the timer has completed, the bet will not be deducted from the balance. Conversely, if a disconnection happens after the bet has been finalized and deducted from the balance, but before the game results are revealed, the bet will proceed as usual, and the balance will be updated according to the game results.

Disconnection happened in Cricket War EZugi Game

EZugi Live Games Dealer services are delivered over the internet, which means occasional disconnections can occur, disrupting the game flow and user experience.

To mitigate the impact of these unexpected disconnections, if a player loses connection to the game server, a reconnect message will promptly appear on the screen. During this time, the game and chat functionalities may not work correctly or may be entirely inactive until the player successfully reconnects to the game server.

The following error handling rules apply for disconnection:

  • If a disconnection occurs before bets are placed, meaning before the "No More Bets" message is displayed on the screen, your bet will not be deducted from your balance, and you will not be considered as participating in the game round. Upon reconnecting, please ensure to verify your balance and promptly notify your operator if you encounter any discrepancies or issues.
  • If a disconnection occurs after a game round has begun, meaning after the "No More Bets" message has appeared on the screen, we cannot guarantee that your bet was successfully placed. It is recommended to verify your balance with your operator to ensure accuracy. If the bet was indeed placed, the game will proceed as usual, and any winnings will be processed based on the game result, regardless of the disconnection. However, there are some exceptions to be aware of:
    • If multiple bets were placed, such as on Bowler/Batsman, Tie, and/or a Suited Tie, there is a possibility that some of the bets may not be processed.
    • A disconnection message may not be displayed to the player, and all decisions will proceed according to the default settings.
    • If a client disconnects during gameplay, regardless of the game's status, it's important to review your balance after reconnecting and contact your operator if any issues arise.

EZugi Cricket War Game Rules

Ezugi Cricket War Live Game Strategy

As live casino experts, our top tip is to manage your bankroll responsibly. While simple and easy casino games can be enticing, they often carry a higher risk of addiction compared to skill-based, slower-paced games. Take blackjack, for instance, a game that typically unfolds gradually, offering entertainment through patience rather than quick thrills. Conversely, games like Cricket War are fast-paced and action-packed, providing an adrenaline rush. Therefore, it's crucial to gamble responsibly and set limits on your bankroll before playing for real money.

Special Features in Cricket War Game

According to Ezugi, Cricket War does not feature any side bets, maintaining its straightforward nature with basic rules and no hidden complexities. Players are encouraged to rely on their intuition. This underscores the importance of managing your gambling bankroll wisely.

In Cricket War, the game setup is as follows: The dealer draws two cards from the shoe and places them in their designated positions – Bowler or Batsman. With only a single deck in play, each round involves just two cards.

The available bets in Cricket War game are as follows:

  • Bowler
  • Batsman
  • Tie

With odds of beating the dealer standing at 50.27%, it's likely that both the Bowler and the Batsman will offer even money payouts. However, while the Tie occurs infrequently, it presents an irresistible payout of 10 to 1.

Games of chance are notorious for depleting punters' bankrolls. However, armed with this knowledge, there are measures you can take to prevent this outcome. Setting strict betting limits before playing is crucial, as it helps prevent overspending. In the case of Cricket War Ezugi game, players are unable to exceed their bankrolls as there are no additional side bets.

Summary of EZugi Cricket War Game

Ezugi has once again demonstrated its expertise in live card games with Cricket War. This game exemplifies simplicity with straightforward rules and only two cards, making it easy to learn within minutes. With a solid understanding of how to play Cricket War, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, the 96.27% RTP (Return to Player) rate is commendable for a live game of this caliber. Cricket War game consistently provides returns, and players can even employ strategies akin to those used in Casino War. Furthermore, the house edge remains around 3%, which is considered low and favorable to players. We hope you found our review of Cricket War by Ezugi enjoyable; try your luck at EZugi Live Games today.

EZugi Cricket War Live Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Ezugi Cricket War online game?
    Cricket War by Ezugi promises to delight fans of Casino War. It shares similar rules and offers a favorable advantage for players over the casino. With gameplay centered around just two cards, it's easy to grasp and perfect.
  • What are the RTP and payouts?
    Ezugi Cricket War game boasts a respectable RTP (Return to Player) of 96.27%, leaving a house edge of 3.73%. The Tie bet, akin to baccarat, offers the highest payout, rewarding players with 10 times their initial bet.
  • How do I play Cricket War Ezugi game?
    To engage in real-money play with Cricket War game, no additional skills are required beyond effective money management. Statistics, logic, or strategies have no bearing on the outcome of this live game. Being primarily a game of chance, success largely hinges on luck.
  • How to win Cricket War Ezugi live game?
    In games of chance like Cricket War, winning isn't guaranteed. Instead, prioritize maintaining a stable casino balance. While winning streaks are common in games like roulette, it's crucial not to depend solely on them.
  • What Casino War bet is safer?
    The Tie bet in Ezugi Cricket War game is considered the riskiest option, yet it offers a higher payout. Conversely, the two primary bets, Bowler and Batsman, yield lower payouts but are safer choices with less risk involved.
  • What distinguishes Cricket War live game from other live casino games in terms of gameplay and atmosphere?
    Cricket War sets itself apart with its dynamic card game experience inspired by the Dragon Tiger format, offering straightforward gameplay coupled with an exhilarating cricket-themed atmosphere.
  • What is the primary focus of Cricket War in terms of player experience and engagement?
    Cricket War Ezugi game prioritizes simplicity and excitement, offering a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled gaming experience centered around predicting the outcome of just two cards

EZugi Cricket War Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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