Ezugi Live Sic Bo Game Online

Ezugi Live Sic Bo Game presents is an exhilarating game of chance played with three regular dice with value 1 to 6. The aim of Sic Bo is to anticipate the result of the roll of these three dice.

Ezugi Live Sic Bo Game Online

Sic Bo Game Game Introduction

Ezugi Live Sic Bo Game presents is an exhilarating game of chance played with three regular dice with value 1 to 6. The aim of Sic Bo is to anticipate the result of the roll of these three dice.

Sic Bo Game Online, Ezugi Live Casino Sic Bo

What is Sic Bo Game Online?

Ezugi Live Sic Bo marks the debut of three new live dice games from EZugi Live Games. Being the first release, Live Sic Bo stays true to the traditional Asian dice game. It serves as an ideal starting point, gently introducing newcomers to online live dealer dice games, while providing seasoned players with a familiar experience. The setup is straightforward, featuring a Sic Bo Dice shaker atop a custom pedestal, with the live dealer overseeing the game and initiating the dice shake after betting concludes. The computer-generated playing interface overlays the physical studio view, offering a comprehensive display of the betting grid and options.

Key Highlights of Ezugi Live Sic Bo Games

  • Beginner-friendly simplicity
  • Strong RTP for common strategies
  • Intuitive, clear UI
  • Multiple cameras for clear dice visibility
  • Detailed statistics and round roadmap
  • High betting limits up to $10,000 or equivalent currencies

How to Play Sic Bo Game Online?

Let's explore the available live Sic Bo bets:

  • Small/Big wagers predict if the total sum of three dice will be under or above 10, paying even money but losing on a Triple result.
  • Total wagers guess the exact sum result of three dice, with payouts based on success likelihood.
  • Single wins if one die matches your selected number, while Double or Triple results increase profits.
  • Double mirrors Single but requires two dice to show the chosen number.
  • Triple is like Single and Double but wins only if all three dice match the selected number, offering the highest payout but with higher risk.
  • Any Triple wins if all three dice display the same number.
  • Combination wagers involve selecting from 15 possible combinations of two dice.
  • Though the betting table may seem daunting to beginners, understanding Sic Bo's mechanics is achievable after a few rounds. Its deceptive simplicity adds to its allure.

Ezugi Live Casino Sic Bo Games Tips

Repeatedly betting on even money Sic Bo game bets such as Big/Small ensures consistent returns. For larger profits, consider hedging by placing both a risky wager and a "safety" bet, typically in the form of an even-money bet. Triple results occur approximately 2.5% of the time, representing the house edge on even-money bets.

How to Bet On Ezugi Live Sic Bo Game Online?

At first glance, betting on Ezugi Live casino Sic Bo may appear complex, especially with the dominating presence of the betting grid on the screen. However, once you familiarize yourself with its appearance, the actual betting process is remarkably straightforward.

Put simply you can bet on:

  • Specific Dice Totals – the total of the three dice added up.
  • Dice Total Ranges  – the total of the 3 dice being below or above a certain total (known as Big/Small).
  • Two Dice combinations – Combinations of two of the dice that are non-doubles.
  • Singles – one of the dice being a specific number.
  • Doubles – two of the three dice being the same number.
  • Triples – all the dice showing the same number. These can be placed as specific triples or any triples.

For beginners, the simplest bet is the Big/Small Bet, an each-way bet offering 1:1 payout, or even money. Choose Big if you anticipate the total of three dice to range between 11 and 17, or Small for a total between 4 and 10. It's important to note that if a triple is rolled, the bet is lost.

Sic Bo Game Online, Ezugi Live Casino Sic Bo

Ezugi Live Sic Bo Games Online Payout Odds

Ezugi Live Sic Bo Game offers payouts that are competitive with other versions of Sic Bo available. While the Odd/Even bet is absent, the payouts are otherwise comparable. It's important to note that certain bets are voided if a triple is thrown, so understanding which ones are affected is crucial. Additionally, consider exploring single bets, as they can still yield rewards even if a double or triple is rolled, albeit at a lower return compared to betting on them separately.

Bet Payout
Small/Big 1:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Double 11:1
Triple 180:1
Any Triple 30:1
Total 4 or 17 62:1
Total 5 or 16 31:1
Total 6 or 15 18:1
Total 7 or 14 12:1
Total 8 or 13 8:1
Total 9 or 12 7:1
Total 10 or 11 6:1
Combination 5:1
Single 1:1,2:1 if Double result, 11:1 if Triple

Sic Bo Game Online Return to Player (RTP)

Using Big/Small bets as a reference point, a return to player of 97.22% is anticipated. The overall RTP ranges from 95.02% to 97.22%, contingent upon the specific bets placed. It's important to note that bets offering higher payouts typically result in lower return to the player over the long term.

Ezugi Sic Bo Live Special Features

Considering the significance of staying true to the original Sic Bo experience, this variant refrains from overwhelming players with excessive features or bets. Instead, it offers the standard EZugi Live Games interface, providing numerous advantages.

Notably, the game offers remarkable roadmaps and statistics, showcasing results from approximately the past 100 rounds, including outcomes of all three dice. These statistics are particularly beneficial for popular strategies like Big/Small, which receive special attention.

Furthermore, the menu located in the upper right corner of the screen offers various useful features. Here, players can adjust audio levels and video quality as usual, access the live chat window, and utilize the customer support chatbox. Additionally, players have the option to switch to full-screen mode or select a different language from the menu.

Road Maps and Game Statistics

Every outcome of the three dice rolls is meticulously documented in a series of statistical charts and roadmaps. This data aims to offer insights into past occurrences, empowering players to utilize this information in forecasting future results. These statistics form the cornerstone of most gameplay strategies in this game.

The question of how probable it is to predict a future result remains perennial, pondered by gamblers and particularly Baccarat players for centuries.

In Ezugi Live Sic Bo, statistics are categorized into two types: a roadmap tailored for the Big/Small bet, and a detailed statistics list outlining the actual roll results.

Sic Bo Game Online, Ezugi Live Casino Sic Bo

Ezugi Live Sic Bo Game Online Strategy

To maximize wins in Ezugi Live Sic Bo Game Online, aim for big wins by either placing sizable bets on low-risk options or targeting positions with significant payouts. However, ensuring your bankroll aligns with your risk tolerance is crucial.

Ezugi Sic Bo offers three bet types:

  1. Lower Risk Bets: With roughly a 50-50 chance of winning, these bets, often voided on a triple roll, provide a more conservative approach.
  2. Medium Risk Bets: Involving higher stakes, these bets offer returns on most dice rolls, leading to frequent turnover of your bankroll and extended playtime.
  3. Higher Risk Bets: Although infrequent, these bets yield substantial payouts when successful, often compensating for prior losses.

Now, let's delve into each type in more detail.

Lower Risk Sic Bo Betting Strategy

Lower risk bets in Sic Bo typically involve two possible outcomes. For example, the Big/Small bet predicts a total sum between 4 and 10 or between 11 and 17.

However, there's a third possibility—a triple. If rolled, this results in a loss as it isn't among the betting options.

To hedge against potential losses, consider placing a bet on the Any Triple section, ensuring it covers previous losing bets if successful. To determine the appropriate stake, analyze statistics to gauge the frequency of triples.

This bet can be tailored to your bankroll size, whether opting for larger or smaller sums. I recommend limiting bets to no more than 10% of your bankroll per betting round.

Medium Risk Sic Bo Games Betting Strategy

To maximize returns, we must embrace a bolder strategy when engaging in Sic Bo online by EZugi Live Games.

This is my preferred gaming spot, where I enjoy experimenting with various tactics.

I constantly strategize on maintaining my bankroll, eagerly awaiting that one lucrative win that prompts a withdrawal.

For me, the size of the win isn't the sole focus; it simply needs to surpass my initial stake, while also ensuring a satisfying amount of gameplay. Ultimately, it's all about entertainment.

Therefore, this approach involves placing riskier bets than those with even odds, while still employing hedging techniques to mitigate potential losses by ensuring one bet compensates for another's failure.

Some example bets:
For the first bet, I opt for a Big/Small bet along with a small wager on the Any Triple section. Next, for the second bet, I place a bet on a two-dice combination, choosing one that appeals to me, with all options paying out at 5:1. Additionally, I place a bet on a number not covered by the two-dice combo, offering even money for a single, 2:1 for a double, and 3:1 for a Triple. Finally, for the third bet, I venture into higher payout territory, such as the Any Triple or named triple. Additionally, I place a bet on one of the total bets, aiming for the 6:1 payout.

Higher Risk Sic Bo Games Betting Strategy

This strategy, known as the Number Strategy, involves placing bets on positions featuring numbers one through six or positions where the numbers add up to a chosen total.

Let's say we pick the number four. Bets are placed wherever a four appears or where the total equals four:

  • Small
  • Total Bets – 4 or 14
  • Single Number – 4
  • Double – Double 4
  • Triple – Triple 4
  • Any Triple
  • Combinations – 1&3, 1&4, 2&4, 4&3, 4&5, 4&6

While four is used here as an example, any number can be chosen. This strategy allows for potential wins if the chosen number appears or if the total of two or three dice equals the selected number. The choice of number may be influenced by previous statistics and identifying "Hot" numbers.

Sic Bo Game Online, Ezugi Live Casino Sic Bo

Ezugi Live Casino Sic Bo Game Conclusion

Ezugi Live Sic Bo Game caters to a specific audience seeking simplicity and a classic casino experience. While its straightforward gameplay appeals to traditionalists, some may find the lack of excitement and additional features somewhat underwhelming. However, this minimalist approach may be precisely what many players prefer. Overall, it's essential to consider these factors before immersing yourself in the game.

Ezugi Live Sic Bo Game Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • What is Ezugi Sic Bo Live?
    Ezugi Live Sic Bo marks the introduction of Ezugi's trilogy of live dealer dice games. Rooted in the traditional Asian game format, players wager on the results of three dice rolls. The dice are visibly shaken within a transparent glass dome, offering players an immersive viewing experience.
  • How Easy is it to Play Ezugi Live Casino Sic Bo?
    This game offers simplicity at its core. Players place bets using the intuitive betting grid, with options ranging from single numbers to combinations and dice totals. Whether opting for straightforward bets or multiple wagers, players have full control over their choices.
  • Where Can I Play Ezugi Live Sic Bo Game?
    You can play at EsballPH online casino that has EZugi Live Games.
  • Is Ezugi Sic Bo Live Fun to Play?
    You may find yourself pleasantly surprised. Sic Bo offers hours of entertainment, especially if you strategize your bets wisely.
  • Is there a Strategy for playing Live Ezugi Sic Bo Online?
    When playing Ezugi Live Sic Bo, I employ various strategies catering to both low and high risk levels. These strategies consider factors like bankroll size, risk tolerance, and desired outcomes.
  • What is the best strategy to win Live Sic Bo Game?
    Novices are typically advised to start with the Big/Small bet for reliable returns. As you become more familiar with Sic Bo, you can venture into other options. Betting on certain Totals individually is also relatively safe, but riskier bets like Triple are discouraged for most players.
  • Is Live Sic Bo by Ezugi rigged?
    Absolutely not. Ezugi is a reputable provider with numerous remote gambling licenses. Additionally, the dice rolls are closely monitored through a camera feed, ensuring fairness. However, like all casino games, there's a house edge, meaning the casino typically wins over time.
  • Can I play Ezugi Live Sic Bo on mobile?
    Yes, Ezugi ensures that all its games are fully optimized for mobile use, including Sic Bo game. While the layout of the betting table and controls may be adjusted for smaller screens, the overall functionality remains smooth and seamless. It's no surprise that Sic Bo game online on mobile is a popular choice among players in leading Asian online casinos.

Sic Bo Game Online, Ezugi Live Casino Sic Bo

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