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Ezugi Live Speed Roulette

Ezugi Live Speed Roulette

What distinguishes Ezugi Live Speed Roulette Online is its swift gameplay. Unlike traditional roulette, this version amps up the thrill by drastically reducing the waiting time.

Speed Roulette Game Introduction

Ezugi Live Speed Roulette Online presents a fresh and exhilarating take on the timeless live roulette experience. With its rapid pace, contemporary aesthetics, and interactive elements, it delivers an immersive and dynamic gaming atmosphere.

Broadcasted live from Latvia, the game boasts a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, catering to both novices and seasoned players alike. What distinguishes Speed Roulette Live is its swift gameplay. Unlike traditional roulette, where waiting for the wheel and ball to settle can be lengthy, this version amps up the thrill by drastically reducing the waiting time. With only around 15 seconds for players to place their bets, compared to the standard 25 seconds in regular roulette, each round unfolds swiftly, typically concluding in under 30 seconds.

Speed Roulette Live, Ezugi Live Speed Roulette Online

Introduction to Ezugi Live Speed Roulette Online

European/Single Zero Roulette stands as one of the oldest and most captivating gambling games globally, renowned for its simplicity and allure. It welcomes players of all levels to test their luck, with each spin of the wheel igniting excitement in every participant.

Featuring a wheel with 37 individually numbered slots, alternating between red and black, the game maintains a distinguished green pocket for the Zero, distinctly separate from other betting options like Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, Dozens, or Columns.

The game commences as the dealer sets the wheel spinning and releases the ball. Upon the ball's settlement, the winning number is announced, and all bets are swiftly tallied. In the case of Auto-Roulette, the ball is spun automatically by a wheel engine, with the winning number displayed on-screen.

Subsequently, a countdown timer marks the onset of the next game.

The objective is to accurately predict where the ball will land within the rotating wheel. Correct predictions yield payouts corresponding to the nature of the bet placed, varying in size accordingly.

How to Play Speed Roulette Live

The gameplay in Speed Roulette Live follows a familiar pattern akin to other roulette games offered by EZugi Live Games or other providers. Upon joining the table, players await the opening of the betting window. Here, they can select their desired chip values and choose the type of bet they believe will yield a payout.

Hovering the cursor over the betting layout enlarges the positions, facilitating easy selection of numbers to bet on. Additionally, players have the option of utilizing a racetrack alternative, featuring Wheel Sectors (4 French sections) and Neighbour bets.

As the betting time dwindles, indicated by a red status bar, players have mere seconds to finalize their wagers before the croupier sets the wheel spinning, typically completing the round within 30 seconds or less.

Speed Roulette Live features the European wheel with a single zero, boasting a return rate of 97.3%. All standard bets remain active on each spin, including inside bets (Straight Up, Split, Corner, Street, Six-Line) and outside bets (Column, Dozen, Red/Black, Even/Odd, 1-18/19-36). Notably, the Straight Up bet, placed on any individual number, carries the highest payout odds at 35:1.

Throughout the game, players can view the action from three distinct perspectives: a frontal view of the wheel and the croupier, a top-down perspective of the wheel, and a side view focusing on the wheel's motion.

How to Play Speed Roulette Live

Ezugi Live Speed Roulette Game flow

To commence playing, wait until the prompt "Please place your bets" appears. Then, select the chip value you wish to wager for the upcoming spin and position it on the relevant betting areas of the gaming table.

Your cumulative bet amount will be visibly shown in the "Total bet" section.

Once the dealer announces "No more bets," wagering is closed, and any placed bets cannot be altered.

At this point, the total value of all placed bets is deducted from your balance.

When the ball settles into a pocket, the winning number is showcased in the statistics bar and at the center of the screen. It is also highlighted on the table layout and declared by the dealer. If any of your bets cover the winning number, you'll receive payouts according to the Roulette pay-table. Your winnings will be displayed in the "Last win" area and through a winning message.

During the subsequent betting phase, you have several options:

  • Repeat the bets from your previous game by selecting the Rebet button.
  • Double all your placed bets.
  • Undo the last betting action.
  • Clear all bets from the layout.

Ezugi Live Speed Roulette - Bet Types

There are a number of different possible types of bets to be made in Roulette. These are split into Inside Bets which are bets made onto the numbered section of the table layout, and Outside Bets which are made on the other areas.

Inside Bets

  • Straight Up Bet: This bet is placed on an individual number, offering the simplest form of roulette betting with the highest payout odds of 35 to 1.
  • Split Bet: A bet on two adjacent numbers, placed on the line between them, such as covering 24 and 27. Split bets pay out at 17 to 1.
  • Corner Bet: Placing a bet at the intersection of four numbers, for instance covering 8, 9, 11, and 12. Corner bets offer a payout of 8 to 1.
  • Street Bet: This involves betting on three numbers located at the end of a row, like covering 13, 14, and 15. Street bets pay 11 to 1.
  • Six-Line Bet: Betting on six numbers positioned at the junction of two street bets, such as covering 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36. Six-line bets yield a payout of 5 to 1.

Outside Bets

  • Column Bet: Placing a bet on a group of 12 numbers, located at the "2 to 1" spot at the end of the columns. This bet encompasses all 12 numbers within the corresponding column and pays out at 2 to 1.
  • Dozen Bet: A bet covering 12 numbers, placed in one of the three boxes labeled "1st 12," "2nd 12," or "3rd 12." It encompasses twelve numbers within the corresponding dozen (1-12, 13-24, or 25-36) and pays out at 2 to 1.
  • Chances (Red/Black, Even/Odd, 1 to 18/19 to 36): These bets pay out at a ratio of 1 to 1.
    • Red/Black: Betting on either the 18 red numbers or the 18 black numbers.
    • Even/Odd: Betting on either the even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) or the odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.).
    • 1 to 18/19 to 36: Betting on either the lower 18 numbers or the higher 18 numbers.

The Zero pocket is excluded from coverage by any Columns, Dozens, or Chances bets.

When placing bets, the numbers included in the selected bet type will be highlighted.

For instance, a payout of 35:1 on a Straight-Up Bet implies that if you wager, say, 5 chip units on a single number and it wins, you would receive 175 chip units in winnings, plus your original bet of 5. Thus, your total payoff would be the sum of your winnings (175 chip units) and your original bet (5 units).

Ezugi Live Speed Roulette - Bet Types

Ezugi Live Speed Roulette - Payouts

Bet Type Covers Payout
Straight up 1 Number 35:1
Split 2 Numbers 17:1
Street 3 Numbers 11:1
Corner 4 Numbers 8:1
Line 6 Numbers 5:1
Column 12 Numbers 2:1
Dozen 12 Numbers 2:1
Red/Black 18 Numbers 1:1
Even/Odd 18 Numbers 1:1
1-18/19-36 18 Numbers 1:1

The RTP of Roulette is 97.3%.

Playing on Racetrack in Ezugi Live Speed Roulette Online Game

The Racetrack feature displays numbers in alignment with their arrangement on the Roulette wheel, rather than on the table layout. Wheel Sectors and Neighbor bets can be accessed and placed through the use of the Roulette Racetrack.

Wheel Sectors constitute the primary and most commonly utilized category of bets among players. These bets are made via the Roulette Racetrack interface.

On a Single Zero Roulette wheel, the layout is divided into four principal sections, each corresponding to designated areas on the table. These sections are traditionally named in French: Voisins du Zero, which includes a subsection called Jeu 0, the Tiers Du Cylindre section, and Orphelins.

  • Voisins du Zero: This bet, comprising 9 chips, encompasses Zero along with seven adjacent numbers to the right and nine to the left on the Roulette wheel. It is the largest sector on the wheel and involves placing 2 chips on Street 0/2/3, 2 chips on Corner 25/26/28/29, and one chip on each of the following Splits: 4/7, 12/15, 18/21, 19/22, and 32/35.
  • Jeu 0: With a 4-chip wager, Jeu 0 includes one chip placed on 26 in Straight-Up and one chip on each of the following Splits: 0/3, 12/15, and 32/35.
  • Tiers du Cylindre: This 6-chip bet covers the numbers on the wheel from thirty-three to twenty-seven inclusively. It involves placing one chip on each of the following Splits: 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30, and 33/36.
  • Orphelins: Covering two segments of the wheel outside of Tiers and Voisins, this 5-chip bet includes one chip on 1 in Straight-Up and one chip on each of the following Splits: 6/9, 14/17, 17/20, and 31/34.

Neighbor in Ezugi Live Speed Roulette

A Neighbor Bet extends to a specific number along with neighboring numbers in close proximity on the Roulette wheel. By clicking or tapping on the circular "-" or "+" button, you can customize the number of neighbors automatically included when betting on the designated number.

For instance, "0 number and two Neighbors" constitutes a 5-chip bet, featuring 1 Straight-Up bet on 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15.

Roulette Valid Spin Rule
For a winning number to be considered valid, the spin must meet certain criteria.

A valid spin is determined by the following conditions: the dealer must spin the Roulette ball in a direction opposite to the rotation of the wheel. Additionally, the ball must complete a minimum of four revolutions around the track of the wheel before coming to rest, thus constituting a valid spin.

If the spin fails to meet these criteria, it is deemed "No Spin."

Conditions leading to a declaration of "No Spin" include:

  • The ball completes fewer than 4 revolutions.
  • The ball is spun in the same direction as the wheel.
  • The ball or wheel is spun in the incorrect direction.
  • The wheel stops rotating during the spin.
  • The ball remains on the wheel, not landing in a pocket, but continues revolving for more than 3 wheel cylinder revolutions.
  • The ball exits the wheel (ball-out).
  • Any foreign object enters the wheel.

In the event of a "No Spin," the Dealer will conduct a re-spin following established procedures.

Your bet will remain on the table until a valid spin is executed.

Neighbor in Ezugi Live Speed Roulette

Ezugi Speed Roulette Live Game Inconveniences

In the event of any game procedure error, the game round will be temporarily halted, and the shift manager will be promptly notified. You will receive an on-screen pop-up message informing you that the issue is under investigation.

If the manager can swiftly resolve the error, the game round will resume as usual. However, if immediate resolution is not feasible, the game round will be canceled, and initial bets will be refunded to all participating players.

It is your responsibility to ensure the correct placement of your wagers on the Roulette table. If your bet exceeds any minimum or maximum limit, it will be automatically adjusted, and you will receive a notification on the screen.

In the scenario where the ball lands in a number slot but a different winning number appears on your screen, the correct winning number is determined by the position of the ball on the Roulette wheel.

Ezugi Live Speed Roulette Disconnection

EZugi Live Games Dealer services are delivered over the internet, which may occasionally experience disruptions, potentially affecting the game flow and user experience.

To mitigate the impact of unexpected disconnections, a reconnect message will appear on the screen when a player loses connectivity to the game server.

The following rules govern error handling in case of disconnection:

  • If a disconnection happens before the 'No More Bets' message appears on the screen and your bets haven't been accepted by the server yet, your wagers won't be deducted from your balance, and you won't participate in the game round. Upon reconnecting, please verify your balance and promptly notify your operator if any issues arise.
  • If a disconnection occurs after a game round has commenced, i.e., after the 'No More Bets' message appears and your bets have been accepted by the server, the game will proceed normally. Winnings will be processed according to the game result, irrespective of the disconnection.

Ezugi Live Speed Roulette Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How does Speed Roulette live differ from traditional roulette?
    Speed Roulette accelerates the gameplay by shortening the betting time to approximately 15 seconds, resulting in quicker rounds and a more dynamic gaming experience in contrast to traditional roulette.
  • What is the maximum win in Speed Roulette Live?
    In Speed Roulette live, the maximum potential winnings can fluctuate based on the player's bet and the result of the roulette wheel spin. It's crucial to factor in the betting strategy and the odds associated with specific bets when assessing potential wins.
  • Is there a specific betting strategy that works best for Ezugi Speed Roulette live?
    Although there's no foolproof winning strategy for roulette, players often utilize systems such as Martingale or Fibonacci to manage their bets.
  • What distinguishes European/Single Zero Roulette from other variants?
    European/Single Zero Roulette features a wheel with 37 individually numbered slots, alternating between red and black, with a distinguished green pocket for the Zero, offering distinct betting options.
  • What makes Ezugi live Speed Roulette appealing to players?
    Speed Roulette's rapid pace, contemporary design, interactive elements, and the prospect of swift victories render it an exhilarating option for players in search of a dynamic and fast-paced gaming encounter.
  • What is the primary objective in Speed Roulette by EZugi Live Games?
    The primary objective is to accurately predict where the ball will land within the rotating wheel to earn payouts based on the bet placed.
  • How does the Racetrack feature enhance gameplay in Roulette?
    The Racetrack feature displays numbers as they appear on the Roulette wheel, allowing players to place Wheel Sectors and Neighbor bets more conveniently.
  • What happens in the event of a "No Spin" during a game of Roulette?
    If a "No Spin" occurs, the Dealer will conduct a re-spin following established procedures, and players' bets will remain on the table until a valid spin is executed.
  • How are bets adjusted if they exceed minimum or maximum limits in Roulette?
    If bets exceed minimum or maximum limits, they are automatically adjusted, and players receive a notification on the screen.

Ezugi Live Speed Roulette Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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