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Ezugi Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games

Ezugi Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games

Ezugi Dragon Tiger Live Casino Game offers a thrilling, rapid pace and is effortlessly learned. Its objective is to wager on whether Dragon or Tiger will receive the highest card, or if a tie will occur.

Dragon Tiger Live Game Introduction

Ezugi Dragon Tiger Live Casino Game offers a thrilling, rapid pace and is effortlessly learned. Its objective is to wager on whether Dragon or Tiger will receive the highest card, or if a tie will occur. Ezugi Dragon Tiger features live betting stats and a visually appealing bead road, aiding players in forecasting upcoming round results.

Dragon Tiger Live Casino, Ezugi Dragon Tiger Live Games

Dragon Tiger Live Casino: The Basics You Need to Know

Dragon Tiger boasts widespread popularity thanks to its distinctive structure. Indian gambling enthusiasts eagerly embrace the opportunity to participate in this game, aiming to secure remarkable rewards. The game revolves around two primary components: the dragon and the tiger. Players are presented with the opportunity to place bets on either the dragon or the tiger. With seven or eight available betting types, the dragon and tiger serve as the primary bets. Players can opt to wager on "Big" (ranging from 8 to King) or "Small" (ranging from Ace to 7). Additionally, there's the option to bet on a tie, with odds ranging from 8/1 to 11/1.

Winning occurs when both the tiger and dragon are dealt identical cards, regardless of their suits.

Ezugi Dragon Tiger Rules

Let's delve into the essential principles of Dragon Tiger:

  • Number cards hold their face value; for instance, a "2" card holds a value of two.
  • The Ace card is the lowest, carrying a value just below 2.
  • Cards with a value of 10, Jack (J), King (K), and Queen (Q) are considered the highest-ranking cards.
  • The Joker is excluded from the deck and removed prior to commencing the game.
  • Cards with a value exceeding 7 are categorized as "Big," while those with a value below 7 are termed "Small."
  • In instances where both the dragon and tiger receive identical or equivalent-value cards, players will incur losses, except for those who placed bets on a tie.

These fundamentals provide a solid grounding in understanding Dragon Tiger. While more advanced strategies exist, mastering these basics is crucial for newcomers to the game.

Dragon Tiger Live Casino Rules

How to Play Dragon Tiger Live Ezugi?

EZugi Live Games is renowned for its user-friendly software, ensuring a seamless betting experience for all. With a mere 18-second interval between dealing sessions, players have ample time to place their bets, make adjustments, or swiftly use the Rebet button to save precious seconds. Live chat functionality is readily accessible, allowing players to communicate with the dealer at any point. Additionally, for those feeling particularly fortunate, there's a convenient tipping option adjacent to the Chatbox, enabling players to express their appreciation for favorable outcomes.

The objective of Dragon Tiger epitomizes simplicity in live casino betting games. The dealer draws two cards, one for the Tiger side and one for the Dragon side. The card with the higher value wins, and your aim is to predict which of the two will emerge victorious. Generally, cards hold their face value, with the exception of Ace, which counts as 1. Jacks are valued at 11, Queens at 12, and Kings at 13.

Additionally, players have the option to place a Tie bet, forecasting that both cards will have identical values. Dragon and Tiger bets offer even payouts, whereas Tie bets come with an 8:1 payout rate. In the event of a tie game, wherein you've placed a bet on Dragon or Tiger, half of your stake is refunded.

The game employs a total of 8 decks, which are shuffled after 7 of them have been played through. As evident, Dragon Tiger Live Casino Game is primarily reliant on luck, with minimal strategy involved. Its fast-paced and thrilling nature underscores the simplicity of the game, making for an exhilarating experience.

Ezugi Live Dragon Tiger Strategy

  • Given its RTP of 67.23%, it's advisable to steer clear of the tie bet entirely. Instead, focus on Dragon and Tiger bets for more favorable outcomes.
  • As player decisions are limited to just one, the most effective strategies for Dragon Tiger revolve around betting systems, akin to those used in Baccarat.
  • Given that both primary bets offer even money payouts, employing betting systems in Dragon Tiger is indeed recommended for optimizing gameplay.

Dragon Tiger Betting Systems

The only aspect of Dragon Tiger live that you have control over is the amount you wager on a bet. Therefore, effective money management is crucial for success in this game, as it doesn't offer any other strategic options. This lack of choice has prompted some individuals to employ betting systems in an attempt to gain an advantage. These systems operate similarly to those used in Baccarat.

One of the most prevalent betting systems is the Martingale method. It's quite straightforward: continually place bets on Dragon and Tiger. Following a loss, double your wager for the subsequent bet. If the doubled bet results in a win, revert to your initial stake. However, if it loses, double the stake again, repeating this process until you secure a victory.

The aim is to offset losses by increasing the stake size, thereby potentially yielding larger returns. Nevertheless, be cautious as the stake can escalate rapidly during a losing streak. Exercise prudence regarding how much you're willing to risk, as excessive betting could deplete your bankroll swiftly.

Ezugi Live Dragon Tiger Strategy

Dragon Tiger Live Games Card Counting

While some Dragon Tiger strategy guides may suggest otherwise, card counting is not a viable tactic in this game.

In theory, it's possible to track the cards that have been played, providing insight into the probability of future rounds. However, this knowledge proves largely ineffective for Dragon Tiger's main bets. For example, even if you're aware that there are more high cards remaining in the shoe, both Dragon and Tiger can draw them, offering no statistical advantage for predicting future round outcomes.

You may attempt to apply this insight to side bets like Big/Small. However, these optional wagers carry a significant house advantage of over 7%. Regardless of your proficiency in card counting, you won't be able to tilt the odds in your favor. Simply guessing Dragon or Tiger randomly would offer a more effective Dragon Tiger strategy.

Ezugi Live Casino Games - Dragon Tiger Payouts

Fortunately, payouts in Ezugi Dragon Tiger Live aren't a major concern. Essentially, both Dragon and Tiger bets offer identical returns, with the same likelihood of success and RTP rate. The Tie bet stands as the sole exception, but adhering to our Dragon Tiger tips will naturally lead you away from it.

Bet Payout
Dragon 1:1
Tiger 1:1
Tie 8:1

Ezugi Dragon Tiger Live Game Features

Dragon Tiger has emerged as a streamlined alternative to Baccarat. Consequently, providers like EZugi Live Games strive to preserve its simplicity and elegance, avoiding the addition of unnecessary features.

  • Side Bets:
    Side bets in Dragon Tiger add excitement to your gameplay, but they also reduce the RTP rate. Therefore, it's crucial to choose wisely when and which ones to use, as you wouldn't want to diminish your chances of winning. However, with careful consideration, side bets can be advantageous and lead to decent payouts. Three side bets are available: Suit, Odd/Even, and Big/Small. Among these, the Suit bet offers the highest payout at 3:1, while the other two side bets both pay out at 1:1.
  • Other Key Features:
    Apart from the main and side bets, there's no need to concern yourself with additional details. HD streaming ensures a seamless broadcast, allowing you to unwind and immerse yourself in the game. Dragon Tiger holds significant popularity in Asia, making it a beloved choice for players from Asian countries. Additionally, players have the option to tip the dealers, a cherished feature in Ezugi's games.

Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games Software Options

EVO Live Gaming and Ezugi offer Dragon Tiger live casino games. Let's take a quick look at both.

Evolution Dragon Tiger

Evolution Gaming likely boasts the most visually appealing User Interface among all software providers.

Tie bets are rewarded at 11:1, while a suited Tie bet offers a generous payout of 50:1.

Additionally, there's a comprehensive set of road maps available, displaying the previous results from the shoe, providing valuable insights for players.

Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games Software Options-Evolution Dragon Tiger

Ezugi Dragon Tiger

Ezugi Dragon Tiger offers a more traditional-looking playing interface compared to other versions.

The game takes place at Ezugi's studios in Costa Rica, utilizing an 8-deck shoe for gameplay.

Road maps are available to track the history of the shoe, and players have the option to display them as desired.

Tie bets offer a modest payout of 8:1 at the Ezugi table, and there are no additional side bets available.

This version is ideal for those who prefer a traditional gaming experience but may not be suitable for players who enjoy placing Tie bets.

Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games Software Options-Ezugi Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger Live Comparison

Dragon / Tiger 1:1 1:1
Tie 11:1 8:1
Suited Tie 50:1 x
Dragon / Tiger Small x 1:1
Dragon / Tiger Big x 1:1
Dragon / Tiger Odd x 1:1
Dragon / Tiger Even x 1:1

Ezugi Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games FAQ

What is Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games?

In live online casinos, Dragon Tiger stands out as a favorite among Asian players, offering a live dealer experience. This game bears striking similarities to Baccarat, with players tasked with predicting which of two cards will hold a higher value. Ezugi's Live Dragon Tiger stands as one of the most prevalent versions of this thrilling game type.

Are the Dragon and Tiger bets in Ezugi Live Dragon Tiger the same?

Indeed, from a practical standpoint, both bets in Dragon Tiger are identical. While Dragon Tiger is frequently likened to baccarat, there are slight differences in the main bets, primarily concerning the rules governing the third card. However, Dragon Tiger only draws one card per side, ensuring that both Dragon and Tiger bets have an equal chance of winning and offer identical returns.

Which devices can access the Ezugi Live casino platform, and on which operating systems can you play Dragon Tiger Live?

  • The Ezugi casino platform is accessible on various devices, including smartphones.
  • Currently, Live Dragon Tiger can be played on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.
  • This flexibility allows players to enjoy the game conveniently, whether at home or on the go.

What is the house edge in Live Dragon Tiger by EZugi Live Games?

Considering the optimal strategy, the RTP (Return to Player) of Dragon Tiger Live stands at 96.27%, indicating a house edge of 3.73%. Fortunately, adhering to the optimal strategy in Dragon Tiger Live game involves simply betting on Dragon and Tiger wagers, maximizing your chances of success.

What is the typical RTP (Return to Player) of Ezugi Dragon Tiger, and how does it compare to the house edge?

  • The typical RTP of Live Dragon Tiger game is 96.27%, resulting in a house edge of 3.73%.
  • This means that, on average, players can expect to retain 96.27% of their wagers over the long term.

Ezugi Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games FAQ

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