TVBet Lucky 6 Live Game

TVBet Lucky 6 Live game stands as a vibrant and engaging live game. Players aim to predict the outcome of six numbers, making their selections early in the draw process and win prize.

TVBet Lucky 6 Live Game

Lucky 6 Game Introduction

TVBet Lucky 6 Live stands as a vibrant and engaging live game, where 35 numbers are randomly drawn from a pool of 48 lottery balls within the lottery machine. Players aim to predict the outcome of six numbers, making their selections early in the draw process. The primary betting option revolves around selecting these six numbers (Lucky6), while additional bets can be placed on factors such as the color of the drawn ball, its odd or even status, and the total sum. Moreover, players have the option to place multiple bets on sets of six numbers, enhancing their chances of predicting the winning combination. Enhanced winnings await players who accurately forecast the drawn numbers. The game unfolds every 5 minutes, punctuated by brief intervals for maintenance purposes.

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What is Lucky 6 Live? Introduction to TVBet Lucky 6 Game

TVBet Lucky 6 Live offers an exhilarating LIVE gaming experience, widely embraced across the globe. In this game, 35 numbers are randomly selected from a pool of 48 balls within the lottery machine, challenging players to anticipate the outcome of 6 specific balls at the outset of the draw. The primary betting option centers around selecting these 6 numbers (Lucky6). Additionally, players can place bets on factors such as the color, odd or even status of the balls, and their totals. This game's appeal lies in its simplicity and unique feature where players have a high likelihood of accurately predicting 6 out of 35 drawn balls from a total of 48. Success hinges on monitoring winning odds by observing where the sixth number appears.

In Lucky 6 by TVBet Casino Games, players have the flexibility to place multiple bets on sets of 6 numbers, simplifying the prediction process. Unlike Keno, where players await drawn balls to determine winnings, Lucky6 focuses more on anticipating the odds. The sooner the player's selected six balls are drawn in the game, the greater their potential winnings. Each game session occurs every 5 minutes, with intervals for technical maintenance.

How to Play Lucky 6 Live TVBet Games

Opting for the Lucky 6 live dealer casino game is a wise choice for enthusiasts of lottery-style gaming. The game's rules are straightforward: a lottery machine accommodates 45 numbered balls, from which 35 are randomly chosen, with only 6 ultimately entering the cylinders. These selected balls feature assorted numbers spanning from 1 to 48.


Starting to play the Lucky 6 online game is hassle-free, requiring no lengthy protocols. Once the platform appears on your screen, simply begin by placing a bet and predicting the game's outcome. Various outcomes will be displayed on your screen; select one and place your wager accordingly.

Before the hostess initiates the machine and the balls commence mixing, each player is given approximately four minutes to place their bets. After a brief period, six randomly selected balls will roll into the cylinders. Placing your bet earlier enhances your potential winnings.

Bet Sizes & House Edge of TVBet Lucky 6 Live

One appealing aspect of Lucky 6 game by TVBet Casino Games is its diverse range of betting options. With bets starting as low as $0.1 and reaching a maximum of $100, players have flexibility in their wagering amounts. While information about the house edge in this online casino game is not readily available, it's worth noting that many lottery games typically have a high house edge, often around 50%. Therefore, it's important to only wager an amount that you can comfortably afford to lose.

TVBet Games Lucky 6 Odds and Paytable 

6 100000 16 80 26 9
7 10000 17 70 27 8
8 5000 18 60 28 7
9 2000 19 50 29 6
10 1000 20 40 30 5
11 500 21 30 31 4
12 300 22 25 32 3
13 200 23 20 33 2
14 100 24 15 34 1.5
15 90 25 10 35 1

TVBet Online Lucky 6 Tips

While winning strategies can't be guaranteed, following these suggestions can help you make informed decisions when playing the Lucky 6 game:

  • Bet as soon as possible to maximize potential winnings with the new countdown feature.
  • Consider employing a combination betting strategy to enhance your chances of success.
  • Exercise caution with your wagering amounts, especially if you have a limited budget.
  • If you find yourself on a losing streak, it's wise to take a break and avoid chasing losses.

TVBet Online Lucky 6 Tips

Terms and Definitions in TVBet Lucky 6 Game

  1. lottery machine - A certified mechanical device engineered to mix forty-eight (48) numbered balls, randomly draw thirty-five (35) balls, and place them in the results area for display.
  2. Mixing chamber - The core component of the lottery machine housing all the balls, which are blended together, and from which thirty-five (35) balls are subsequently randomly drawn into the results area.
  3. Results area - The section to the right of the mixing chamber in the machine where thirty-five (35) randomly drawn balls are positioned to showcase the results.
  4. Balls - A set of forty-eight (48) multi-colored balls are utilized during the game. These balls are numbered from one (1) to forty-eight (48) and are available in eight (8) colors:
    • Green: Numbers 1, 9, 17, 25, 33, and 41.
    • Blue: Numbers 2, 10, 18, 26, 34, and 42.
    • Red: Numbers 3, 11, 19, 27, 35, and 43.
    • Purple: Numbers 4, 12, 20, 28, 36, and 44.
    • Yellow: Numbers 5, 13, 21, 29, 37, and 45.
    • Orange: Numbers 6, 14, 22, 30, 38, and 46.
    • Beige: Numbers 7, 15, 23, 31, 39, and 47.
    • Black: Numbers 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, and 48.
    Each ball displays its number prominently from various angles.
  5. Result of the game - The thirty-five balls, each bearing specific numbers and colors, are randomly drawn from the mixing chamber into the results area. Subsequently, they are entered into the game results cells.
  6. Game results cells - The game results cells are a specialized graphical display utilized during the live broadcast, initially comprising empty cells. As balls are drawn in the studio, corresponding balls and numbers populate the empty cells in the same sequence. In total, there are 35 cells, with the first 5 being main cells without assigned odds, followed by 30 cells with assigned odds. These cells serve the purpose of clearly presenting to players the drawn balls in the lottery machine's results area, aiding in monitoring the selection of the sixth ball, and facilitating tracking of the allocated odds for correctly predicting this ball.
  7. Odds - The odds refer to the numerical multiplier, rounded to three decimal places, assigned to a game outcome to determine the multiplication factor of the player's total bet for this outcome. These odds are crucial in calculating the player's winnings if the game result aligns with the selected outcome or outcome option chosen by the bettor. Essentially, the odds indicate the mathematical probability of an outcome: the closer the odds are to one (1.000), the higher the likelihood that the outcome of the bet or outcome option will match the game result.
  8. Bet - One of the outcomes listed in the market options, chosen by players who anticipate that the value or outcome option will align with the game's result.
  9. Stake - The amount of money that a player provides to the betting company, allowing their potential winnings to be calculated based on the odds if their bet(s) are successful.
  10. Current game - A game on which bets can currently be placed, accompanied by a countdown to the start of the live broadcast and the draw for this specific game.
  11. Upcoming games - Games available for betting at the present time, with broadcasts scheduled successively after the live broadcast of the current game. Players can place bets on games following the current one, with up to four upcoming games permitted for betting at physical betting shops and up to nine upcoming games allowed for online betting. In upcoming games, dynamic outcome odds for card games are provided with basic odds, without considering open cards displayed on the live broadcast monitor.
  12. Bet slip - A bet slip is an electronic or printed record that serves as confirmation of a transaction (bet) made between the player and the bookmaker, encompassing one or more bets. It typically includes details such as the date, time, bet slip number, information regarding the bets placed, total stakes, overall odds, and the type of bet (single, accumulator, or system). Players have the option to add bets on the current game or upcoming games of the same type, as well as wagers on other games, to the bet slip.
  13. Standard bet slip - A single bet slip calculates bets, odds, and potential winnings based on the rules governing individual (single) bets.
  14. Combination bet slip - A bet slip on which bets, odds, and potential winnings are calculated according to the rules for accumulator or system bets.
  15. 6-number combinations - An automated system designed to accommodate a broader spectrum of bets on six numbers, wherein when the number of balls in a single bet falls within the range of 7 to 15, it generates all conceivable combinations of six numbers.
  16. Single - A method of settling a bet slip where the winnings are calculated by summing up the winnings from each individual bet listed on the bet slip.
  17. Accumulator - A method of settling a combination bet slip where the winnings are determined by multiplying the total stake for all bets on the bet slip by the overall odds. These overall odds are calculated by multiplying the odds for each selected outcome, but only if all outcomes turn out to be correct.
  18. List of Markets - A comprehensive compilation of all available outcomes provided to players, including the outcome code, outcome names (representing winning conditions), and their corresponding odds. Betting on the game is restricted to the outcomes listed in the market selection.
  19. Outcome - One of the choices available in the market list, specifying the precise result or conditions for winning, allowing players to predict the game's outcome with a certain degree of probability. This likelihood is indicated by the magnitude of the odds assigned to this particular outcome.
  20. Outcome code - The distinct numerical identifier found in the printed list of markets or on the broadcast monitor, utilized to identify a specific outcome within the betting program.
  21. Jackpot - A possible supplementary bonus granted in addition to the winnings on a bet slip, which is randomly awarded. The current jackpot sum is exhibited on the game broadcast monitor and is distributed in all other games as well.
  22. Mega Jackpot - A potential bonus offered in addition to the bet slip winnings, exceeding the typical jackpot amount. It is randomly awarded but less frequently than the regular jackpot. The current mega jackpot sum is showcased on the game broadcast monitor and is drawn in all games.
  23. Lucky6 Jackpot - A potential bonus, supplementary to the bet slip winnings, randomly awarded and comprised of contributions from bets placed by all players, limited to those placed in the current game.

TVBet Lucky 6 Rules

The Lucky6 game is hosted by a presenter who introduces each new round and announces the number and color of each ball drawn. Bets are only accepted on the main and additional outcomes listed in the Lucky6 market. For the main outcomes, players can bet on precisely six numbers, either by selecting individual numbers or using combinations of six numbers.

In Lucky6, the objective is to predict six balls and match the sixth ball as quickly as possible during the gradual drawing process of 35 numbered balls, which determine the game's outcome.

The odds for the main outcomes are contingent upon the game results cell where the player's sixth chosen ball lands. If the player's sixth ball matches the sixth ball drawn, maximum odds apply. Conversely, if the player's sixth ball corresponds to the 35th ball drawn, the odds reduce to 1.00.

  1. Odds for main outcomes are determined post-draw, not during bet acceptance.
  2. Two bonus coefficients, randomly determined for two results cells, offer additional potential.
  3. If one of the six selected numbers lands in a lucky cell, winnings double.
  4. If all six numbers land in both lucky cells, winnings triple.

During each game round, exactly thirty-five (35) balls are drawn into the results area once.

For a game to be considered valid and successful, thirty-five balls must be randomly drawn from the mixing chamber into the results area.

Before the game commences, the results area of the lottery machine contains forty-eight (48) numbered balls, six balls each in eight different colors: green, blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, beige, and black.

The game result comprises the thirty-five balls, their respective numbers, and colors, drawn randomly into the results area. At the start of each new draw, the balls are returned to the mixing chamber.

Bets placed on an automatic 6-number combination cannot be included in accumulator bets.

Each current game comprises a single round for submitting standard and/or combination bet slips for participation.

  1. The betting round for the current game occurs between LIVE broadcasts and lasts approximately three (3) minutes. As soon as the LIVE broadcast of the current game concludes, the betting round for the subsequent game commences immediately.
  2. Bets cannot be placed on the current round while the result is being determined.
  3. The LIVE broadcast for the current game initiates at the conclusion of the countdown, indicating the end of the betting round for this game (betting will be blocked).
  4. Multiple bets can be placed on the current game using the same bet slip. Players can place several bets on the same game using a standard bet slip only (including bets on 6-number combinations).
  5. During the betting round for the current Lucky6 game, one outcome for any other upcoming Lucky6 games can be added to a combination bet slip, along with bets on the current game. However, only one bet per game is allowed (apart from bets on 6-number combinations).
  6. During the Lucky 6 game betting round, you can add only one outcome from any other Lucky 6 event or other games' events to your accumulator slip. Ensure to monitor the time before the livestream of these games to prevent the outcomes on your slip from expiring before acceptance.

The total winnings on a combination bet slip are determined by multiplying the accumulator odds by the total stake.

If the results of any game included in a combination bet slip are annulled due to technical or other reasons, the odds for all bets on this game are adjusted to one (1.000) and incorporated into the calculation of the new overall odds for the bet slip.

Upon winning the jackpot, the recipient receives notification through a message on their bet slip and in the broadcast.

  1. The jackpot is exclusively attainable by a player with a winning bet slip.
  2. Jackpot winnings are added to the payout for a successful bet slip.

Game settings managed by the betting company include:

  1. Jackpot administration
  2. Establishment of maximum and minimum stakes, the upper limit for bet slip or outcome winnings, and other financial thresholds
  3. List of market odds and potential alterations to these odds

TVBet Online Lucky 6 Tips

Special Cases in TVBet Lucky 6 Casino Games

Cancellation of game results may occur under the following circumstances:

  1. Technical issues, such as internet connection problems, technical glitches in the studio, or errors made by the presenter, may prompt cancellation.
  2. Disruptions in the lottery machine's operation may necessitate cancellation if:
    1. The countdown for the draw concludes, but ball mixing and drawing fail to commence.
    2. Insufficient balls are drawn into the results area, or fewer than 35 balls are drawn.
    3. Balls essential to the game's result are not returned to the mixing chamber.
  3. Actions by the presenter resulting in result cancellation include:
    1. Physically disrupting the ball mixing or drawing process.
    2. Interfering with the display of balls in the results area or lottery machine.

In the event of sound loss during a broadcast or an incorrect announcement by the presenter, the game's outcome is determined based on the results area visible in the video feed.

  1. If a player encounters technical issues preventing them from watching the live broadcast, such as internet connection problems or device malfunctions, but the broadcast is archived, the game is considered valid.
  2. Game results and archived video broadcasts are accessible on the organizer's website for verification purposes.

TVBet Lucky 6 Casino Games Conclusion

TVBet Lucky 6 casino game is a thrilling addition to their lineup, captivating players with its random drawing of 35 balls. The anticipation peaks as players hope for their 6 chosen balls to be drawn early, maximizing their potential winnings. With a user-friendly interface and a variety of exciting betting options, the game promises an immersive experience. As with other TVBet Casino Games, players are greeted by charming hosts, enhancing the overall appeal of the gameplay.

TVBet Lucky 6 Live Game FAQs

  • What's the highest payout in TVBet Lucky 6 casino game?
    Achieving the highest prize entails predicting all six balls accurately within the initial six draws, resulting in a remarkable payout of 100,000 times your original bet.
  • How Many Balls Can I Pick in TVBet Lucky 6 Game?
    Each wager allows players to select up to six balls.
  • How much can I wager at TVBet Lucky 6 live game?
    The minimum betting amount is $0.1, and the maximum is $100. While larger bets offer the potential for bigger wins, it's crucial to only wager an amount within your budget to avoid potential losses.
  • Can I play the Lucky 6 casino game on mobile?
    Absolutely! This game is fully compatible with mobile devices. Simply connect using an HTML5-enabled device with a stable internet connection, and you're all set to enjoy the excitement on the go!
  • What are the primary betting options in the TVBet Lucky 6 game, and how do players aim to win?
    In TVBet Lucky 6 live game, players primarily bet on predicting the outcome of six specific numbers (Lucky6). Additional bets can be placed on factors such as the color, odd or even status of the drawn balls, and the total sum. Players aim to anticipate these outcomes accurately to secure winnings.
  • How does the TVBet Lucky 6 game differentiate from Keno in terms of gameplay and winning potential?
    Unlike Keno, where players wait for drawn balls to determine winnings, Lucky 6 game by TVBet Casino Games focuses more on anticipating odds. Players select six balls and hope for an early match, maximizing potential winnings. Furthermore, the game offers various betting options beyond number selection, enhancing the overall excitement.

TVBet Lucky 6 Live Game FAQs

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