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TVBet Poker Bet Online Game

TVBet Poker Bet Online Game

TVBet Poker Bet Online game is a popular live-game that follows the well-known rules of Texas Hold'em Poker, with the objective being to obtain a superior hand than your opponents.

Poker Bet Game Introduction

Similar to regular Texas Hold'em poker, Poker bet online consists of five rounds (Bet, Preflop, Flop, Turn, and River), during which players can place bets on positions and combinations of hands. The game unfolds in LIVE mode, running continuously without interruptions.

In contrast to the traditional Poker format, TVBET Poker Bet imposes no player limit and offers multiple betting options to participants. The objective is to assemble the strongest combination of cards compared to others. Additionally, players can wager on the victory of one of the six positions (1st hand, 2nd hand, etc.) or on a winning hand combination.

Poker Bet online game by TVBet Casino Games employs a standard deck of 52 cards. Prior to each round, bets can be made for the ongoing round and subsequently for the following rounds.

TVBet Poker Bet, Poker Bet Online TVBet Games

Introduction to TVBet Poker Bet Online

TVBet Poker Bet is an online rendition of Texas Hold'em poker, available for live play 24/7. It employs a single standard deck of 52 cards, with the objective being to obtain a superior hand than your opponents. Players have the option to wager on one of the six hands to emerge victorious or on the winning combination, making decisions based on the table dynamics. Each game unfolds across four stages - preflop, flop, turn, and river.

Prior to the commencement of each game and even upcoming draws, bets can be placed. Moreover, players have the opportunity to combine bets on various draws, both within Poker Bet and across other games, resulting in enhanced odds. In addition to their regular winnings, players may also qualify for bonuses in the form of jackpots, with the potential for multiple jackpots to be awarded within a single game.

TVBet Poker Bet Rules

The game comprises five rounds, during which bets on hands and combinations are accepted. Prior to each ongoing game, punters can place bets on both the current game and upcoming odds. The presenter deals 12 cards for each of the six positions, one at a time. Once all hands receive two cards each, the game rounds commence.

The initial round of betting, known as the 'Bet' round, precedes card dealing. Here, players can wager on hands or combinations based on standard odds, with the option to place future game bets at these odds.

Following the Bet round is the Preflop round. During this phase, the odds for all positions and hand combinations are adjusted, initiating the second betting round.

Next is the Flop round, where the dealer removes one card from the deck after the second round and reveals three community cards simultaneously. Subsequently, the odds for each hand and combination are updated, and betting for the third round commences.

After the Flop round, the dealer removes another card from the deck and unveils a fourth community card, leading to the fourth betting round. Odds are revised for each hand and combination at this stage.

In some instances, hands or combinations may lose their winning potential after the Flop or Turn rounds. These selections are labeled as 'lock' and are displayed on the screen instead of odds.

Additionally, certain hands may already hold the highest possible combinations for the game, labeled as 'win' and displayed on the screen instead of odds. Bets will no longer be accepted on outcomes marked as 'win' and 'lock', although participants can freely wager on other outcomes.

The game concludes with the 'river' round, where the dealer removes one card from the deck and reveals the fifth community card. The program then determines the outcome of the current game based on the final hand combinations.

Terms and Definitions in TVBet Poker Bet Online game

  • List of markets - Bettors can access a selection of markets, each providing information such as the market code, market name outlining the winning conditions, and associated odds. Bets on the game are placed according to the outcomes presented within this list of markets.
  • Bet - To place a bet, the bettor selects one or more outcomes from the list of markets, believing that their value or conditions will align with the game's result. This can be done by choosing an outcome either beneath the livestream or directly on the screen.
  • Outcome - A selection within the list of markets where bets can be placed.
  • Outcome code - The distinctive number provided in the printed list of markets or displayed on the broadcast monitor, serving as the identifier for this specific outcome within the betting software.
  • Odds - The odds represent a numerical multiplier, rounded to two decimal places, allocated to a specific outcome in the game. This multiplier determines the extent to which the bettor's total stake on this outcome will be multiplied if the game's result aligns with the selected outcome or condition. The odds reflect the mathematical probability of an outcome: the closer the odds are to one (1.00), the higher the likelihood that the outcome or condition of the bet will match the result of the game.
  • Single - A single wager placed on a particular outcome, where the winnings are calculated as the stake amount multiplied by the odds associated with the selected outcome.
  • Accumulator - A multiple bet placed on several independent outcomes, where the winnings are determined by multiplying the stake amount by the accumulator odds. The accumulator odds are computed by multiplying the odds of each individual outcome included in the accumulator. For the accumulator to be considered successful, all outcomes within it must be predicted accurately.
  • System - A collection of accumulators, the quantity of which is determined by the bettor. The total winnings are calculated as the cumulative winnings from all accumulators within the system. It's important to note that winnings from a system may be lower than the total stake placed.
  • Bet slip - A bet slip is an electronic or printed document that serves as confirmation of the transaction (bet) completed between the bettor and the bookmaker for one or more bets. It typically includes details such as the date and time of the bet, bet slip number, information about the individual bets placed, total stake, overall odds, and the type of bet (single, accumulator, or system), among other pertinent information.
  • Event (game) - A complete card deal comprises all rounds (preflop, flop, turn, and river), commencing with shuffling the cards and concluding with the dealer unveiling the fifth and last shared card (river) on the table, followed by announcing the outcome and identifying the winner(s).
  • Betting round - A specific duration, tracked by a countdown timer, in which bets are open for acceptance. Each game comprises four distinct betting rounds: preflop, flop, turn, and river.
  • Deck - A complete deck of 52 (fifty-two) cards, consisting of one card representing each of the thirteen values in every one of the four suits.
  • Value - A notation denoting a card's rank within the deck, ranging from two to ace, where:
    • 2 represents two
    • 3 represents three
    • 4 represents four
    • 5 represents five
    • 6 represents six
    • 7 represents seven
    • 8 represents eight
    • 9 represents nine
    • 10 represents ten
    • J represents jack
    • Q represents queen
    • K represents king
    • A represents ace, typically holding the highest value, unless it appears as the low card in specific combinations like "straight" or "straight flush." The card with the lowest value in the deck is two.
  • Suit - One of the characteristics of a card. There are four suits: hearts (♥), diamonds (♦), spades (♠), and clubs (♣), and each card is marked with the symbol representing its suit, along with its assigned value.
  • Shoe - A device used to hold shuffled cards, from which they are drawn one by one and placed on the table.
  • Shuffling machine - A specially certified apparatus employed to shuffle cards randomly.
  • Spare deck - A secondary deck available for shuffling and use by the host in case the deck shuffled in the shuffling machine becomes unusable for the game.
  • Cut card - A unique plastic card utilized solely to cover the bottom card of the deck.
  • Hand - One of the six designated positions on the table actively participating in the game, typically identified by numbered boxes placed adjacently on the tabletop, ranging from 1 to 6.
  • Shared cards - A set of five cards shared by all players at the table, utilized to form the highest-ranking combination possible for their respective hands.
  • Combination - A combination of five cards formed from a combination of both the shared cards and the cards held by players, or solely from the shared cards. The highest-ranking combination determines the winner.
  • Kicker - A card that isn't part of a combination but serves to break ties when two or more hands possess combinations of equal value. Hands may incorporate one or more kickers.
  • Flop - The initial three shared cards, distributed following the second betting round.
  • Turn - The fourth shared card, dealt subsequent to the flop and the third betting round.
  • River - The fifth and last shared card, distributed following the flop, turn, and fourth betting round.
  • Jackpot - An additional prize that can be won alongside bet slip winnings, awarded randomly. The current jackpot amount is showcased on the game broadcast monitor and is attainable in any game.
  • Mega Jackpot - A supplementary reward that can be earned alongside bet slip winnings, with a larger value compared to the regular jackpot. It is randomly awarded, albeit less frequently than the standard jackpot. The current mega jackpot amount is showcased on the game broadcast monitor and is attainable in any game.
  • Poker Jackpot - An additional reward that can be obtained alongside bet slip winnings, specifically granted in Poker Bet online games by TVBet Casino Games. It is awarded randomly, but exclusively available within Poker games.

Terms and Definitions in TVBet Poker Bet Online game

TVBet Poker Bet Online Game Flow

Each hand is dealt 2 cards face up, while the shared cards are also dealt face up.

The goal of the game is for each hand to create the strongest combination using five cards from their dealt cards and the shared cards on the table. The hand(s) with the highest-ranking combination wins.

In the event of a tie where two or more hands share the same highest-ranking combination and a kicker doesn't resolve the winner, payouts are distributed to all bettors who wagered on any of the tying hands. If the highest combination is formed solely by the shared cards, payouts are calculated and awarded to all bettors who placed bets on any hand.

Possible combinations from lowest to highest scoring:

  1. High Card - In the event that none of the hands have successfully formed a combination after the river card is dealt, the winner is determined by the highest card. In such cases, the values of the cards in each hand are compared, and the hand boasting the highest-value combination emerges victorious. Should multiple hands possess only a "high card," the hand with the superior kicker secures the win.
  2. One Pair - A Pair refers to any two cards of identical value (such as two 6s or two aces), as seen in combinations like A+ A+ 3+ 8+ 10v. When multiple hands contain a Pair, victory is determined by the pair with the highest value. In cases where multiple hands boast a Pair of the same value, the hand with the superior kicker emerges as the winner.
  3. Two Pair - Two Pair consists of two sets of pairs, each containing two cards of the same value (for example, Q+ Q▼ 74 74 3▼). When multiple hands hold Two Pair, victory is determined by the value of the higher-ranking pair. In instances where multiple hands possess Two Pair of identical value, the hand with the superior kicker is declared the winner.
  4. Three of a Kind - A Three of a Kind comprises three cards of the same value (for example, J♦ J♥ Je 3▼ 84). When multiple hands hold a Three of a Kind, the winner is determined by the value of the Three of a Kind. In cases where multiple hands possess a Three of a Kind of the same value, the hand with the superior kicker prevails.
  5. Straight - A Straight is a combination of five cards with consecutive values (for example, 5▼ 6+ 7+ 8+ 9▼). In a scenario where multiple hands hold a Straight, the hand with the highest value Straight emerges as the winner.
  6. Flush - A Flush comprises any five cards of the same suit (for instance, K♣ Q♣ 9♣ 8♣ 5+). When multiple hands have a Flush, the one with the highest value Flush prevails.
  7. Full House - A Full House consists of three cards of the same value plus two other cards of the same value (e.g., K♦ K♣ 8v 8+ 8v). When comparing Full House hands, the one with the highest value Full House prevails. If multiple hands have the same three-card value, the one with the highest value pair within the Full House wins.
  8. Four of a kind - A Four of a Kind comprises four cards of the same value (e.g., Av A+ A+ A+ 3). In comparing hands with Four of a Kind, the hand boasting the highest value Four of a Kind prevails. If multiple hands share the same Four of a Kind value, the hand with the superior kicker wins.
  9. Straight Flush - A Straight Flush consists of five cards of consecutive values and the same suit (e.g., 6 7 8 9 10 - where an ace can serve as the lowest value card, e.g., A♥ 2 3 4 5♥). When comparing hands with a Straight Flush, the hand boasting the highest value Straight Flush emerges victorious.
  10. Royal Flush - A Royal Flush is comprised of five cards of consecutive values and the same suit, specifically from 10 to Ace (10▼ J▼ Q▼ K♥ A♥). It ranks as the highest hand in poker.

Every game comprises four rounds for submitting standard and/or combination bet slips.

Bets placed on different rounds within the same game cannot be merged.

In the event that any game results are invalidated for any reason, all bets within combination bet slips will be settled at odds of 1.00 and will contribute to the overall odds of those bet slips at these odds.

Once the jackpot is won, the recipient will receive notification through a message on their bet slip and via the broadcast.

  1. Only a bettor with a winning bet slip is eligible to claim the jackpot.
  2. The jackpot winnings are included in the total payout for the winning bet slip.

The betting company regulates several parameters, including:

  1. Management of the jackpot.
  2. Setting the maximum and minimum stakes, as well as limits on the maximum winnings from a single bet slip or outcome, along with other financial constraints.
  3. Determining the odds presented in the list of markets and any adjustments made to these odds.

TVBet Poker Bet Game Procedure

Each game follows a structured sequence:

  • Preflop: The initial round of betting commences before any cards are distributed. Bettors can place their bets on hands or combinations at the outset odds. The dealer then deals twelve cards, distributing two to each of the six hands sequentially, starting from hand 1 and concluding with hand 6.
  • Flop: This marks the second round of betting. Following the update of odds for all hands and combinations, the second round of betting kicks off. Subsequently, the dealer promptly deals three shared cards.
  • Turn: Moving on to the third round of betting, the odds for all hands and combinations are revised, initiating the third betting round. Once betting concludes, the dealer reveals the fourth shared card.
  • River: The final round of betting commences with updated odds for all hands and combinations. After the betting round concludes, the dealer presents the fifth shared card. A winner is determined, and the dealer announces the outcomes before shuffling the cards once again.

TVBet Poker Bet Game Procedure

TVBet Poker Bet Special Cases

Cancelled games occur under various circumstances, including:

  1. Cards being marked or damaged.
  2. Cards unintentionally appearing face up in the deck, revealing their value, suit, or color due to improper shuffling.
  3. Incorrect scanning by the dealer, leading to discrepancies between scanner readings and the actual cards on the table.
  4. Scanner malfunctions or inaccuracies in reading cards.
  5. Technical issues affecting the shuffling machine, studio equipment, software, or internet connection.

In case of a game cancellation, all bets placed on that game will be voided, and refunds will be issued to bettors at odds of 1.00.

When a card is accidentally revealed during a betting round, it is considered "burned" and cannot be used in the game. The dealer will announce this to the bettors and place the card face-down to their right. The game then continues with the next card drawn from the shoe.

Any discrepancies between the game broadcast and the information on accepted bet slips, such as different odds or incorrect declaration of winning or losing hands, are treated as technical errors. Bets made on such games will be voided if the bettor provides sufficient evidence of the error in the broadcast, such as a photo or video clip.

TVBet Poker Bet: Cards and the Deck

The game employs a standard deck comprising 52 cards, each equipped with a unique barcode scanned upon dealing using a table-integrated scanner. This barcode is utilized by the software to identify the card's value and suit. Subsequently, the cards assigned to each hand are showcased in distinct windows beneath the livestream screen.

To uphold fairness, decks undergo replacement multiple times daily. If any cards are misplaced, such as falling off the table or vanishing from bettors' sight, the deck is substituted. Additionally, if any cards are marked or damaged, prompting potential discrepancies, the deck is promptly swapped out as a precautionary measure.

TVBet Poker Betting Strategy

It appears that the game aims for an approximate 92% return on all bets following the dealing of the hole cards. In light of this, I suggest focusing primarily on betting on the winning player at the outset, which boasts a return of 95.72%. If opting to place bets on winning hand combinations, I recommend considering wagers on Three of a Kind and Two Pair during the initial stage, both offering returns of 94.59% each.

TVBet Poker Bet Online Game FAQs

  • What are the five rounds of TVBet Poker Bet online game?
    Bet, Preflop, Flop, Turn, and River.
  • How does TVBET Poker Bet differ from traditional Poker in terms of player limits and betting options?
    TVBET Poker Bet has no player limit and offers multiple betting options to participants.
  • What is the objective of TVBet Poker Bet online?
    The objective is to assemble the strongest combination of cards compared to other players.
  • How many cards are there in a standard deck used in TVBet Poker?
    A standard deck comprises 52 cards. 
  • What happens if a game is canceled in TVBet Poker online, and how are bets handled in such cases?
    If a game is canceled, all bets placed on that game are voided, and refunds are issued to bettors at odds of 1.00.
  • Can I win real money playing Poker Bet Live Casino on EsballPH online casino?
    Yes! Once you create a EsballPH account, you will be able to play the TVBet Poker Bet Live Casino Game for Real and win Real Money!
  • Can I play TVBet Poker Live Casino on my mobile phone?
    Yes, TVBet Poker Bet Live Casino is optimized for devices and screens of all resolutions so you can really enjoy playing Poker Bet on your Android & iOS mobile phone.
  • What is the best strategy for winning in TVBet Poker Bet online?
    TVBet Poker Bet, like all games from TVBet Casino Games, is a licensed game from a reputable licensed operator and all you need in order to win big is some or a lot of good luck! It also helps to start with a big Welcome Bonus like new member free 200 offered by EsballPH online casino.

TVBet Poker Bet Online Game FAQs

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