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TVBet Wheelbet Casino Games

TVBet Wheelbet Casino Games

TVBet Wheelbet Casino Game is a fast and simple live game that combines the principles of a simple wheel of fortune and American roulette.

Wheelbet Game Introduction

TVBet Wheelbet is an engaging and straightforward live game that blends elements from both the wheel of fortune and American roulette. The dealer initiates the game with a welcoming introduction, giving the wheel a gentle counter-clockwise spin before releasing it into a clockwise rotation to unveil the outcome. The game's outcome is determined by the illuminated sector displaying a specific number and color where the pointer rests once the wheel halts completely.

Prior to each draw, players have the opportunity to place bets on both the upcoming result of the game and future events. A betting round for the current and forthcoming games takes place between the initial and subsequent games, lasting for a duration of 75 seconds. Games are scheduled to occur every 2 minutes throughout the day.

Get ready to feel the excitement with Wheelbet by TVBet Casino Games. As the wheel spins, your luck is in play. Engage with the dealer as you wager for the ultimate victory. The stakes are raised in this game, requiring a solid strategy to claim the substantial prizes offered by TVBet Wheelbet. Prepare to place your bet and anticipate the ball's roll, aiming for your chosen number or color.

Rest assured, the game is equipped with certified equipment, guaranteeing the fairness and authenticity of the results. With every spin, expect 100% genuine and random outcomes.

Wheelbet, TVBet Wheel Casino Games

How to Play TVBet Casino Games - WheelBet?

Engaging in TVBet WheelBet is both easy and entertaining. The game kicks off with the dealer warmly greeting all the players and giving the wheel a gentle counter-clockwise spin. Once the betting window closes, the dealer proceeds to spin the wheel and patiently awaits its halt. Following this, the dealer releases it clockwise into a fluid rotation to ascertain the outcome. Subsequently, the dealer announces the winning number, while the system simultaneously displays both the winning number and color on the screen. For added insight, players can access the game history by navigating to the settings section of the game.

Before each draw, players are required to place their bets. They are given the opportunity to wager on both the immediate upcoming result of the game and future events. Furthermore, another betting round for the ongoing and forthcoming games takes place between the current and subsequent game, lasting for 75 seconds. These games are held daily, with intervals of every 2 minutes.

Terms and Definitions in the TVBet Wheelbet

  • List of markets - A compilation of the markets available for betting, containing details such as market code, market name (describing winning conditions), and corresponding odds. Bets on the game are welcomed based on the outcomes provided within this list of markets.
  • Bet - The bettor selects one or more outcomes from the list of markets, believing their value or conditions will align with the game's result.
  • Outcome - an option in the list of markets on which bets can be placed.
  • Outcome code - The distinct number specified in the printed list of markets or displayed on the broadcast monitor, utilized to identify this particular outcome within the betting software.
  • Odds - A numerical multiplier, rounded to two decimal places, is assigned to a specific outcome in the game. This multiplier determines the multiplication factor for the bettor's total stake if the game's result matches the selected outcome or condition. The odds signify the mathematical probability of an outcome: the closer the odds are to one (1.00), the higher the likelihood that the selected outcome or condition will match the game's result.
  • Single - A wager placed on a single outcome. The winnings will be calculated by multiplying the stake amount by the odds associated with the selected outcome.
  • Accumulator - A bet placed on multiple unrelated outcomes. The winnings are determined by multiplying the stake amount by the accumulator's odds. The accumulator's odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of all the individual outcomes included in the accumulator. For an accumulator to be considered a win, all of its included outcomes must be predicted correctly.
  • System - A collection of accumulators, the quantity of which is determined by the bettor. The total winnings will be equivalent to the combined winnings from all the accumulators within the system. It's important to note that the winnings from a system may be lower than the total stake placed.
  • Bet slip - An electronic or printed document serving as confirmation of the transaction (bet) made between the bettor and the bookmaker for one or more bets. The bet slip includes details such as the date, time, bet slip number, information regarding the bets placed, total stake, overall odds, and the type of bet (single, accumulator, or system), among other relevant information.
  • Event - A sequence of actions, commencing with the spinning of the wheel during the betting round and concluding once the wheel halts, determining the winning sector.
  • Betting round - a period of time, measured with a countdown, during which bets are accepted. Each game includes one betting round.
  • Wheel - A specially certified device resembling a wheel affixed to an axle, enabling free spinning. The wheel's surface is divided into 38 equal sections of varying colors, each featuring a distinct number from 1 to 36, as well as 0 or 00.
  • Sector - Each of the 38 sections of the wheel is designated with a unique number ranging from 0 (zero) to 36 (thirty-six), or a 00. Additionally, each sector is distinguished by a different color.
  • Pointer - A stationary component of the device, taking the form of a red arrow, is affixed at the top, positioned above the wheel. This arrow is responsible for determining the outcome of the game.
  • Jackpot - A bonus that can be obtained alongside the bet slip winnings, awarded randomly. The current jackpot amount is showcased on the game broadcast monitor and is open to being won in any game.
  • Mega Jackpot - A bonus larger than the regular jackpot that can be won in addition to the bet slip winnings. This mega jackpot is awarded randomly but less frequently than the regular jackpot. The current mega jackpot amount is prominently displayed on the game broadcast monitor and is available to be won in any game.
  • Wheelbet Jackpot - A bonus that can be acquired alongside the bet slip winnings, exclusively awarded at random during TVBet Casino Games Wheelbet.

Terms and Definitions in the TVBet Wheelbet

Rules of TVBet Games Wheelbet

The game utilizes a single wheel, and the result is determined by one of the 38 sectors on the wheel, each with its specific number and color. The pointer's position when the wheel comes to a complete stop determines the illuminated sector, which is considered the game's outcome. In the event that the pointer rests between two sectors after the wheel stops, the illuminated sector closest to the pointer is accepted as the game's result.

Available markets:

  • Straight - a bet on one (1) sector of the wheel. E.g. sector 34.
  • Split - a bet on any two (2) sectors located next to one another on the table. E.g. sectors 30 and 29.
  • Street - a bet on any three (3) sectors located next to one another in the list of markets. E.g. sectors 10-12.
  • Corner - a bet on any four (4) sectors located next to one another (in a four) on the table. E.g. sectors 1, 2, 4, and 5.
  • Sixline - a bet on any six (6) sectors located in two rows, all next to one another on the table. E.g. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24.
  • Dozen - a bet on any twelve (12) sectors in a row, from one of the available ranges (1-12, 13-24, 25-36).
  • Column - a bet on any twelve (12) sectors from one of the available ranges (1-34, 2-35, 3-36).
  • Half - a bet on half of the sectors (18 sectors) from one of the two available ranges (1-18, 19-36).
  • Sector Over/Under - The bettor's objective is to predict whether the number of the sector where the pointer lands will be higher or lower than the number set in the market. However, if the pointer lands on either 0 or 00, the bet will be considered a loss.
  • Sector Color (Red/Black) - the bettor must predict whether the pointer will land on a black or red sector.
  • Odd/Even Sector - The bettor's task is to forecast whether the pointer will land on a sector with an even or odd number. However, if the pointer lands on either 0 or 00, the bet will result in a loss.

Possible outcomes in TVBet Wheelbet:

  • One (1) - red - odd
  • Two (2) - black - even
  • Three (3) - red - odd
  • Four (4) - black - even
  • Five (5) - red-odd
  • Six (6) - black - even
  • Seven (7) - red - odd
  • Eight (8) - black - even
  • Nine (9) - red - odd
  • Ten (10) - red - even
  • Eleven (11) black- odd
  • Twelve (12) - red - even
  • Thirteen (13) - black - odd
  • Fourteen (14) - red - even
  • Fifteen (15) - black - odd
  • Sixteen (16) - red - even
  • Seventeen (17) - black - odd
  • Eighteen (18) - red - even
  • Nineteen (19) - red - odd
  • Twenty (20) - black - even
  • Twenty-one (21) - red - odd
  • Twenty-two (22) - black - even
  • Twenty-three (23) - red - odd
  • Twenty-four (24) - black - even
  • Twenty-five (25) - red - odd
  • Twenty-six (26) - black - even
  • Twenty-seven (27) - red - odd
  • Twenty-eight (28) - black - even
  • Twenty-nine (29) - black - odd
  • Thirty (30) - red - even
  • Thirty-one (31) - black - odd
  • Thirty-two (32) - red - even
  • Thirty-three (33) - black - odd
  • Thirty-four (34) - red - even
  • Thirty-five (35) - black - odd
  • Thirty-six (36) - red - even
  • Zero (0) - green - only bets on this sector specifically win if the pointer lands on it; all other bets lose.
  • Double Zero (00) - green - only bets on this sector specifically win if the pointer lands on it; all other bets lose.

Each game consists of only one round for submitting standard and/or combination bet slips.

In the event of any game results being declared void for any reason, any bets within combination bet slips will be settled at odds of 1.00. These settled bets will contribute to the overall odds of the bet slips at these odds.

When the jackpot is won, the winner will receive notification through a message on their bet slip and in the broadcast.

  1. The jackpot can solely be won by a bettor possessing a winning bet slip.
  2. The winnings from the jackpot are combined with the payout amount for the winning bet slip.

Parameters regulated by the betting company include:

  1. Jackpot management.
  2. Setting the maximum and minimum stake, maximum winnings from a bet slip or outcome, and other financial limits.
  3. Determining the odds offered in the list of markets and any alterations to these odds.

Rules of TVBet Games Wheelbet

TVBet Wheelbet Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Outcome Odds
Straight 36
Split 18
Street 12
Corner 9.02
Six Line 6.02
Dozen  3.01
Column 3.01
Half 2.01
Red/Black 2.01
Even/Odd 2.01
Over/Under 2.01

TVBet Wheelbet Special Cases

Canceled games. A game or its result may be canceled if:

  1. The host interferes with the spinning wheel by touching or knocking it, or altering its speed, more than 10 seconds after the current game's betting round ends.
  2. The host fails to initiate the spinning of the wheel after the betting round concludes.
  3. Technical problems arise, impacting the wheel, studio equipment, software, or internet connection during the game.

If a game or its outcome is canceled, all bets placed on that particular game will be voided. Bettors will receive refunds at odds of 1.00.

Any disparities between the broadcast of a game and the details on an accepted bet slip, such as differing odds or incorrect declaration of a winning or losing hand, are classified as technical errors. In such cases, bets made on the game will be deemed void if the bettor can present adequate evidence of an error in the broadcast, such as a photo or video clip.

Organization of Wheelbet

  • Games are held live, 24/7, with scheduled maintenance breaks.
  • Scheduled maintenance works are carried out every Tuesday (6:00-7:00 UTC).

TVBet WheelBet Casino Games Conclusion

Wheelbet live dealer game by TVBet Casino Games is an outstanding American roulette experience, streamed from a meticulously crafted studio. Alongside the captivating host who guides players through placing their bets and spinning the wheel, the studio provides multiple camera angles ensuring players catch every moment. Notably, the game offers diverse betting options catering to every play style, with a user-friendly interface making betting effortless.

Thank you for reading our casino guide to playing TVBet wheelbet. Hope you guys having understood what the Wheelbet live dealer is all about and how to play. Once you are happy with how it works, go and play the Wheelbet live dealer game for real money at EsballPH online casino.

TVBet WheelBet Casino Games Conclusion

WheelBet FAQ

  • What is the outcome with the best odds in the TVBet Wheelbet Live Dealer Game?
    The best odds are paid for landing a straight bet wager correctly at 36:1.
  • What is a split bet in the TVBet Games Wheelbet?
    A split bet is when a bet is placed over two numbers, splitting your bet across both of them. This bet will give odds of 18:1 if the wheel stops on either of the numbers.
  • What is the purpose of the red arrow attached above the wheel in TVBet Casino Games Wheelbet?
    The red arrow determines the outcome of the game in Wheelbet, serving as a stationary part of the device.
  • How does the mega jackpot differ from the regular jackpot in Wheelbet games?
    The mega jackpot is larger than the regular jackpot and is awarded less frequently, but it can only be won in Wheelbet games.
  • What additional feature can players anticipate while participating in TVBet WheelBet casino games for real money?
    Players have the chance to win a bonus alongside their bet slip winnings, with the current jackpot and mega jackpot amounts displayed on the game broadcast monitor for potential winnings in any game.

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