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Roly-Poly Baccarat Pattern Strategy for Beginners and Pros

Roly-Poly Baccarat Pattern Strategy for Beginners and Pros

Roly-Poly Baccarat Pattern Strategy is the one and only strategy that suits both the amateur and the pros very well. The longer you practice this strategy, the bigger the profit may be, learn how now!

Game Introduction

To all those who have been looking forward to learning more about the Baccarat Pattern Strategy, here we are now back with another classic baccarat strategy. The one and only strategy that suits both the amateur and the pros very well, the Roly-Poly Baccarat Pattern Strategy. The longer you practice this strategy, the bigger the profit may be.

This article will start out by giving an introduction to the strategy. Most of you who have played this game long enough have your own strategy, though when it comes to raising the win rate between rounds, there's no better strategy than the roly-poly. If you wish to increase your passive income by playing baccarat, like me, then this is an article you can't miss.

Roly-Poly Baccarat Pattern Strategy for Beginners and Pros

Roly-Poly Baccarat Pattern Strategy introduction

Among the old players, there are some strategies that most of us are familiar with, such as 1324 betting, 5-round 8-star strategy, smile betting strategy…etc.

Though roly-poly isn't like any of them. It's hard to increase your stake within a short period of time, instead, it increases your win rate over a long period of time. This is the one that can eventually make your wins more than you lose.

However, in order to practice it in the right way, one must manage their bankroll, set their stop loss and take the win, understand the betting concept, and avoid as much risk as possible. This may seem like a lot but it's not hard to achieve actually. Step by step, even a rookie can master this strategy.

Roly-Poly Baccarat Pattern Strategy bankroll management

First of all, we need to manage our bankroll. This sets up the base of how we are going to bet further on. We view three rounds as one group in this strategy, and we are going to bet 3 units per round.

The later betting amount differs by the winning and losing conditions we run into. Reduce one betting amount when we win, and increase one betting amount when we lose. Since we define three rounds as a group, repeated betting with this amount may have 8 different results as the following:

♦ win/win/win:3(original betting amount)+2+1=6(betting unit)

♦ win/win/lose:3(original betting amount)+2-1=4(betting unit)

♦ win/lose/win:3(original betting amount)-2+3=4(betting unit)

♦ win/lose/lose:3(original betting amount)-2-3=-2(betting unit)

♦ lose/lose/lose:3(original betting amount)-4-5=-12(betting unit)

♦ lose/lose/win:3(original betting amount)-4+5=-2(betting unit)

♦ lose/win/lose:3(original betting amount)+4-3=-2(betting unit)

♦ lose/win/win:3(original betting amount)+4+3=4(betting unit)

Roly-Poly Baccarat Pattern Strategy Betting Skills

♦ Player side is the core of the Roly-poly Baccarat Pattern Strategy

The core betting concept is the one we have mentioned before, the contra-betting method. That means we are going to play on the Player side most of the time. Though why are we going to do contra betting here? It's because even if the win rate of the banker side is 51%, we won't get precisely 51 wins out of the total 100 betting rounds on the banker. Since we are going to bet on contra, the odds for the banker are just for reference.

The thing we have to do here is to avoid consecutive winning on the same banker side to raise our win rate. When there's a group of bankers wins then we stop betting until the winning on banker side is over.

There are only 6-8 decks of cards within a full deck of baccarat, so the odds of multiple groups of bankers winning are low, so by doing it we increase our win rate betting on the player side.

♦ Betting with the same amount only

Now this betting method origins from the concept of survival in baccarat. We keep our betting unit the same from the beginning till the end.

I believe there are some of you who have found the contradiction of this theory, since we just mentioned the grouping of stake increase betting not too long ago for strategy, so which one is the right one? Actually, both of them are right, it's just for different types of players.

There are amateurs and pros in this game who are both suitable for practicing roly-poly strategy. Though betting with the same amount is an idea designed for amateur players, and the grouping stake-increasing betting is for the pros.

You may decide which one you wish to practice in your game, or just switching it by how you view the circumstances is fine too.

Conclusion: Roly-Poly Baccarat Pattern Strategy suits for Beginners and Pros

I remember that when I used to talk about this with someone previously and they told me that this strategy is the one they have been using since they are amateurs and it still works now. Everyone is trying all that they can to increase their win rate, I hope what we shared today may increase yours too. That's all for today. Off you go to try this out on the site. See you next time.

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