Paroli Baccarat Strategy Tutorial

Paroli Baccarat Strategy is a positive progression system that takes advantage of hot winning streaks. It’s the closest thing to a baccarat winning formula, and one of the best ways to actually win more instead of trying to cover up your losses. In this guide to the Paroli baccarat strategy, we’ll help you learn more about it and put it to the test.

Paroli Baccarat Strategy Tutorial

Game Introduction

In the world of online gambling, even money games such as baccarat work best when played with a strategy. While there's no baccarat winning formula, strategies are the closest thing to it. You might have heard about the Martingale strategy being used in baccarat variations or you might have seen the Labouchere system in action. Those are just two of the many available options for high rollers, but low-risk players have not been forgotten thanks to the Paroli baccarat strategy.

Paroli Baccarat Strategy Tutorial

Unlike its rivals, this is a positive progression system that takes advantage of hot winning streaks. It's the closest thing to a baccarat winning formula, and one of the best ways to actually win more instead of trying to cover up your losses. In this guide to the Paroli baccarat strategy, we'll help you learn more about it and put it to the test.

A Positive Progression System - Take Advantage of Hot Streaks

One of the big advantages of the Paroli system is how easy it is to use. Compared to the Martingale which needs a bigger bankroll or the complexity of the Labouchere system, this one has an easier learning curve. It has two main goals:

  • To minimize the risk of major losses
  • Generate small and consistent wins

Unlike negative progression systems where you double your bet after losses, the Paroli baccarat winning formula requires you to do the opposite. By doubling your bet after wins and reverting back to the original unit on losses, you stand to win nice sums of money during hot streaks. The Paroli baccarat strategy also uses fixed limits for the bets, preventing you from going overboard.

Of course, it's not a system exclusive to baccarat online. However, it does apply thanks to the simple betting options and the even money bets which make it an extremely good fit for many baccarat variations.

How Does the Paroli Strategy Work in Online Baccarat?

The logic behind the Paroli system rests on the predicament that wins and losses come in streaks. This isn't entirely true, but it does have some merit. By betting more during winning streaks and less during losing streaks, players can maximize their profits. With the Paroli winning formula, the system ensures that no bet will risk more than a single unit of your bankroll. Which can be any number you pick, but for the sake of the strategy, let's just go with $1.

Paroli Baccarat Strategy Tutorial

In a string of wins, the Paroli baccarat strategy can be quite productive. For example, three or four wins in a row before a loss of only one unit puts you three or four times ahead. There's simple and unobstructed logic behind it, making it the perfect choice for beginners. The fact that it can apply to numerous baccarat variations makes it an even more appealing option. If you want to put it to the test, it's best to do so with online free baccarat variations.

Putting the Paroli Strategy to the Test

Using the Paroli betting system is easy, especially if you follow our guide. As mentioned, it's the perfect choice for even money games, making it a spot-on strategy for online baccarat. There are a few things to learn before you start using it, and we'll cover more of that below.

  • To use the Paroli baccarat strategy effectively you'll need a fixed base bet. Most players start with a single betting unit of $1. We'll go with double that, so a fixed base wager of $2 per round. We wouldn't suggest anyone bet more. As a rule of thumb, you should never bet more than 2% of your bankroll regardless if you're using this system on baccarat variants or another.
  • Start the round - pick a fast live baccarat game if you don't want to wait between rounds. We played Evolution's Speed Baccarat and the Paroli betting system worked perfectly. We first started testing it with a bet of $2 and lose the first round (the Player won against Banker). The key to this strategy is to keep betting the same unit when you lose and double up on wins. We then bet $2 again and won, then bet $4 and won again. On our third bet of $8, we lost, reverting back to the fixed base bet.
  • While it's not a given, it's best to stop after three wins and drop to the base stake again. This will allow you to make a continuous profit instead of letting the Paroli system run wild and hope for a long-running winning streak. Those rarely come, so keep the sequence to three for beginners.

We did that for this guide and had solid results with the Paroli winning formula. It's a much easier strategy to use than the Martingale, and it doesn't require that big of a bankroll.

Pros and Cons of the Paroli Baccarat System

Just like any baccarat or casino game strategy, it's best to have the pros of this system in mind. It's a great option for new and seasoned baccarat players, but it has a few disadvantages you should be aware of.


  • Very easy to use and implement, even for new players
  • The Paroli winning formula provides a small, but consistent stream of wins
  • It can be quite a lucrative strategy if you manage to hit a long winning streak
  • Ideal for players with small to mid-sized bankrolls


  • There's no guarantee that you'll win consecutive times in a row, albeit that's a problem for any baccarat strategy

Conclusion - Excellent System for Low-Risk Players

Paroli Baccarat Strategy Tutorial

Unless you're a high roller who has the money to burn, the Paroli baccarat strategy is your ideal companion. It takes advantage of winning streaks rather than trying to regain your losses like the Martingale. In that way, it costs less, but no one can guarantee that you'll hit several wins in a row.

Due to the unpredictable nature of baccarat, it's best to test the system out first and reset it after three wins. If it's something you think you can use in the long run, it's easy to learn and apply to any baccarat variations.

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