Online Baccarat Sure Win Formula Ep3

When you logged into a game site to play Baccarat online, which room should you join? if one's goal is to increase the win rate of his game, one must have a good "vision" of seeing the room's risk!

Online Baccarat Sure Win Formula Ep3

Game Introduction

Continue for Baccarat Profitable Formula Ep1 and Baccarat Profitable Formula Ep2, now we are going to discuss a concept called vision. When one logged into a game site and decides to play Baccarat, which room should he join? It's fine for you to make the decision based on the dress and the face of the dealer, though if one's goal is to increase the win rate of his game, one must have a good "vision" on seeing the room's risk factor.

Baccarat Online Formula: Basic Baccarat Road Concept

We all know that in Baccarat, the only reference the house offer for a player is the history of the winning side in the game. It is called a list of roads.

To be able to identify a winning road out of the list of roads is not only a key criterion for formula players in Baccarat, but it is also in fact crucial to whoever wishes to win in playing Baccarat no matter which method he took.

Since we may only raise our winning rate to a certain level by counting cards, we need to place bets according to the road we identify.

The result of doing so will definitely show on the result of our stacks. Compared to the ones who are betting randomly, the difference between the two will be significant. Before we combine the card counting concept with the road lists, let's take a look at the classic road identification method first.

Baccarat Profitable Formula Ep3: How to Choose Baccarat Room

Baccarat Online Formula: Main Road

It is called the main road due to its content. The main road requires us to record every result of the past games. Mark red if the dealer wins, blue if the player wins, and a slash if it's a draw. If there were consecutive draws appearing, record them as slashes and numbers for reference.

Baccarat Online Formula: Pop the Road

This is based on the road list we recorded using the Main road method. Starts recording from the second row of the second line. If there wasn't a dealer or player winning at that position, then start recording at the first row of the third line. The three criteria we need to check on the road are tidy, poppy, or straight fall.

Baccarat Online Formula: Side Road

The side road starts from the second row of the third line. If there's no result of a dealer win, the player wins, or draws, then starts from the first row of the fourth line. The criteria we need to identify are the same as popping the road.

Baccarat Online Formula: Pearl Road

Pearl road shows the record with different colors of pearl. Red for the dealer, blue for the player, and green for a draw. If there's pair occurs, we place a dot at the same square, left bottom means the pair was the dealer's hand, right bottom side means it's the player's hand.

Baccarat Online Formula: Yueyoe Road

Yueyoe road starts with the second row of the fourth line. If it was empty, then we move to the first row of the fifth line. The criteria we need to check are the same as popping the road.

Baccarat Online Formula: Choosing Baccarat Room

Should we choose to enter the room with more players or fewer players? There's no certain fixed answer to this question. It really depends on the strategies one chooses to play in the game. Let's look at some pros and cons of it.

Baccarat Online Formula: How to Choose an Online Baccarat Room

First of all, a room with more players offers you more player information than other rooms. This means you get to see more actions on players with every dealt hand.

You may analyze which strategy they are using, how's their win rate, and if we should adjust ours too. These are the pro side of choosing the room with more players, also the cons of choosing the room with fewer players are that you don't get to receive this information.

On the contrary, most of the players tend to choose a room with fewer players. The reason why is that we may get our bets processed smoother compared to the ones that got more players.

Fewer player bets need to be processed means less chance to see lagging with the system, which means reducing our systematic risks. Though we ought to realize that it is still better that we start with a room with more players if we just getting to know this game. As a newbie, we need to learn from others within the shortest period of time so that we may develop our own playing strategy.

Baccarat Online Formula: Is it Always Good to See Consecutive Same-Side Winnings?

We've covered most of the strategy knowledge now so far. I believe you are familiar with the assigned points counting, betting opportunities, history record method, and road telling. So next I'm going to focus on whether it's ok or not if I enter a room that shows consecutive same-side winnings.

To answer it simply, we should be ignoring the consecutive same-side winnings we run into during the game when we have already entered the room, though if we should be entering a room with consecutive side winnings is based on the rounds that have been played.

According to the formula, if we run into a room that has less than five rounds of consecutive same side winnings or more than 10 rounds of it, we should ignore it. The reason why is that these rounds tell us no mathematical reference value neither for the previous game nor the cards that may come afterward.

So we should be targeting the room that shows consecutive same side winnings between 5 to 10 games. That may increase our win rate, therefore increasing our confidence in playing this game.

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