How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P4 Baccarat Win Rate

How to Win At Baccarat? One basic acknowledgment is to understand the baccarat win rate of both the player and banker sides. The strategy we are going to introduce is a strategy focusing on surviving.

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P4 Baccarat Win Rate

Game Introduction

Baccarat is an infinite game. Therefore no one can win it every time. Even the newbies know about this. Since this is a basic acknowledgment, the factor of luck has always played a crucial part in the game. I can't stress it enough, but no one can always win unless they cheated.

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P4 Baccarat Win Rate

How to Win At Baccarat?

Baccarat Win Rate

Since we know there's no permanent winner, on the contrary, there's no permanent loser. So the topic today is, how to be a successful loser? No one likes to lose indeed, though this is a situation we need to handle since sooner or later we will be facing it. Now we will begin by taking a look at a profitable strategy. Through it, we may have a peek at losing philosophy.

Baccarat Player side Win Rate

There's a lot of sharing on the internet about the profitable strategy of Baccarat. No matter which one we pick to play, as long as we follow the concept, logic, and execution steps, we will have a higher percentage to be profiting in the end. The strategy we are going to introduce is a strategy focusing on surviving. This is called the Player opposite betting strategy. Let's get to know it now

In opposite betting, therefore we bet only on the player to win. Most of the strategies out there tell us to play on the dealer side, then why does this one tell us differently? To make it simple, the win rate of the dealer is 51%, and the player is 49%.

Though it doesn't mean that the dealer will win 51 rounds precisely and the player will win 49 rounds. To be even more specific, this is a condition that rarely happens. So to apply the concept in the game, we are going to manipulate it.

The key to not being affected by the win rate by betting on the player's side is to avoid consecutive wins over the same side winning. This means, when there's more than 5 consecutive winnings on the same side, we stop betting for a while till the winning side has changed, then we start betting again.

Since there are 6-8 decks of full cards in the game, the chance of this happening multiple times is low. Therefore we should be able to execute this successfully by avoiding consecutive winnings on the same side.

How to Win At Baccarat? How to lose less?

If we switch the concept of the game from must win to must not lose, this may change our vision of the game entirely. There are 4 crucial philosophies while facing loss. When we are able to build our mindset like this, we will be able to dominate the game, not the other way around.

  • Stop betting
  • Make Judgment Calmly
  • Be Practical
  • Always Think Ahead

I believe that after checking on the 4 crucial philosophies, you should have a basic understanding of how our mindset should be facing loss.

When we stop betting. we automatically reduce the risk of losing more in the following rounds. Then we need to make our judgment calmly by observation. What's the subject we are observing? It's the trend of the game of course.

We need to pay attention to the cards dealt with and the rhythms that are coming up in the following rounds in order to increase our win rate percentage.

Then our bet should be practical and we ought to always think ahead. Set our goals in long-term profit, put surviving ahead of everything else.

Don't set the bars too high otherwise it will ruin our playing temple. We go with our medium and long-term goals and practice the steps of our long-term profit strategy steps. This way we can have a long and profitable career.

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