What is Super 6 in Baccarat Game? Rules, Features & Side Bets

Know what is Super 6 in baccarat game - a wager on “Banker's Hand” to win with a point-count of 6, played using 8 decks of 52 cards per deck.

What is Super 6 in Baccarat Game? Rules, Features & Side Bets

What is Super 6 in Baccarat Game Introduction

Baccarat is a popular casino game that offers various side bet options for players to maximize their winnings. Super 6 is actually a side bet that is played with the help of 8 cards from a deck of 52. This side bet produces a high payout ratio and adds an exciting element to the gameplay of baccarat.

In this blog, we will find out what is Super 6 in baccarat casino game, its features, the rules one should know before following this side bet, and other side bet options available in Baccarat game.

What is Super 6 in Baccarat Game? Rules, Features & Side Bets

What is Super 6 in Baccarat and How the scoring works?

Super 6 Baccarat is a variant of the baccarat live casino game that is becoming very famous these days. This game uses the same card values as the baccarat live game where face cards (such as Jack, Queen, and King) and Aces are valued at 1, while cards with lower values (2 to 9) retain their number.

Here is how scoring works in Super 6 Baccarat:

Totaling the Hand: The total value of a hand is calculated by adding up the points of all the cards. If the total exceeds 10, the first digit is removed to determine the final score. For example:

  • A hand with a 5 and an 8 totals to 13. After removing the first digit, the score is 3.
  • A hand with a 9 and a Jack (valued at 1) totals 10. The score remains 0.

Objective: The goal of the game is to predict which hand will have the highest score: your hand (Player), the banker's hand (Banker), or a tie between both hands.

Four Rules to Follow for Playing Super 6 Baccarat

There are four particular rules that a player must follow to play the Super 6 baccarat.

  • Winning Banker wagers pay even money.
  • Unless the “Banker’s Hand” wins with a point count of 6, it is only paid 50% of the wager.
  • Super 6 side-bet is a wager on the “Banker’s Hand” to win with a point count of 6, with any other outcome being a loss.
  • All winning Super 6 side-bets are paid at odds of 12 to 1.

Unique Features to Play Super 6 Baccarat:

In baccarat Super 6, players have the option to place an additional bet on the Banker's hand, with a slight variation in the regular payout compared to standard baccarat. One of the intriguing aspects of baccarat is the option to explore side bets such as what is Super 6 in baccarat?

Banker Bet Payout:

Normally, the winning Banker bets in baccarat pay even money (1:1). In the case of baccarat Super 6, there is little change. If the Banker hand has a value of 6, the payout for a winning Banker bet drops to 0.5:1 (or 1 to 2).

Effect on House Edge:

The Super 6 side bet has a high house edge which is approximately 29.98%. This high house edge means that there are fewer chances of landing a particular outcome.

This change in payout for the Banker's hand has a value of 6 increases the house edge from the standard 1.06% in regular baccarat to approximately 1.46% in baccarat Super 6.

The Super 6 side bet pays out at odds of 12:1 if the Banker's hand totals exactly 6.

Payout Structure:

If the Banker hand's total value is 6 and a player has placed a Super 6 side bet, they win at odds of 12:1. It means, in this baccarat strategy, for every unit that the player wagers, he will get 12 units in return if the bet wins.

High Risk, High Reward:

The Super 6 side bet is popular because it has a high payout ratio of 12:1. This makes it a high-risk, high-reward option for players.

Other Popular Side Bets In Baccarat Live Casino Game:

Baccarat live game features many other side bets besides Super 6 and here are a few popular side bets that are very common.

1. Big and Small/4-5-6

This side bet is actually about predicting the total number of cards in the Player's and Banker's hands at the end of the round. If you bet on 4 cards and it happens, you usually win 3:2. If you bet on 5 or 6 cards and it's right, you usually win 2:1.

2. Lucky/Unlucky 8

Lucky 8: This is a side bet in a baccarat live game where you predict whether the Player or Banker will win with a hand totaling 8. According to the baccarat strategy, If you guess correctly, you typically win 4x your bet.

Unlucky 8: This bet is placed on the opposite outcome, in which a player predicts that the Player or Banker will lose if their hand adds up to eight. If you're right, the payout is 8x your bet.

3. Perfect Pair

This side bet is placed on whether the first 2 cards in the Player's or Banker's hand will match. If the cards are of different suits and match in rank, the usual payout is 5x your bet. If the cards are not only a matching rank but also of the same suit, the payout is 25x your bet.

4. Royal Match

This baccarat side bet allows the players to bet on whether the dealer or themselves will be dealt a pair of Kings or Queens as their first two cards. As per this baccarat strategy, If the pair consists of cards of different suits, the payout is 30x your bet. If the pair is not only matching in rank but also in the same suit, the payout becomes 75x your bet.

Besides all these exciting bets, you might be interested to know what is Super 6 in baccarat game and where can you play this game in the Philippines.

Where Can I Play Super 6 Baccarat in the Philippines?

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