How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P2 Advance Betting Skill

How to win at baccarat is always a big question for baccarat players. Does Multiply betting actually raise the win rate? We will take a look at two philosophies for baccarat strategy to win longterm.

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P2 Advance Betting Skill

Game Introduction

There's a million-dollar question floating among the baccarat players, waiting to be answered. That is: Does Multiply betting actually raise the win rate? To be able to answer it, we need to take a look at two philosophies behind all the Baccarat strategies that are ever practiced in games, they are the consideration to increase stake and to survive in how to win at baccarat.

Nonetheless, the philosophy we choose shapes the baccarat strategy we will use later in the game. If we focus more on increasing our stake amount, we will definitely choose betting multiplication as our core concept on how to win at baccarat. On the contrary, we may choose logic analysis and risk reduction strategy if we aim for surviving in this infinite game.

There's no right or wrong in this question. Each concept contains its own pros and cons with it.

In order to overcome the cons of the two philosophies, we have forged them in a way to gain long-term profit. We forged will not only keep its advantage while playing but also wipe out all the disadvantages too. So come take a look at the strategy that may help you increase your passive income.

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P2 Advance Betting Skill

Baccarat's Martingale Strategy

It is a classic betting multiplier baccarat strategy. To execute it right, we need to set up our total betting amount properly for how to win at baccarat.

To put it simply, we need to have a healthy bankroll before we take this strategy into practice. If we bet 100 dollars per round, the mean of the total round of each deck is about 60, we may at least need 3 times the total betting amount as our bankroll for execution, that is 100*60*3=18000 dollars.

As for the execution procedure, it is really easy. Double it when you have lost the bet. Even if we have lost many rounds, as long as we keep doubling up our betting amount, we will be able to win it all back plus extra profit in the end if we didn't lose it all before it.

Nevertheless, it is actually an irrational betting behavior. The odds for the results of each round will only be affected by the cards dealt before, which means there's always a risk for us to lose it all. Even if we did win in between, the amount we won will only be 1 to 2 betting units.

Low return with high risk, are the criteria the experienced player considers as a bad investment strategy. Though this may change completely after we combine it with other different concepts and techniques.

Baccarat's Point Betting Strategy

This is considered an advanced Baccarat strategy among baccarat players with how to win at baccarat. It requires the players to be more sensitive to the number of cards that have been dealt since the total points are the sum of the points that are assigned to the dealt cards.

It shows us a glimpse of how the future cards may be. The core concept of this betting strategy is the point difference between the dealer and the player. Once we've calculated the point difference between the cards dealt two rounds before, we will be able to know which side to bet on based on whether the difference has increased or decreased.

We may bet on the losing side if the difference has increased, and vice versa. With this strategy, we successfully reduced the risk of betting on the losing side of the game.

Though the downside of this strategy is that it's hard for us to increase our stake size within a short period of time. It requires the players to be patient and execute this formula repeatedly in order to survive in this infinite game. This is going to change rapidly once we combine it with the Martingale Strategy.

Long-term Profit in Baccarat Martingale-point Betting Strategy

Like all the combined strategies before, we need to have a main carry concept and a support concept of the combined baccarat strategy when it comes to how to win at baccarat. Although most people think that we should let Martingale be the carry concept, it is actually the opposite. We need to survive first before we win big. Therefore, the point betting strategy will be our main carry concept.

It's actually easy to execute. The phrase is like this: bet as the point strategy told us to do, whenever we saw the difference increase, bet as Martingale multiplied. I believe that you all want to know why we multiply the betting amount while the difference increases rather than the other way around.

This has come down to the basic Baccarat odd logic. As we know, monkey cards are more than other random cards in the deck. Since monkey cards got 0 points, most of the time it didn't help us.

However, if we got an 8 or a 9, our points will turn less if we don't party it with a monkey card. So that we know, when there's an increase in the difference, the chances we get small cards in the future increase.

Hence if we increase our betting amount, we know that our chances of winning are bigger, therefore the amount we won should be bigger as well, to increase our expected value of the game. This is why we put Martingale in the part where we have a bigger chance to win. This is the key concept if we want to take our game to the next level with the baccarat strategy.

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