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How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P8: 3 Main Baccarat Strategy

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P8: 3 Main Baccarat Strategy

The 3 main Baccarat strategies on how to win at Baccarat include Baccarat road, Baccarat line, and Baccarat bankside. Knowing what types of strategy suits us will help increase our win rate in the game.

Game Introduction

Here’s the 8th chapter of the way to gain long-term on how to Win At Baccarat. If you remember what we introduced in the previous How to Win At Baccarat P7: The 11 Stake Baccarat Strategy then you know that this is a field that has its width and depth.

Today we will be looking at three main types of baccarat strategies of baccarat. Let’s get into it.

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P8: 3 Main Baccarat Strategy

It’s called the three main strategies meaning that these are the three most commonly used types of strategies that every player needs to know. After all, knowing how others are playing in baccarat gives us a clue about their applied logic and helps us modify our own as well.

Knowing what types of strategy suits us will help us increase our win rate and help us to profit more during the game.

How to Win At Baccarat: Baccarat Road

One type of strategy focuses on finding the road. The players who consider this as the main strategy takes up 60% to 70% of the total players in baccarat. They normally look at the road lists, aka game results, and try to find the pattern. So that they know their betting target for the future.

So if you wish to be an elite road seeker, you will need to know a secret called the 20% theory. This 20% refers to the deck, not the Bank or Player side. It means that with 10 decks of cards, only 2 of them will show a pattern. So if you wish to become a really good road seeker, you need to know how to identify the roads and the timing for entrance.

How to Win At Baccarat: Baccarat  Line

Next is what we called Line betting. Though what’s the difference between line and road? The easiest explanation is the level of difficulty.

The road is the record of the game result and one doesn't require much game experience to be able to find one. However, a line requires you to be very experienced to find the road within the road, that’s what we called lines.

Nevertheless, we have learned the betting method of line betters in baccarat, there is a little notice we need to keep in mind. It’s what we called, risking big for a small profit. There’s a phrase called winning a candy while losing the factory.

So once we know how to seek lines, we ought to set our betting amount correctly to prevent this from happening. This will be and always has been the core concept for gaining long-term profit in baccarat.

How to Win At Baccarat: Baccarat Bankside

The third type is the Bankside bets. Literally, we bet on the Bankside only.

This type of strategy is applied by fewer players compared to the previous two. You all know that the winning percentage of the Bankside is 51%. Yet if we don’t have a huge bankroll, I wouldn’t suggest you test out the percentage.

Though there are still some pros who know about the timing for them to bet on the Bankside only and have a higher win rate themselves. Even though they still refuse to bet on the Player's side, the results are still positive.

As for the timing of betting, this is a skill you may acquire once you have enough experience. You may also check my articles and see if you can understand the concepts I have explained. Let us become pros in baccarat together.

How to Win At Baccarat: Conclusion

That’s all for today. Time flies. We have come to the eighth episode of this topic. The topic of three main types of strategies is not about introducing the skills for locating any roads or lines, since there are plenty of articles online talking about this, but it’s about sharing with you the concepts.

I suggest you find out which type of strategy suits you the most and test it out in the games. Locate your weakness and improve. I hope you like the article today. Have a nice day.

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