9 Baccarat Tips to Help You Win More Lose Less

To start it off, one must know that the result of every hand is not related to the decision you made earlier. In Blackjack, you can interact with the game by deciding to hit, stand and split.

9 Baccarat Tips to Help You Win More Lose Less

Game Introduction

To start it off, one must know that the result of every hand is not related to the decision you made earlier. In Blackjack, you can interact with the game by deciding to hit, stand and split.

In Baccarat, there's only winning or losing on your side. Since we can not interfere with the result by taking actions within each round, what we can do is develop a strategy that is adjustable with every dealt hand to increase our win rate. 

Here are some baccarat tips that you can try in the game to make you win more and lose less while betting.

9 Baccarat Tips to Help You Win More Lose Less

Baccarat Tips and Tricks: 9 Tips to Win More Lose Less

9 Baccarat Tips: #1 Be Familiar with The Baccarat Odds

The odds matter when we try to bet on a gaming site. Will we be able to enjoy playing it without knowing the odds? Absolutely not. 

So if we wish to calculate the EV of our bet, looking for a long-term opportunity, then we need to pay attention to the detail of the following:

  • Bet on Banker: winning chance "45.843%", house advantage "1.06%".
  • Bet on Player: winning chance "44.615%", house advantage "1.24%".
  • Bet on Tie: winning chance "9.543%", house advantage "14.36%".

These numbers were provided based on the rake being 5%, which is pretty standard among the game sites. Though if the site you chose decided to collect a different percentage of rake, then the odds will be different too.

9 Baccarat Tips: #2 Don't Bet Randomly

According to the odds above, we should avoid betting on a tie since the house advantage of it is 14.36%, which is considered as high among other options. It's worse than betting on any random number of sic bo or on slots. Though why would anyone want to bet on it? Due to the high reward, I may say, since the odds are 1 to 9. To most gamblers, it's irresistible, yet we need to know that this situation happens randomly.

PS: Bet on tie may be rewarded when we hit, though most of the time it's only a waste. Therefore most experienced players would consider it a bad bet.

9 Baccarat Tips: #3 Bet more on Banker

Aside from the betting amount, the only thing we have to decide is to bet on Banker or Player. It's a simple decision. Let's take a look at the house of advantage on Banker again. It is 1.06%, slightly better than on Player which is 1.24%. Say there's a 5% rake collected, betting on Bankers is statistically the best option.

9 Baccarat Tips: #4 If You are Using an Accumulative Betting Strategy, Bet on the Player

This may seem opposite to what we have just advised before, to bet on Banker. Now I'm suggesting you bet on Player. What's going on? To understand this we need to know the reason why Banker's house advantage is lower than the Player's. It's because, under certain circumstances, Banker may win by dealing one more card. Though my advice wasn't based on these certain circumstances, it's based on a particular betting strategy, Martingale. This requires us to bet in multiplied amounts of our original bet while we have lost our previous bet, and the reason why we don't do it on Banker is because of the rake.

For example, if you have lost 4 of your previous bet and won on the fifth one, you bet exactly 25, 50, 100, and 200 dollars of your previous 4 bets ( 2 times your previous bet amount ), and your fifth bet is 400 dollars.

You've lost 375 dollars in a total of your previous 4 bets and won on the fifth one. 400 bet was your betting amount, if you bet on Banker, you will get 380 dollars back, ( 5% of it is collected by the house as a rake), and the profit is 380-375=5 dollars. If you bet on Player, then no rake will be collected, and you will win 400-375=25 dollars.

9 Baccarat Tips: #5 Set Your Take Profit

When we are playing baccarat, we need to remember to take our profit and leave while we are winning. If you have set your goal at 50 dollars as your take profit, you should be leaving it when you have achieved it, even if it only takes you 30 mins to do so. The setting takes profit as a way to manage your fund, allowing you to lick your profit and save some cash. Then we start again tomorrow.

9 Baccarat Tips: #6 Slow Down Your Investment in a Gaming Site

In a way, playing baccarat is like fishing. There's nothing more we can do rather than pull the fish pole while everything has been set. The reason I'm mentioning this is that it's easy to bet on this for a lot of hands in a short period of time.

I've tested this myself, betting 12 hands within only 60 seconds. So if we extend the time period, we will be betting 720 hands for an hour. It's easy to fall into this betting routine since it doesn't require a lot of thinking to click on betting.

Be careful, you may lose more than you think if you have fallen into this betting routine. Remember, controlling your betting temple, slow it down so that your fund may last longer. So choosing a game site that matches your betting temple is crucial.

9 Baccarat Tips: #7 Try to Bet on the Live-Streaming Casino

This hint wasn't designed to get the players to think this game is more attractive than the others. It meant to say that players need to try betting by switching on sides multiple sides.

You may also bet on the consecutive winning side. For example, betting on Banker first. If the Player has won three consecutive times, we bet on the Player still losing. When it happens, we switch to Banker again.

Another way of betting is to modify the betting amount with the result of the previous hand. Bet 10 dollars if the Banker won, and bet 5 dollars if the player won.

Again, this doesn't increase your win rate, but it will make you have more fun in this game.

9 Baccarat Tips: #8 Learn the Rakes Rounding Calculation

If you are betting through an exchange, you should notice that you will have a rake of 1/4 of your cash balance collected by the house. Knowing that and reduce the level of your betting according to it.

Say you have bet 11 dollars on the Banker, you will win 10.25 dollars if the banker wins. You may wonder, if there's only a 5% rake, which is 5 dollars to 100 dollars betting, then why does my winning amount reduce by 0.75%?

It's due to rounding, 5 dollars rake has been rounded to 7.5 dollars.

This tells us that we should be betting based on the amount of 5 dollars (as in 5, 10, or 25 dollars). Otherwise, we will be paying more due to the rounding principle of the gaming site for the rakes. In some game sites, low rakes are normal as in poker games as well, so we should be choosing those with low rake percentages to play with.

9 Baccarat Tips: #9 Manage your betting amount properly

Avoiding losing more hands can increase your profit. The best betting option in this game contains a 1.06% of house advantage. So we need an efficient bankroll management strategy.

I would suggest three things we need to accomplish: 

  1. Keep your betting amount small, bet on 5 dollars per round to avoid the rounding negative effect.
  2. Set stop loss, and leave the game while we hit the amount.
  3. Limit the rounds that can be played in each game, and leave while the rounds have been played. Doing so can get us to rest a bit and don't fall into the negative betting routine.

Baccarat Tips and Tricks: Bankroll Management

Normally, the reason why players bet on game sites is to win and gain profit. All the legal game sites keep a fair game for the players to bet and let them leave with their winning profit.

The problem is the winning amount. The winning amount of the one bringing in only 5000 dollars, is definitely different from the one who's bringing in 200 thousand dollars. Frankly speaking, as long as there's a goal to achieve is fine. Some wish to win big with a small amount of starting size, some wish to bully others with a big starting size. What worries me the most is some of the players have no goal at all, they are only here for gambling. Those are the players who make the online gaming industry prosper. The revenue of online gaming in Macau has already surpassed the revenue of Las Vegas 4 times.

To me, winning is a thing that the players and the house all wish to achieve, and yet these two parties are definitely on the opposite side. It's a war in my opinion, and the house has the advantage of better weapons, sufficient ammo, and a huge crew fighting with them. We need to read and learn from history if we wish to win against them outnumbered.

The common strategies all those examples shared are:

  • Gather all that we have and wait for the right opportunity.
  • Defend like a mountain, attack like fire.
  • Gather small winning ones at a time, don't go against the enemy's main force right away.
  • Retrieve when we were defeated

All these four points are crucial to win a war。

So if we are applying it to baccarat, it means we have to manage the stakes and not bet randomly and wait for the perfect opportunity.

Don't bet on two tables simultaneously. Always remember to stop betting when you sense that we are unlucky. Be brave when we are lucky. Leave while we only have 20% of our stakes left

Say we have 10k initially, we lost 7500 so we have only 2500 left this time. Next time when we come back to bet, we may start with 12500. With 2500 we saved last time, we will be able to be more aggressive while we attack and flawless while we defend.

Baccarat Tips and Tricks: Ways to increase win rate

You will need to develop a simple strategy to adjust for any random circumstances. Don't look for those who promise you winning in the beginning and last for a long cause it doesn't exist. You will only find yourself exposed to countless game site advertisements or some WhatsApp groups who want you to buy for their strategy and yet you will never be able to profit from it.

The strategy should be focusing on letting us know whether we are having advantages or disadvantages, whether we are facing a threat or an opportunity. The strategy may also advise what moves we have and how we should act to adjust.

There are ways to increase our win rate, though it is in fact reducing the chances of us losing ourselves in a game.
What is the correct concept of baccarat?

I will offer you some advice and tips in the following paragraph on how to increase your win rate. You will be able to not only manage your fund but also know what your moves can be facing different situations.

Baccarat betting skills for amateurs

The biggest variable that makes a difference in the game is luck, no doubt about it. It is not a game of calculation, not like blackjack.
Since the rules are fairly simple, there are only a few accountable strategies you may find useful as well. You need to understand what's its advantage and how to use them.

Set a cap on your betting amount

Amateurs ask this question a lot: would you bet on a tie?

That ought to be the most common question we get from my friend. My answer is this: ignore ties, you may be excited by the odds of 1 to 8, but the chances of that happening are only 9% in a game.
Still not getting it? 9% means in perfect condition you will win once every 11 bets, which means you have already lost 10 dollars before we have won 8 dollars.

This is the house advantage, winning through these small odds differences. Since there are countless players playing on the site, the odds become more reliable when the samples get bigger and bigger.

Other than that, we get our betting amount back if we bet on either Banker or Player and the result is a tie. So one may basically ignore it.

How about betting on Banker?

Friends asking this because they don't know if this applies to all the casinos and online gaming sites.

Aside from ties, the winning percentage of Banker is around 51%, which means it's around 49% for Player. If we translate it into house advantage, meaning it will be 1.06% on betting Bankers and 1.24% on betting Players.

But don't be disappointed. House advantage is only one of the factors we take into consideration. It doesn't mean that we are going to get it every time we bet. This will only be true if we have bet enough games, which would take countless time to do so. If we are only playing it for fun, then a 1-2% of odds changing is not a big deal.

Should I be taking notes?

If you've been to any casino in the world, you would notice that there are a lot of people taking notes beside the game table. They are called road finders. Unless you have enough time to dig into this, I suggest you ignore this kind of behavior.

Indeed, identifying roads will make betting more convenient, though we need to test out the road signs multiple times before we actually confirm it.

The Number of Players and The Cards Dealt

This is something a lot of people missed out on. There are multiple tables one may choose on a gaming site. We will make a full introduction in our next article about the impact the number of people may bring to the odds.

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