How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P3 Baccarat Skill Level

When it comes to how to win at baccarat games, the quick gain should only and can only be our short-term goal, right baccarat strategy will help us reach our goal with the long-term steady income.

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P3 Baccarat Skill Level

Game Introduction

Following How to Win At Baccarat 2, the 3rd part is here! When it comes to gaining profit by betting with baccarat, quick gain methods are usually the one that comes across most of the players’ minds. Though in order to survive in this infinite game, seeking a quick gain is an action that would bring us negative EV.

Though with an experienced set of skills, we are able to present to you a hybrid strategy that combines two strategies that can make it up for the weak spot when playing with only each one of them when it comes to how to win at Baccarat. Increasing our stake size while reducing our risks.

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P3 Baccarat Skill Level

Though in order to effectively combine the two, we need to set out our priorities first. Quick gain should only and can only be our short term goal, while the long term should still be a steady income. So don’t be expecting new cars or new houses shortly after you have put this strategy into practice.

Be patient and flexible, execute every detail of the strategy with how to win at Baccarat, and adapt to the situation whenever an unexpected change occurs. Now let’s get down to the business and learn about the two protagonists today, straight-up betting and level strategy. 

Baccarat straight-up betting strategy

Like the name of this baccarat strategy, it is easy to comprehend the idea of it. Straight-up betting means we bet on a single selection in the game and we won’t change the steps or the concept until we profit.

Though we will be doubling our bets since this method is based on the betting amount multiplier method. It is a very simple and classic method that most players have practiced every now and then. Let’s take a look at the simple and advanced version of it.

Straight-up betting Strategy: Simple version

The simple version shares a lot of similarities with Martingale. To put it into words, just double it up while you lose until you have won. Say I’ve bet 20 dollars in the first round, I will be betting 40 if I have lost the first round, and then double up again if I've kept losing. Once I have won, I will be betting 20 dollars a round only.

Straight-up betting Strategy: Advanced version

There’s no complicated concept behind the advanced version of it either. We defined the difference as the advanced version simply based on the mindset of the players. Normally new players will get frustrated while losing when they are practicing the strategy they’ve just learned, while experienced players know how to handle the swing. 

The difference between the simple and advanced versions is the application of the multiplier. In short, the advanced version requires the player to multiply the betting amount by the total lost game rounds with it.

Say I start betting with 20 dollars, and my multiply amount is 3, the sequence of my bet until I win should be 20, 60, 180, 540…etc. As you can see, in order to perform this strategy requires a huge bankroll, so some are seeking a way to keep winning while reducing the amount at risk using this type of betting method.

Level Baccarat level betting

This is a baccarat strategy that also focuses on betting amount multipliers when it comes to how to win at Baccarat. Though the logic behind it is more complex, and the execution steps are mostly opposite from it. Most of the multiply betting strategy does multiply while losing, yet this method does it while winning.

There’s more of it, while level betting, once we have lost, we need to reduce the bet amount to the original betting amount. While we win, we increase the betting amount by 50% of the original.

Compared to the other betting amount multiplier method, level betting has much less risk since we don’t double unless we have won. Though as we mentioned previously, has the complete opposite of philosophy with straight-up betting strategy, so how should we combine the two together?

The way to gain long-term profit: Hybrid multiply betting strategy

Those who’ve read two of my previous articles on how to win at Baccarat should know that we need to select a carrying concept if we are combining strategies. Of the two on hand, we select the straight-up betting method as our main carry concept of the baccarat strategy. The phrase is simple: Double as the straight-up, 50% for winning.

This might seem confusing, though it’s not hard to comprehend. The basic is still straight-up betting, with advanced-level betting logic in it. Only multiply while we win, while the multiplier is 1.5 times the original amount. When we lose, we reduce the amount to the original betting amount. Here’s an example for you.

Example (100 dollars per round)

  • Round 1:100 dollar-Dealer (L)
  • Round 2:100 dollar-Dealer (W)
  • Round 3:150 dollar-Dealer (W) 「Increase by 50% of the original betting amount 」
  • Round 4:225 dollar-Dealer (W)
  •  Round 5:340 dollar-Dealer (W)
  • Round 6:510 dollar-Dealer (L)

「Winning amount:[Round 2 (100x0.95=95) + Round 3(150x0.95=143) + Round 4 (225x0.95=214)+Round 5 (340x0.95=323)]-[Round 1+Round 6 (100+510) ] = 165 dollars 」

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