Baccarat Trick: The Longer You Play The More You Win

The betting method is more important than the betting method. Don’t overemphasize and pay attention to which betting method can be used to win. Read more for baccarat tricks before you start playing!

Baccarat Trick: The Longer You Play The More You Win

Game Introduction

The betting method is more important than the betting method. Don’t overemphasize and pay attention to which betting method can be used to win.

As long as the flat betting method can win for a long time, it is the real positive return method. If you use the cable, you can win more, or you can lose more.

Under the verification of large numbers and zero-sum, it is still consumed by the casino's weak advantage and rake. The real sure-win method is not every boot, every day, or even every week, but every month and the long-term ledger must win.

In gambling, the key is winning or losing the ledger, otherwise, it is a gamble on luck. A real master regards gambling as an investment, a stable, sustainable, and high-yielding investment.

Baccarat Trick: The Longer You Play The More You Win

Baccarat Betting Method Two Aspects:

1. Even bet after continuing to win

Winning: 1, 1, 2 solutions, taking betting 100 as a basic bet, if you win the first and the second, you bet 200 on the third one, if you win again, you can. If it wins again, the third shop raises. If you buy 200 yuan, if you succeed, it will be converted to an average bet (flat bet). But if the third shop loses, the fourth shop will also raise, buying 200 yuan.

If you win by buying 200 yuan in the fourth shop, you will start again and buy 100 yuan. If unfortunately, you lose again (a total of two bets lost), you have to stop a bet, observe it, and use it to take a break to recover.

2. Bet on both if lost

Negative chasing: 1, 2 bets 100 yuan, lose, the second shop raises, buy 200 yuan, if the second shop wins, it will start again, if it loses (that is, it loses a total of two shops), it will be suspended for a while paved. When using the win-in method, whenever the raise wins, immediately retract the bet by one bet (that is, if you buy 200 and win, you will retract to buy 100), forming a telescopic shape, commonly known as "long and short sticks".

Every time you lose twice in a row, you will stop betting for one bet. In this way, the danger of continuing losing streaks can be avoided. Betting this way, you will never lose your money! Our capital should be no less than eighty bets (80 base yards). In terms of one hundred yuan, it is eight thousand yuan. A bet of 200 yuan is 16,000 yuan, a bet of 300 yuan is 24,000 yuan, and so on.

But in actual gambling, you can't use so much capital, but it has a very important role, which is the psychological effect: with some capital, you can have the effect of "emboldening"!

Baccarat Prediction

In numerous kinds of research, we have found a characteristic: we can predict the strength of the distribution of Zhuang leisure in the future according to this characteristic.

For example: when either banker or player has two or more consecutive openings at a time, it becomes a single opening (only one opening), then it can be predicted that most of the openings in the future will be based on its opponent. We should focus our betting on the other side accordingly.

The formula for betting on the banker. The way most people bet on the banker is "see the banker and buy the banker, see the banker and buy the banker". We use this as the basic betting method, and then adjust the strategy according to the situation. In a casino, we start with each new table. There are eight decks of poker cards for each shoe card, and there are about sixty decks of cards. After deducting the tie, there are actually only more than fifty tiles.

If we are to have the greatest chance of winning, we must start with a fresh hand! When the game starts, we first look at the first shop and then start betting from the second shop.

That is to say: when a banker or a player is opened in the first shop of the game, we can buy and bet. Our formula is: to take the result of the first spread as the main betting target.

For example, the first shop opened a shop, we will focus on the shop and buy the shop. It wasn't until there was a situation where only one banker was opened, that I transferred the bid to the idler.

Formula 1: Whenever the total loses twice in a row, stop betting for one shop

Formula 2: We must start betting from the second deck of the new table. After each table wins 3 bets (sometimes more), immediately stop and play another new table. This method is called "cutting Heqing"

Formula 3: Whenever there is a situation of "two losses, one win and two losses - - + - -" or "four consecutive losses - - - -", it is necessary to immediately adopt the "player method" (anti-buy). Use all the formulas in reverse until the original formula wins three times in a row, then change from anti-buy to positive buy

Baccarat Conclusion

The real winning method must be supported by mathematical knowledge and statistical data. After explaining, it must be able to withstand the test of the law of large numbers and the law of zero-sum, and still benefit positively.

Continuing to gamble after winning money and regretting at intervals are exactly the same in terms of long-term results.

The essential difference between professional gamblers and ordinary gamblers is: whether they pay attention to mathematical knowledge and statistical data, and obtain profits from the entertainment city for a long time, continuously and stably according to their own technical system.

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