Baccarat Longterm Profit Method P1: Comprehensive Road Usage

How to Win At Baccarat and gain long-term profit? a comprehensive road identification strategy will be able to adapt and adjust the betting position according to the past gaming history of the deck.

Baccarat Longterm Profit Method P1: Comprehensive Road Usage

Game Introduction

Before we learn about how to win at Baccarat and gain long-term profit with road identification, we need to have a basic understanding of what " comprehensive application" stands for.

First of all, no matter which earning skill set we apply to, there's a complete logic and calculation behind all the concepts that we should acquire and steps we should follow.

Though baccarat is such a game full of uncertainty, however thorough we may be while designing our strategy, everything might go south really fast if we don't adapt to the condition on sight quickly. Take us for example, we've been doing this for over four quarters, and not all of the quarters are in profit.

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm P1: Comprehensive Road Usage

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm: Comprehensive Application Concept

The fascinating part about this game is particularly about it you may say. A game combining both luck and odds gets all the players rattled over betting. It's a game of challenge and mystery, and we want to beat it. To do so, we need to increase our win rate gradually with strategy.

In order to be able to gain long-term profit, a Comprehensive road identification application strategy will be able to adapt and adjust the betting position according to the past gaming history of the deck.

Thus, it makes up for the traditional road identification's weak spot and reduces the risk of the old strategy. When we are able to master this, not only do we main gain confidence in playing in the game, we will be able to adapt and adjust while the game goes on based on our rich experience as well.

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm: 5 Round 8 Star Strategy Combining 33 Strategy

The first comprehensive strategy is the combination of 5 round 8 star strategy with the 33 strategy. Before we learn how to combine, let's first review these two strategy first.

5 Round 8 Star Strategy

This strategy assigns stars to the betting amount multiplier for each round of betting. Also before we start, we have to get our total betting amount, that is our stake amount, to be able to move on to the next step of betting. The betting steps are as the following : (numbers mean the betting unit multiplier)

  • 1 star:1,1,2,3,5
  • 2 star:2,2,3,4,5
  • 3 star:3,3,4,5,6
  • 4 star:4,4,5,6,7
  • 5 star:5,5,7,9,10
  • 6 star:6,6,8,10,12
  • 7 star:7,7,9,12,15
  • 8 star:8,8,10,15,20

5 Round a Small Game, 20 Rounds a Big Game

For instance, we start out with one 1-star and place our bet amount according to the star assigned to.

We remain using star one if we lose and move on to step 2 once we have won the reaching betting multiplier we set up in the beginning. Let's say we set up the star moved-up winning amount in 4 basic betting units.

Once we have won that, we move on to the 2-star betting steps and then move on to the 3-star once we won 6 units… etc. We will finally use the 8-star betting amount once we have won 16 units.

Baccarat 33 Strategy

The core betting concept of 33 strategy is to bet on a series of 3. More specifically, place a bet under this sequence, three times on the dealer, three times on the player, switch it three times, and pause three rounds.

This strategy was concluded by a baccarat pro player who believes that with this sequence, it will be easier for players to identify how the cards have been dealt with as the game goes on.

This strategy focuses not on the goal of high reward within a short period of time, but to reduce the risk effectively, hence increase the win rate steadily.

How to Win At Baccarat Longterm: Execution

Now we remembered how these two strategies were formed and how they should be executed. What comes next is the way to combine these two strategies together into a way to gain long-term profit.

First of all, we need to identify the "carry concept" and "support concept", and then construct them into a betting formula. All in all, the priority of 5 star - 8 round is higher. Therefore we would select it as the carry concept and the 33 strategy is the support concept.

So how exactly should we execute it? Once we have joined the game room, we will bet as the star assigned us to bet, starting on star 1.

Then we introduce the concept of 33, and divided it into 6 different parts of the betting routine, each routine containing three-star units. Bet each round according to it.

  • 「1 star、2 star、3 star」
  • 「2star、 3star、 4star」
  • 「3star、 4star、 5star」
  • 「4star、 5 star、6 star」
  • 「5 star、6 star、7 star」
  • 「6 star、7 star、8 star」

Once we have acquired this as our betting strategy, we should be able to reduce the single betting amount when we are in the late game.

We have overcome the weakness of the 5-round 8-star strategy by applying the game-splitting concept within the 33 strategy.

On the other hand, we have taken the partially conservative concept out of the 33 strategy and made it in a way that we may earn more rapidly than before. In conclusion, the combination of these two concepts can help the players profit steadily in the game.

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