Baccarat Martingale Strategy - How it Works, Perks & Downsides

The baccarat Martingale strategy is when a player doubles his bet amount every time he/she loses. It can be an effective strategy to win at baccarat Game.

Baccarat Martingale Strategy - How it Works, Perks & Downsides

Baccarat Martingale Strategy Game Introduction

Baccarat Live is a popular casino game that is known for its smaller tables and lower batting limits. This game features a house edge of 1.06% when you wager on the banker’s hand. These features contribute to the overall success of the Baccarat Live game and make it one of the most popular casino games in the Philippines.

This blog will discuss the Baccarat Martingale strategy to beat this casino game and the positive and Negative aspects of the strategy that gamers must know before applying it.

Baccarat Martingale Strategy - How it Works, Perks & Downsides

Baccarat Live Game and How it Works?

Baccarat Live features a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 98.76%. This game can facilitate a diverse range of players with a minimum bet of $0.5 and a maximum wager of $200. Additionally, the Baccarat Live Casino game includes more than four side bet options that entertain the players and increase the gaming experience. A player can bet on a particular side bet and if he wins the bet, he gets paid as per the payout ratio of that particular side bet.

What is the Baccarat Martingale Strategy?

The Martingale System is a straightforward gambling strategy in which a bettor doubles his bet after every loss and returns to the original stake after a win. This method is used quite commonly in many casino games, especially in Baccarat Live.

  • Initial Bet: Start with a base bet, such as $5.
  • First Loss: If you lose the first bet, double your next bet to $10 (betting to recover the loss).
  • Second Loss: If you lose again, double your bet again to $20.
  • First Win: Once you win a hand, return to your original base bet of $5.
  • Following Bets: Repeat this pattern—doubling your bet after each loss and returning to the base bet after a win.

Let's look at an example:

  • Bet $10 and Lose: Bankroll at -$10
  • Bet $20 and Lose: Bankroll at -$30
  • Bet $40 and Win: Bankroll at +$10
  • Bet $10 and Lose: Bankroll at $0
  • Bet $20 and Win: Bankroll at +$20
  • Bet $20 and Win: Bankroll at +$40

In this example, you won three hands and lost three hands, resulting in a break-even scenario in terms of the number of wins and losses. However, due to the Martingale System's strategy of doubling bets after losses, you ended up with a profit of $40 in total units ($20 + $20) despite the even win-loss ratio.

Baccarat Martingale Strategy Types That You Can Use

This strategy comes with different variations that a player can apply while playing the Baccarat Live casino game. Here are the three variations of Martingale baccarat strategy;

  1. The Anti-Martingale Strategy
    As the name of the strategy shows, this is the exact opposite of the Martingale Strategy. Instead of doubling up the wager amount on losing a bet, the player usually doubles up the bet amount when he/she wins the bet.
  2. The Grand Martingale Strategy
    In the Grand Martingale Strategy, a player not only doubles the bet amount on losing the bet but also increases the additional unit. This means that whenever a player's losing streak ends, he/she will make a big profit.
  3. Mini Martingale Strategy
    In this mini martingale baccarat strategy, the player limits the number of times he/she doubles up his bet amount after losses. When a particular limit is reached while betting, the next bet returns to the original bet amount.

Positive Sides of the Martingale Strategy 

There is only one positive side of Baccarat Martingale Strategy and that is; the player will theoretically win back all of his losses if he/she keeps following this strategy. This is the reason why this strategy is popular among the players. However, for a successful application of this strategy, one must have an unlimited bankroll as this is a game of luck and your loss streak might take a long time to break.

Downsides of the Martingale Strategy

Now, let us move the most important points that one must know about this baccarat strategy.

Need an Unlimited Bankroll

The Martingale System relies on doubling bets after each loss, which can become problematic if your losing streak does not seem to be broken anytime soon. So, if you don't have an unlimited bankroll, you will certainly reach a point where you're unable to sustain a further doubling of bets to cover previous losses.

While it's true that you can potentially win in baccarat using the Martingale system, there are bigger risks involved that one must know before applying this strategy. The strategy does not guarantee you consistent winnings, while it definitely has the significant danger of losing your entire bankroll.

The Betting Limits Issue

The second downside of applying this Baccarat martingale strategy in baccarat games is the imposition of table limits by casinos. These limits are specifically designed to counter the effect of such progressive betting strategies over the short term.

Here's an example for better understanding:

Let's assume the table limit for baccarat is $2,000 per hand, with a minimum bet requirement of $10.

Following the baccarat strategy, if you face a losing streak and need to double your bet after each loss, the amounts can escalate rapidly.

For instance, if you lose seven consecutive bets starting from a $10 minimum bet, your eighth wager would need to be $2,560 (following the doubling pattern).

However, with a table limit of $2,000, you are unable to double beyond this amount. Therefore, you'd be forced to place a maximum bet of $2,000 on your eighth wager, resulting in a guaranteed loss of $560 ($2,560 - $2,000).

You can't beat the House Edge

Finally, you should know that all casino games including Baccarat Live are designed in such a way that the platform has a house edge. Therefore, you cannot beat this house edge factor which is the main source of profit for the platform.

If following this strategy ensures winnings and profits, then the platform itself will be at a loss. So, it is impossible for everyone to follow this strategy effectively and win every time he/she plays.

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