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Online Baccarat Sure Win Formula Ep2

Online Baccarat Sure Win Formula Ep2

How to play Online Baccarat Philippines? its knowing the total sum of the possible combination of a baccarat hand can be. We will start assumptions with only 2 cards on the dealer side and player side.

Game Introduction

Continue for Baccarat Profitable Formula Ep1, 2nd article on how to play Baccarat before we participate in a game, we need to know the total sum of the possible combination of a baccarat hand can be when playing online baccarat Philippines. To put it into detail, we will start our assumptions with only two cards both on the dealer side and the player side.

With this assumption, we can tell that there are 13*13=169 combinations formed by 13 different number cards in the deck.

Baccarat Profitable Formula Ep2: Odds Distribution Breakdown

Online Baccarat Philippines: The Concrete Stats of Points in Baccarat

Since 10, J Q K is counted as 0 points in baccarat, the total odd distribution for certain points of a hand has formed as the following:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
14.80% 9.5% 9.5% 9.5% 9.5% 9.5% 9.5% 9.5% 9.5% 9.5%

Online Baccarat Philippines: Advanced Concept

These are the odds of every two cards can form within a hand. As you can see, there’s a 14.8% chance we got 0 points, and the rest are all 9.5%, so if we made our decisions based only on the previous odds observation, it’s hard to profit in the game.

Therefore knowing what may come next in the deck makes a huge impact on whether our hands may increase strength or not. Since there are more face cards in the deck, it is crucial that we keep counting how many face cards have left in a deck.

As we mentioned above, a strength of a hand relies both on number cards and face cards, so we need to take more factors into consideration rather than only focusing on number cards.

The next factor we need to look into is natural big combinations. The points for natural big combinations are 8 points and 9 points, this means that any side who reaches the points of these two without having to deal the third card wins on sight. The odds of this happening are only 16.25%.

Other than that, the odds of neither the Dealer nor the Player getting natural big combinations is 65.72%. As you can tell, the odds of getting a natural hand are low. So we ought to take this into consideration when we are betting as well.

Also, the Player side has to get a third card unless he got more than 6 points of his initial holding two cards. Therefore, the odds of needing a third card are greater than upholding only two initial cards. According to statistics, a game set with only 4 cards within a round is only 37%, game set with more than 4 cards is 63%.

Online Baccarat Philippines: Betting Size Combination

Now that we comprehended the odds of all the combinations, we may update our betting strategy with this newly acquired knowledge of how to play baccarat. Here we recommend a more conservative way of betting, which focuses more on logic and reacting-to-present condition.

Strategies such as Baccarat 33 betting, reducing betting, and Baccarat smile betting is popular among experienced players, those who have played enough games knew the core concept of all these three betting strategies thoroughly.

Though even knowing the three strategies above, most of the core concepts also recommend a conservative betting strategy since the odds of hand distribution within games are spread widely.

In short, it is still a game with luck mostly. So no matter which strategy you use on playing baccarat, as long as you have put your thoughts in before you placed the bets, the odds of you winning will definitely increase.

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