Latest Filipino Boxing Fight Results with Bout Analysis


As per the latest Filipino boxing fight results, Anacajas defeated Takuma, Sultan was knocked out by Masuda, and Moran knocked out Duno in 6th round.Many Young Filipino boxers were in action against boxers all around the world in their respective weight class. Therefore, this blog will discuss the results of the latest Filipino Boxing fights.

Latest Filipino Boxing Fight Results with Bout Analysis

Results of Latest Filipino Boxing Fights

Jerwin Ancajas vs Takuma Inoue

Latest Filipino Boxing Fight Results with Bout Analysis

The Filipino Boxer Jerwin Ancajas is going through a big challenge in regaining his confidence after his defeat against Takuma Inoue in their WBA bantamweight title fight at the Kukigikan Arena. Ancajas, who is a former world champion disappointed in his performance as his younger and less-experienced opponent, Inoue, dominated most of the 12-round match. The fight ended with Ancajas being knocked out in the 9th round by a body shot from the Japanese champion.

While analyzing his defeat against Inoue in his latest Filipino Boxing fight, Ancajas admired the skills and professionalism of his opponent and he further said that Inoue was the superior fighter that night. It will take some time for Ancajas to analyze the mistakes he made during the fight and get some confidence to step into the ring

Although Takuma Inoue was the underdog for this fight and Jerwin has better odds. Jerwin Ancajas was expected to showcase his strength and dominance against the 28-year-old Takuma Inoue, who was defending his 118 lbs. title for the first time.

However, Inoue, not known for his punching power, surprised everyone by taking control of the fight against Ancajas. Inoue dictated the pace for most of the bout and delivered a powerful right shot to Ancajas' body, causing him to drop to both knees with 44 seconds remaining in round 9.

Jonas Sultan was knocked Out by Japanese Boxer Masuda in 1st Round

Latest Filipino Boxing Fight Results with Bout Analysis

Jonas Sultan suffered a huge defeat in a 1st-round knockout against Japanese prospect Riku Masuda at the Kokugikan Arena on Saturday night, February 24.

During the fight, as Sultan threw a right, Masuda delivered a perfectly timed left straight to Sultan's liver, causing him to go down for the first time in his career.

Despite Sultan's efforts to rise and continue the fight, he was unable to beat the count and ultimately fell to a record of 19-7 with 11 knockouts.

Riku Masuda had quite limited experience in boxing, with only four fights and a record of 3 wins and 1 loss before facing Jonas Sultan in their bantamweight 8-round match. This latest Filipino Boxing fight took place as part of the undercard of the Takuma Inoue-Jerwin Ancajas bout for the World Boxing Association (WBA) bantamweight crown.

Despite Sultan arriving from the United States late on Thursday, along with Brendan Gibbons, he did not experience jet lag. Sultan's manager, Junnie Navarro, flew in from Manila to provide support and console Sultan after his defeat.

Mike Plania Left Hook Knocked out Angelo Leo

Latest Filipino Boxing Fight Results with Bout Analysis

In another latest Filipino Boxing fight, Angelo Leo and Mike Plania were head to head on Wednesday evening, 31 January 2024 at Whitesands ProBox Events Center in Plant City, Florida.

In round two, the pace of the fight intensified as both fighters took more risks. Plania attempted a right uppercut, but before he could land, Leo connected with a right hand to Plania's chin. Leo maintained control of the pace, landing his punches first while Plania struggled to mount any significant offense.

Moving into round 3, Leo continued to show his dominance with greater confidence and kept delivering punches at regular intervals. Despite Plania's high guard, Leo found an opening and delivered a powerful left hook to Plania's right side rib cage. Plania collapsed to the canvas in pain, holding his side. However, the referee surprisingly ruled the sequence as an accidental foul, much to the confusion of the spectators.

Romero Duno vs Antonio Moran:

Latest Filipino Boxing Fight Results with Bout Analysis

Romero Duno faced Antonio Moran for a boxing bout on 31 January 2204, at the Whitesands ProBox Events Center in Plant City, Florida. Duno faced two knockdowns and was ultimately defeated in the 6th round by referee Gene Del Bianco's count of ten, which ended the fight at 1:25 of the round.

Despite entering the fight on a two-fight win streak, Duno struggled to contend with Moran's height and reach advantage. Furthermore, the Boxing Online betting odds were clearly favoring Duno to win the bout. Moran effectively controlled the distance throughout the bout, utilizing his jab to keep Duno at bay and landing several powerful right hands. Ultimately, Moran's dominance proved too much for Duno to overcome, securing Moran's victory.

Romero Duno struggled to mount an effective attack on the body throughout the fight. Both knockdowns he suffered were the result of body shots from Moran. In the fifth round, Moran landed a left hook downstairs, setting up a series of punches that culminated in a knockdown with a left hook under Duno's right elbow.

Moran continued his assault in the sixth round, landing another body shot past the one-minute mark that ultimately ended the fight. Duno was unable to recover and failed to beat the count, resulting in Moran's victory.

Christian Araneta vs Arvin Magramo:

Latest Filipino Boxing Fight Results with Bout Analysis

On Friday, 26th January 2024, Filipino junior flyweight Champion, Christian Araneta secured a 1st round knockout victory over Arvin Margramo in their IBF junior flyweight title eliminator bout at NUSTAR Resort and Casino in Cebu City. Christian had the better winning odds as per Boxing Online betting and he dominated the bout.

In the all-Filipino matchup, Araneta dominated the bout from the start. First, he put Magramo on the defensive with his aggressive approach and then quickly found his rhythm and landed a decisive uppercut that sent Magramo to the canvas for the first knockdown of the fight.

Although Magramo managed to beat the count, he couldn't withstand Araneta's brutal attack on him. Araneta continued to press forward, and he delivered a left hand followed by a right hook that sent Magramo down for the 2nd time. Referee Danrex Tapdasan then intervened, he stopped the fight and announced Araneta's victory at 1:50 into the opening round.