Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva Fight Result & Boxing Bout Analysis


The Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul was up against Brazilian Legend, Anderson Silva in a cruiserweight boxing bout scheduled on October 29, 2022, at the Desert Diamond Arena, Glendale, Arizona, U.S. It was an 8-round bout and 14,000 spectators attended the fight. Jake Paul won the fight via a unanimous decision in the 8th round, knocking down Anderson Silva.

This blog will discuss the overall match summary, a quick comparison of both boxers, a round-wise analysis of the Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva fight, and the boxers' views and statements before and after the fight.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva Fight Result & Boxing Bout Analysis

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva Fight Summary:

Jake Paul started the fight with an aggressive approach while Silva was quite cautious and defensive. However, Jake did not lay back and kept smacking Silva with jabs and combinations. The Spider also tested the young Paul with some powerful shots and nearly won a few rounds but it was Paul’s night as his skills outshined Silva's resilience and combinations. In the final round, Jake knocked down Anderson Silva and walked away with the victory by a score of (77-74, 78-73, 78-73) and remained undefeated in his 6th bout.

Although there were many claims after the fights, as people labeled it as a “Rigged” fight. After examining the weak jab from Paul that resulted in Silva falling to the Canvas, fans raised questions on the genuity of this fight.

Jake Paul & Anderson Silva Comparison:

Jake Paul Vs Anderson Silva
26 Age 47
6 Feet 1 Inch (185 cm) Height 6 Feet 2 Inches(188 cm)
The Problem Child Alias Spider
83 kg (183.6 lb) Weight 84 kg (184.18 lb)
Orthodox Stance Southpaw
76 Inches (193 cm) Reach 78 inches (198 cm)
9- 8- 1- 0 Boxing Record 34–11–1
5 Knockout Wins 23
Cruiserweight Division Light Heavyweight
With Andre August
On December 15, 2023
At Caribe Royale Orlando, USA
Win By Knockout
Last Fight With Tito Ortiz
On September 11, 2021
At Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hollywood, USA
Win By Knockout

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva Fight Review:

Let us go through the descriptive analysis of the fight between Anderson Silva & Jake Paul.

Round By Round PinPoint Analysis:

  • Round 1:
    The match starts with Silva looking calm, mostly deflecting jabs from Jake Paul. On the other hand, Paul is eager, throwing many punches but not landing much. Paul's intent gives him the edge in the opening round as he leads the fight from round 1.
  • Round 2:
    Silva steps up, landing a left hand and some uppercuts. The Problem Child attempts a big right but misses. Silva appears confident, maybe too much so as he leads the second round.
  • Round 3:
    Silva performs well, backing up Paul and landing punches. Both fighters exchange blows, and Silva's nose starts to bleed. At the round's end, Silva manages to land an uppercut. Paul dominates the round due to aggressive jabs.
  • Round 4:
    A back-and-forth round where both fighters exchange good shots. Paul becomes more aggressive, managing to daze Silva. There are complaints about the head position, and Silva's nose continues to bleed.
  • Round 5:
    Silva, despite pushing 50, matches Paul's pace and finds success, making the fight close. However, Silva receives a warning for punching after the bell.
  • Round 6:
    Silva adopts a more passive approach, but there are fireworks before the bell rings. Paul lands good combinations and Silva rallies in the final moments.
  • Round 7:
    Paul aims for his decisive right hand, and Silva maintains a fast pace. Although both fighters are still throwing punches, Paul's effectiveness decreases. Silva receives another warning for punching after the bell.
  • Round 8:
    Silva shows resilience and keeps landing a strong right. However, Paul finishes the round strongly as he knocks Silva down. However, Silva manages to get back up, but it becomes clear that Paul has claimed the victory. Silva looks visibly disheartened at the final bell.

Finally, the jake Paul vs Anderson Silva match was competitive, but Paul's determination and a strong finish in the eighth round secured his victory via unanimous decision by the referees.

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Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva Fight Result & Boxing Bout Analysis

Final Scorecard:

ROUND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 TOTAL
Jake Paul 10 9 10 9 9 9 10 10 76
Anderson Silva 9 10 9 10 10 10 9 8 75

What Anderson Silva has to say about the Match:

Anderson Silva shared his thoughts after the bout as he seemed quite disappointed yet very eager to come back to ring more prepared.

"I worked hard to do a special show for everybody here," Silva said. "I say thank you for everyone to come. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but I continue training hard because I was born for this."

Jake Paul's response after the Fight:

Jake Paul was quite humble after the victory in the Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva bout and was really excited after beating his role model in boxing. 

"It's a surreal moment. Hard work pays off," Paul said. "I want to say thank you to Anderson. He was my idol growing up and he inspired me to be great. Without him, we wouldn't have a fight this year. He's a tough mofo, like for real. I have a lot of respect for him."