Betting on Boxing Explained, Wager Types & Effective Tips


Betting on boxing explained with complete information regarding various wager types and effective tips when betting on boxing fights.

Boxing is one of the famous and interesting sports to watch and place bets for the bettors. It could be a great experience to bet on boxing matches and can prove profitable for the wagerers.

In this blog post, betting on boxing explained alongside boxing tips and strategies on how to bet on boxing for beginners, game understanding, and different types of betting in boxing. So stay tuned to get the full information or guide over this game before placing bets.

Betting on Boxing Explained by Winning Methods

Let's go through the basics of game understanding such as how point scoring works in boxing and the victory method in the game.

Points Scoring

Betting on Boxing Explained, Wager Types & Effective Tips

In boxing the scoring revolves around the Points earned by the fighter, so how does this point scoring work? In general, a fighter gets 10 points to win a round, 9 points to lose a round, and 8 points in case of a knockout.

Method of victory

Betting on Boxing Explained, Wager Types & Effective Tips

There are three methods of victory in the game, it is just the prediction of how a fighter will win at the end of the game. This allows you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the fighters.

  • KO (Knockout)
  • TKO (Technical Knockout)
  • Judge's Decision

Stoppage by KO

To predict the method of victory, who will win the game by KO or TKO method is the largest market in the boxing game.

Betting on Boxing Explained with Wager Types

Betting on Boxing Explained, Wager Types & Effective Tips

You can place different betting types in the different betting markets to earn money.

Outright Bet

It is the most common and simple betting method in boxing, especially for beginners. It's just like a fancy you pick one side who will win or lose and place a bet depending on your research or feeling irrespective of the method they win or lose. You have a 50% chance to win or lose your bet in this betting type and can earn depending on the decided odds by the betting platform.

Knockdown Betting

In knockdown betting a bettors just predict who will score a knockdown during the match and place a bet. You can win a bet irrespective of which player wins or loses the match and earn high even in a single game by placing bets plenty of times.


In a Draw-no bet, a bettor predicts a winner during the games and places a bet over it, but if the match draws without giving any result your bet will be voided and refunded your stakes.

Round Betting

In Round betting simply guess the round in which the fight will stop by the referee or the fighter will win the specific round. You can win your bet if your guess turns into reality irrespective of the result of the game.

Strategies and Tips

Betting on Boxing Explained, Wager Types & Effective Tips

Let's get through the key factors and strategies that can help you win big through betting on boxing explained.

Indepth Research on Boxers

Just like betting in any sport, you need to get in-depth and complete knowledge about the fighters, boxing games, and relevant updates about the game before placing a bet in boxing. For this purpose keep in touch with the previous record of the fighters, their strengths, weaknesses, fighting caliber, winning streaks, and overall form. You can get this information from the previous icon or legend of the games, analyzers, and commentators.

Your in-depth research and game knowledge will positively impact your betting strategy and can prove profitable for you. In the boxing game, the method of winning fights imparts a vital role in the professional career of an individual player. For example, Tyson Fury won 33 games including 24 wins by Knockout method.

Look for an Edge

Usually, the wagerers put the bet for a fighter having consistency in the winning games. One can experience the results based on the performance on the night, but some players have some extra edge while playing against a specific boxer. If you experience variations in the odds of the specific fighter you can take a chance to bet against him because it can crack the idea and the game.

Every fighter is unique in his fighting skills and caliber against a specific rival. For example, in a fight, an underdog fighter has a 0-3 win record against the southpaws but when it comes to fighting he is the favorite due to his superior record and specific caliber. In this scenario, there are high chances to win a big bet by betting for an underdog player with more odds.

Avoid One-Sided emotions

This is a general rule for , try to hold your emotions while supporting your favorite fighter during the game. It is easy to back and support your favorite player on the court but when it comes to betting you need to focus on the fighting strength of an individual.

However, it could be expensive if he ignores the basic research, and edge or the caliber of the fighter in a game over his favorite player. Sometimes the result cannot be in your favor so try to avoid these mistakes and maximize your winning chances and bankroll. This is an important tip that will help in betting on boxing explained.

How To Place A Boxing Bet?

There are different online betting platforms including websites and apps in today's world to place bets on different sports. However, EsballPH is considered a famous platform among boxing followers. Let's discover how to place a bet on it.

  • Visit the official website of EsballPH and create your account by clicking the join icon on the homepage.
  • Enter your personal information and credentials such as name, phone number, email address, and password.
  • There are no hidden charges or advance fees to join this platform however you need to deposit funds to place bets.
  • Now explore the boxing markets by clicking the boxing icon it will display a list of upcoming boxing matches to place bets for you.
  • Select the market and choose the fight, now enter your stake, place a bet, and wait for the results.

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