Best Boxing Betting Guide on What is Round Betting in Boxing


Bettors have been drawn to wager on combat sports like boxing for many years. Despite the fact that Moneyline betting is presumably the most common, round betting offers more potential to boost your bankroll.

What is round betting, precisely? You might wonder. In this section, EsballPH HaloWin Bet will break it down and discuss some of the top sportsbooks for these thrilling bets.

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Best Boxing Betting Guide on What is Round Betting in Boxing

Betting Boxing Basic Introduction

Round betting in combat sports refers to any bet on the precise round in which a fight will end or the overall number of rounds in the contest. In boxing, there's basically no restriction on the types of wagers you can place on any given round. 

The most common instances are as follows:

  • Exact round
  • Exact round + method of victory
  • Total number of rounds (over/under)
  • Fight to go to the distance
  • Grouped round betting

Let's talk in more detail about the different round betting you can place now that we have a better knowledge of round betting as a whole.

Boxing Betting Types Detailed Introduction

Method of Victory

You can place a wager on the specific strategy used to win a fight. In combat sports, there are three basic strategies for success:

  • KO/TKO
  • Submission
  • Judges decision

Round betting significantly affects the way in which the winner is determined. Sure, you may wager on when the fight will end (we'll discuss that in a moment), but if you can also predict how the fight will end, your reward will be even bigger.

Best Boxing Betting Guide on What is Round Betting in Boxing

You'll notice that We refer to this wager as a "Method & Round Combo." The payoff for winning one of these bets can be highly profitable, but they can be challenging to forecast.

For instance, you would earn $1,900 and leave the casino with a total of $2,000 if your $100 wager on xxx winning by KO/TKO in the third round was successful. Given that this is a heavyweight contest, it seems doubtful that the fight will go into the third round, but in combat sports, anything can happen.

Fight to Go to the Distance

You can wager on whether or not the battle will "go the distance" as well. This is merely a bet on whether you believe all rounds will be completed, in which case the fight is decided by the judges' scores.

Best Boxing Betting Guide on What is Round Betting in Boxing

The likelihood of the conflict ending quickly is higher in the aforementioned situation. xxx and ooo main event fight will last five rounds as opposed to the standard three. This increases the likelihood that the battle will be stopped quickly.

The fact that these two fighters are heavyweights with powerful punches means that there's a good probability this bout won't go five rounds. Because of this, "No" is more likely than "Yes."

Even so, the battle can last a long time. If you correctly bet $100 on "Yes" in the aforementioned example, you would win $260.

Exact Round

There are two ways to wager on the precise round without indicating a strategy for success:

  • Betting on the round and the winning fighter
  • Betting on the round without specifying a winner

Best Boxing Betting Guide on What is Round Betting in Boxing

While the odds for just that particular round are displayed under "When will the fight finish?" they list the odds for a boxer to win that round under "Round Betting."

Although xxx is the underdog in the aforementioned scenario, picking the victorious fighter and the precise round is still an extremely challenging wager, hence ooo also has a "+" symbol next to his odds.

For other wagers, such Moneyline bets, the "+" symbol is typically reserved for the underdog, whereas the "-" symbol is used to denote the betting favorite.

Total number of rounds (over/under)

One of the most common bets in all of the sports, totals betting (commonly known as over/under), works particularly well with the rules of combat sports.

You'll see odds that list a specific round when you bet on totals in round betting. You must choose whether the combat concludes prior to or following that given number.

Best Boxing Betting Guide on What is Round Betting in Boxing

The fight's over/under is set at 2.5 rounds. If the battle doesn't last more than 2.5 rounds and you wager $100 on the under at +175 odds, you gain $175 for a total payoff of $275.

Since boxing rounds typically last three minutes, the half-round mentioned above will start at one minute in the second round.

Because you don't have to indicate which combatant wins, this wager is fairly conservative.

Grouped Round Betting

The concept of group betting is clear-cut. You select a set of rounds and choose which combatant would prevail throughout those particular rounds.

In boxing, where professional fights are often scheduled for 12 total rounds, this form of wager is more prevalent. For instance, you may wager on xxx to win rounds 6 through 10 of a match between xxx and ooo.

Other factors to consider before betting on boxing

  • Weight class – The majority of heavyweight fights end in knockouts before all of the rounds have been played.
  • Fighter style and overall record – A fighter has a decent likelihood of winning in the first round if they have a lot of knockout victories.
  • Referee – some referees tend to let fighters take more damage before stopping a fight.

Before placing a wager on a round in a combat sport, it's useful to perform some study on particular criteria. While researching a fighter's past, you might discover the advantage you're looking for.