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Boxing history: Nesthy Petecio defeat Italian Irma Testa

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In Boxing History, Nesthy Petecio won a 4-1 split decision victory in the semifinals against Irma Testa, bringing her one step closer to winning the country's first-ever Olympic gold medal in boxing.

Nesthy Petecio vs Irma Testa Match Result:

Nesthy Petecio, a boxer from the Philippines, won a 4-1 split decision victory in the semifinals, bringing her one step closer to winning the country's first-ever Olympic gold medal in Olympics boxing. Despite being shorter than her opponent, Petecio proved that it wasn't a disadvantage by defeating Italy's Irma Testa with scores of 29-28, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28, and 28-29 in the Nesthy Petecio vs Irma Testa match. She will now compete in the women's featherweight final.

Boxing history: Nesthy Petecio defeat Italian Irma Testa

Nesthy Petecio Skills & Fighting Analysis:

Skills and Strengths of Nesthy Petecio:

Nesthy Petecio is a skillful boxer with great aggression, excellent footwork, and counterpunching abilities. She has great command and grip on both attacking and defending and can adjust her strategy to match her opponent's style. There is always a strong mental and nervous side to the game. But Nesthy has a strong mental game and can stay calm even in high-pressure situations.

Weak Zones in Petecio’s Boxing Skills:

No doubt Nesthy is a great boxer, she still has some weaknesses and challenges that need to be improved. In the past, she has struggled with consistency and maintaining her form. She can also get frustrated when her opponents don't fight the way she wants them to, which can cause her to lose focus and make mistakes. Additionally, Nesthy sometimes relies too much on her power and aggressiveness, which can leave her open to counterattacks. Some experts have noticed that she could be more proactive in avoiding her opponent's punches instead of just focusing on offense.

Irma Testa Skills & Fighting Analysis:

Boxing history: Nesthy Petecio defeat Italian Irma Testa

Irma Testa Fighting Skills and Strengths:

Irma Testa is an experienced and skilled boxer who got famous because of her technical abilities and footwork. She has a strong left hand and has a total command to control the pace of the fight. There is an intelligence factor that makes this fighter adapt her style to suit her opponent's weaknesses.

Further, discussing her strengths, One of Testa's key strengths is she keeps moving around the ring and uses her footwork quite cleverly to avoid her opponent's punches. She keeps good patience and always searches for the right moment to land punches and strikes on her opponent. Testa is also famous because of her counterpunching abilities, and she is good at exploiting her opponent's mistakes to land punches.

Weak Zones in Irma Testa’s Fighting Skills:

However, Testa's main weakness is that she lacks the necessary power in her punches. This usually makes it difficult for her to score knockouts or to keep her opponents at bay. In addition, Testa sometimes struggles to maintain her focus and can get caught up in the emotions of the fight, which can lead to mistakes. She also has a tendency to move backward too much, which can result in her losing points.

Nesthy Petecio vs Irma Testa Comparison:

Nesthy Petecio vs Irma Testa
29 Age 23
5ft 4 in (168cm) Height 5ft 9in (170cm)
57 Kg (125.6 lbs) Weight 57 Kg (126 lbs)
Orthodox Stance Orthodox
Featherweight Division Featherweight
2 x Gold Medals
6 x Silver Medals
3 x Bronze Medal
Achievements 3 x Gold Medals
2 x Silver Medals
1 x Bronze Medal

Nesthy Petecio vs Irma Testa Match Pinpoint Analysis:

In the boxing match between Nesthy Petecio and Irma Testa, Testa won the first round by a score of 10-9 from all five judges, as her shots were more effective. However, Petecio came back strong in the second round, landing two big overhead right shots and a body shot in the final 10 seconds, dominating the round.

In the third and final round of this Olympics Boxing match, the match score was tied at 19-19. Petecio was more aggressive and keen on the attack from the start, which leaves Testa with no answers. Petecio showed excellent footwork and timing to dodge Testa's shots and counter with her own punches. Eventually, Testa could not step up to the challenges while aggressive Petecio. In the end, Petecio won the Nesthy Petecio vs Irma Testa match by a 4-1 split decision, with four judges scoring the bout in her favor.

Nesthy Petecio vs Irma Testa Tokyo Olympics Highlights

Petecio's victory was met with a lot of excitement and emotions. When the referees announced her as the winner of the match, she fell to her knees and cried tears of joy. The victory secured her place in the women's featherweight final, where she will face Japan's Sena Irie.

The match took place in front of a cheering crowd. In this crowd, there were Petecio's teammates, officials, and Filipino journalists and this gave her an edge of home-crowd advantage. Despite being shorter than her opponent, Petecio showed great skill and determination to win the match, bringing her one step closer to winning the Philippines' first-ever Olympic gold medal in boxing.

Boxing history: Nesthy Petecio defeat Italian Irma Testa

Petecio Comments on the Match:

“This means so much to me as not only is it my dream, it is my father’s dream,” said Petecio, whose father taught her how to box as a child. It’s not for me. It’s for my family, my country, and for all the people from the Philippines who have prayed for me. I love you, I love you.” said Nesthy after winning this Nesthy Petecio vs Irma Testa Olympics boxing fight. She was quite emotional and break down into tears when the referees marked her the winner.

Irma Testa Comments on the Match:

Testa also acclaimed Petecio’s win. She said that she was happy with her bronze medal. Testa won the medal which was Italy’s first in the still-young Olympic discipline of women’s boxing.

“I’m so grateful and happy to be here, to win a medal, and I’m happy to fight with this opponent,” she said. “She’s a world champion, a big champion, and I’m happy to fight with her,” Testa added after the match.

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