9 Division World Champion Contender: Manny Pacquiao


Manny Pacquiao is the first and only boxer who has been hailed as the 9 division world champion in boxing due to his skills and dominance in the ring.

Being a world champion in the world of boxing is a very unique feat but when you are a 9 division world champion, then it is definitely a pinnacle of talent and skills. It is a great achievement in the world of boxing. This is almost impossible to achieve in the panorama of real life. One needs to be an alien to achieve this number of titles. Here in this article, we will be discussing the concept of the 9 Division World Champion.

9 Division World Champion Contender: Manny Pacquiao

Why is being a 9 Division World Champion so significant?

9 division world champion means that an individual has won 9 titles in different weights of boxing. Every division is different from other divisions on the basis of the weights. There is no one in the world who has achieved this success in his life. That is why this is such an important subject to write about. This is something like a great title in the world of boxing. If any boxer in his life achieves this feat, his name will be remembered forever. But 9 Division World Champion is still the height that no one has been able to achieve. With the emergence of the game, forums are also gaining preference and popularity in the Philippines.

Highest Number of Divisions World Champion;

There are very few boxers who have won multiple division world championships. At the top, there is only one name. The competition is so tough that only one boxer in the world has managed to be an 8 division world champion. Here is the list of the people who have managed to be sworn as the most number of division world champions.

The most prominent name in the discussion of the most number of world champions is definitely Manny Pacquaio. The skill of the great boxer enables the paradigm in the context of the game.

Manny Pacquaio

Manny Pacquaio is such a name who has been sworn in as 8 division title champion. He has been an embodiment of success for the young boxers in the world. The journey of great success started from the year 1998 when Manny Pacquaio was the young lad on the horizon of the boxing world.

He impressed the whole world with the win on Chatchai Sasakul and he knocked him out in the 4th round of the game. This is how Manny Pacquaio marked his entry to the ring of boxing. The last and the eighth title in the world of boxing he won was in 2010. He defeated Antonio Margarito in the great game of boxing. The game was a spectacular performance in front of an amazing crowd.

9 Division World Champion Contender: Manny Pacquiao

Quick Biography of 9 Division Champion Manny Pacquiao:

Age 44 Years
Alias Pac Man
City General Santos City, Cotabato del Sur
Stance Southpaw
Record 72 - 62 - 8 - 2 (39 KO Wins)
Height 5 Feet 5 ½ Inches or 166 cm
Reach 67 Inches or 170 cm
Division Welterweight

The next name on the list of the top performers is the man who has been sworn in as 6 division title champion. The name is Oscar De La Hoya.

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya has also shown great skills in boxing throughout his professional career. He is the second-best performer in the world of boxing and he stands second to Manny Pacquaio among the high performers of the great game. But this has not been the case as always, Oscar was the most title winner until the year 2009.

This was the year when Manny Pacquaio shattered the records of Oscar De La Hoya. So, this legendary boxer lost the greatness of the game to another impeccable performer of boxing. His journey to elite performance began in the year 1994, and after that, he did not look back on his professional life.

9 Division World Champion Contender: Manny Pacquiao

Age 51
Alias Golden Boy
City Log Angeles, California
Stance Orthodox 
Record 45-39-6-0 (39 KOs)
Height 5′ 11″ / 180cm
Reach 73″ / 185cm
Division Walter

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is another legend who has written his name on the division titles five times in his life. He played some memorable knocks in a career he had in his life. His life is filled with passionate fights and aggressive talent.

His journey to greatness also started in the year 1998, when he defeated Genaro Hernandez and won the first title of his life. In 2002, he defeated Jose Luis Castillo and won the lightweight belt. The absolute mastery of the class in the game of boxing was shown in the ring that day.

9 Division World Champion Contender: Manny Pacquiao

Age 47 years
Alias Money, Pretty Boy
City Las Vegas, Nevadas
Stance Orthodox
Record 50-50-0-0 ( 27 KOs )
Height 5′ 8″ / 173cm
Reach 72″ / 183cm
Division Welter 

Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard has been in the news of boxing for a decade from 1979 to 1998 and he managed to be the winner of the five division titles. His history of boxing career has been an inspiration and source of encouragement for the young boxers who look up to adopting this game as a career.

The history of the game has given the world numerous names of the game. These big names have always given new ways to tackle life in different circumstances.

9 Division World Champion Contender: Manny Pacquiao

Age 67 years
City Amsterdam
Stance Orthodox 
Record 33-19-11-3 ( 06 KOs)
Height 178 cm
Reach 74 in 188cm
Division Feather 

Different Weights in Boxing Championships

It is amazing to read and watch that there are multiple categories depending on the weights in which the players compete and make their impacts as winners in the tournaments of boxing. in any weight division is available at the EsballPH casino and betting platform in the Philippines. Here is what all the boxing categories look like.

  • The Heavyweight class is the highest among other classes. In this fight, the players weigh over 200 pounds which is 91 kg.
  • Cruiserweight has a weight limit of 200 pounds (91 kg)
  • Light heavyweight weighs between 168 pounds (76 kg)
  • Super middleweight has a weight limit of 168 pounds (76 kg)
  • Middleweight weigh between 154 pounds (70 kg)
  • Super welterweight This class has a weight limit of 154 pounds (70 kg)
  • Welterweight weights between 140 pounds (64 kg) and 147 pounds (67 kg).
  • Super lightweight This class has a weight limit of 140 pounds (64 kg)

Lightweight Boxers in this class weigh between 130 pounds ( 59 kg)