Boxing News: Nesthy Petecio, Memorable comeback story


In the Philippines boxing news, Nesthy Petecio made a strong comeback by winning a gold medal for her country after consecutive losses in different events like Asian Games and World Championships.

Boxing News: Nesthy Petecio, Memorable comeback story

Who is Nesthy Petecio?

Nesthy Petecio is a professional Filipino boxer who competes in the featherweight division. She was born on April 11, 1992, in Davao City, Philippines. Petecio started her amateur boxing career and represented her country in different international competitions like the Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games, and AIBA Women's World Championships. Nesthy has also won many other medals in her boxing career, for example, a silver medal at the 2014 World Championships and a gold medal at the 2019 World Championships.

Petecio also won many gold, silver, and bronze medals in these competitions. Petecio was one of the four Filipino athletes who won a medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She won the gold medal in the women's featherweight boxing event. She is considered one of the top female boxers in the world and a proud of the Philippines who has inspired many young girls to take up the sport.

Professional Career of Nesthy Petecio:

Nesthy Alcayde Petecio is a Filipino amateur boxer who has competed in various international and national events and competitions. Nesthy has won silver medals in multiple events. She won this medal is the 2014 AIBA Women's World Championships. Later on, she secured silver medals in the Southeast Asian Games of 2011 and 2013. She also secured a bronze medal in the 2012 Asian Championships. However, she failed to make it to the podium at the Asian Games 2014 which was held in South Korea. She also could not win any medals in the Asian Championships of 2015 and 2017. Nesthy could not qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics that were held in Brazil’s city of Rio de Janeiro.

After her disappointing performance and failure to grab any medal at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games while also disturbed by the break-up, Petecio went through a period of depression. However, she ground and worked hard during that period and made a strong comeback by securing a gold medal at the 2019 Thailand Open International Boxing Championship. Petecio again won the gold medal by playing against Liudmila Vorontsova in the final of the AIBA Women’s Championship in the featherweight category. She won this gold medal at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, finally achieving victory in the biennial meet after three failed attempts.

Boxing News: Nesthy Petecio, Memorable comeback story

Lifelong Titles of Nesthy Petecio :

Petecio, later on, got the qualification call for the Tokyo Olympics just because of her high ranking. She got the ranking edge otherwise she had to play the qualifiers that got canceled because of the Corona outbreak. In the women's division of the featherweight competition, she defeated Marcelat Sakobi Matshu from Congo in her very first match. Petecio later on in the next round tasted victory against Lin Yu-ting of Chinese Taipei. With this victory, she entered the quarterfinals. In this knockout game, she made Yeni Arias of Columbia bite the dust and secured a bronze medal for her country. Then at the semifinals knockout stage, she won against Irma Testa of Italy to grab her place in the gold medal bout.

In the final, Petecio faced her amateur rival Sena Irie but lost by unanimous decision, taking home the silver medal. This made her the first woman to win an Olympic medal in boxing for the Philippines and the first Filipino boxer to win an Olympic medal in 25 years.

2011 SouthEast Asian Games Silver Medal in Bantamweight (Jakarta, Indonesia)
2013 SouthEast Asian Games Silver Medal in Featherweight (Nypyidaw, Vietnam)
2015 SouthEast Asian Games Silver Medal in Featherweight (Expo Hall, Singapore)
2019 SouthEast Asian Games Gold Medal in Featherweight (International Convention Forum, Pasay, Philippines)
2021 SouthEast Asian Games Bronze Medal in Lightweight (Bac Ninh Gymnasium, Vietnam)
2012 Asian Championship Bronze Medal in Bantamweight (Ulaanbataar)
2015 Asian Championship Silver Medal in Bantamweight (Wulanchabu)
2020 Olympics Silver Medal in Featherweight (Tokyo, Japan)

Physical Appearance of Nesthy Petecio:

Height 5 ft 2 in
Weight 57 kg (125.6lbs)
Division Featherweight
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

Nesthy Petecio: Unique Fighting Stances & Skills:

Boxing News: Nesthy Petecio, Memorable comeback story

Nesthy Petecio has a fast and aggressive boxing style. Her foot movements and counterpunching abilities are also excellent. She has strong fundamentals and is skillful in both offense and defense.

She punches the opponent with great precision, power, and accuracy. Talking about her strengths, One of her strengths is to adapt to different opponents and fighting styles.

She is a strategic fighter who can read her opponent's moves and adjust her own tactics accordingly. Nesthy has nerves of steel and is mentally very tough. She stays calm and composed in high-pressure situations.

There is no doubt that she is a great boxer, but she still has some weaknesses and challenges in her boxing career. In the past, she has struggled with consistency and faced difficulties in maintaining her form.

She has also been known to get frustrated when her opponents refuse to engage in close-range fighting. This results in her losing focus and making mistakes.

She further has a weakness in that she tends to rely on her power and aggressiveness. This sometimes leaves her prone to counterattacks. Many experts noticed that she sometimes is more focused on offense and not proactive enough in avoiding her opponent's punches.

Personal Life of Nesthy Petecio:

Nesthy Petecio recently shared her engagement news in her Instagram post. She was in a relationship with Jane Neb Blaise, and both of them engaged on November 19, 2022. Her fiance wrote the caption, “Love speaks no gender.” Nesthy does not believe in gender discrimination and openly favors the LGBTQ family. She also dedicated her silver medal in the 2020 Olympics to this community. She also declared herself a lesbian.

Recent Boxing News:

Boxing News: Nesthy Petecio, Memorable comeback story

In her latest fight, Nesthy lost in the Sea Games 2022. Before this fight, she took part in the Olympics and won a silver medal. She defeated her opponents in the first four matches. But in her last official fight in the Olympics, she found Sena Irie from Japan a tough nut to crack. Due to this loss, she was entitled to the Silver medal in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Before this match, she defeated boxers from Italy, Colombia, China, and Congo.

What Next for Nesthy Petecio:

She recently lost a shocking fight against Thi Linh Tran, a boxer from Vietnam in the 57-60 Kg category in the Sea Games 2022. She had to settle for a Bronze Medal. Now, she is preparing herself for the upcoming championships and Olympics. She is working really hard and eyeing a great comeback in the ring for her country. Her next fight is in WWBC, which will take place in Bulgaria. Nesthy is representing her country, and her next match is against Venezuela’s Boxer. The fight is going to take place on March 22, 2023.


Is Nesthy Petecio From Davao?

Yes, It is true. She was born and brought up in a small town, Santa Cruz, in Davao, Philippines.

Who is the coach Petecio?

Nolito Velasco is the coach of Nesthy. He belonged to Bago City. Nolito coached her in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where Petecio won a silver medal.

When did Nesthy Petecio win?

Nesthy Won different medals in her boxing career. She won a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics and World Championship in 2014. She also won a gold medal in the world championship 2019 edition.