Is there a difference between TKO and KO in Boxing?


If you are a casual fan of boxing for the first time, you must be familiar with the word "KO". You get so excited when you hear the commentary from the live announcer. But when I heard "TKO", I had a lot of doubts. That doesn't sound like "knocked down," so what's the difference? In this article, you will learn the difference between TKO and KO in boxing.

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Is there a difference between TKO and KO in boxing?

First, a brief history of boxing. Boxing, also known as pugilism, is a very popular combat sport. In a boxing match, two people fight with their fists. They fight until one of them is unable to continue the match, or the match stops when one or both fighters are injured. Boxers must be of the same weight and supervised by a referee.

In the third millennium BC, the Sumerians were the first to practice unarmed combat through empty fist torture. Gloves were first used in hand-to-hand combat in Crete and Sardinia 1500-900 BC.

Is there a difference between TKO and KO in boxing?

Boxing Terminology: The Meaning of a KO

KO is an acronym for Knock Out. A knockdown can happen when you get hit and you walk up to the canvas and you don't move and the referee might count to ten, or just look at you and say "he didn't get up," either way it's a KO.

Another way to get KO'd is when you get hit, go down, try to get up and beat the referee and count to 10, but can't get up and the referee stops the fight. This will count as a KO on your record, even if you are not "shown" on the canvas.

Boxing Terminology: The Meaning of TKO

TKO stands for Technical Knockout, this happens when a boxer is knocked out and doesn't respond to a lot of punches from his opponent, it means he gets hit clean and doesn't fight back, in this case, the referee should step in and start with one shot, One shot to save soldiers, end the battle. He wasn't knocked out or on the ground, but we said he "got up."

Another way to get a TKO is to go down when you get hit, then get back up, but you're still wobbly. The referee lets you go or fights because he sees something in you that he doesn't like, he doesn't want to risk your life and his life.

Is there a difference between TKO and KO in boxing?

There are other ways to win a boxing fight besides KO and TKO

Here Are Four Ways to Win a Boxing Match

  • If one party is disqualified for violating the rules during the match, the opposing boxer wins.
  • If the game does not stop until the current round, the referee's penalty or the referee's scoreboard will determine the outcome.
  • If the opposing boxer is knocked out (KO) and cannot get up tens of seconds before the referee appears, the opposing boxer wins by knockout (KO).
  • If the opponent is injured in the sparring and cannot continue to fight, it is regarded as a technical knockout (TKO), and the opposing boxer wins.

There are also some boxing organizations that use a "triple defeat" system, whereby a fighter loses a fight if he is knocked out three times in the same round. This can happen if the boxer continues to get down on one knee after being hit.

Is there a difference between TKO and KO in boxing?

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