Useful Basketball Betting Guides & Different Wager Types


Basketball is considered a popular sport among the natives of the Philippines and people show a great interest and craze in this sport and its events. In this blog post, we will discuss different betting types and basketball betting guides that can help an individual gamble on a specific basketball game and win big from these competitions.

In the Philippines, people not only love to watch basketball games but they also love playing bets on the games in different events and earning money. One can guess the significance of this game among people after knowing basketball is the second largest famous sport after football in the Philippines.

Useful Basketball Betting Guides & Different Wager Types

Different Wager Types in Basketball Betting Guides

In these important basketball betting guides, there are different wager types in the basketball game that one should know about before betting to earn money. In each betting type the betting odds are set depending on the winning or losing streaks among the team's past performance and the strengths and the weaknesses of the teams.

If a team has more winning streaks it will consist of low betting odds as compared to the weak team which will have high betting odds. If an individual puts a bet over the win of the strong team he will earn fewer return awards as compared to the weak team.

Basketball Betting Guides: 2 Way Bet

In 2 ways betting a wager places the bet on a Win or Loss of the game which is as simple as from its name. This bet can be placed on games usually consisting of two types of results (win or loss) like tennis and baseball and in the Knock out matches in other sports such as cricket and football. A bettor can win the bet around two types of results in the game and there are 50% chances of winning or losing bet in this type of bet.

In 2 way betting you can earn money depending on the Betting Odds decided by the betting platform. For example, if you place a $10 bet for TNT and Hostshot in a knockout basketball match the betting odds are decided as 2.1 for TNT and 1.7 for Hotshots. You would get different prices for the win of either team like $21 for TNT win and $17 for Hotshot win.

Basketball Betting Guides: 3 Way Bet

In a 3 way bet a wager can place a bet on the three different scenarios of the games including win, loss, and tie. As there are chances of three results during the game, the chances of three results occurring are 33.3%, and a possible chance of 66.6% for both win or loss scenarios. In this bet, odds are calculated depending on the three scenarios there is less chance for a tie so it concludes a high return reward.

For example in a PBA match between Meralco and Rain or Shine. One can place a bet over Meralco winning, Rain or Shine winning, and a match-tied result. Now the odds are calculated depending on the winning or losing streaks of between two teams. If the odds are set like 1.2 for Meralco to win, 2.5 for Rain or Shine to win, and 5 for the match-tied result. However, if you put a $10 bet on one of these scenarios you will get rewards depending on the multiple of each betting odds for the three different scenarios.

Halftime Betting

In halftime betting, one can put a bet on the second half of the game, especially in a basketball match. Here a betor can place a bet on different scenarios including the win of a team, the final scorecard, and the individual performance of a player. In this betting, one can place a bet depending on the performance in the first half.

So during a PBA basketball match, one can put a bet in the second half and generate good return rewards from these basketball betting guides. In this scenario, the team with good performance and position in the first half will have better odds of winning and lower return rewards. Similarly, a team with underperformance in the first half will have poor winning odds but a higher return reward on the bet. Here you can earn huge return money on betting for the losing team in the first half by following the specific tips in this blog post.

Quarters Betting

In quarter betting one can place bets on each quarter of the basketball match. Here are different scenarios to play bet you can play a bet for which team will score more points at the end of the next quarter, an individual high score of a player. In this betting case, you can win the bet while playing for the specific quarter whether your favorite team wins or losses.

In this betting, you have more chances of winning the bet in different 4 quarters of the game. One can place multiple bets at the end of the quarter depending on the performance of the player and teams in the previous quarter.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting removes the imbalance of the strengths and expected results of the two playing teams. It works by introducing a point differential or handicap to the scores of each team before starting the match. In this scenario, a favorite or strong team has to win with a great margin to win the bet.

For example in a PBA match between TNT and Hotshot, TNT is a stronger team and Hotshot struggles to win the match in the whole event. The betting platform will add a handicap of -5 to the TNT team score before the match starts. So TNT will start its score from 5 points down on the other hand Hotshot will get a +5 handicap which means they will start their score from 5 points. Now one can win the bet on placing for a specific team-winning score remembering in his mind the handicap score.

Effective Basketball Betting Tips & Strategies

If one wants to earn great money from betting on basketball games. Here are some basketball betting guides and tips that can help a bettor and maximize the chance of winning bets.

  1. First of all, a bettor needs to have a compound knowledge of the basketball game such as game rules, point scoring, game positions, Point scoring types, squad strengths, playing 6, and fouls.
  2. PBA holds different types of competitions including the Commissioner Cup and Governer’s Cup. Before betting during these competitions you need to know the rules of the games and how these competitions work.
  3. Make thorough research about the individual players of both teams such as their performances in different competitions, winning contributions, scores, and different relevant records.
  4. It will be an affecting factor to go through a head-to-head record of both teams in the previous matches in different competitions. It will provide informed data such as the strength and the weekends of both teams along with the winning advantage of one team over the other.
  5. Keep an eye on the current status of the payer such as inquiries, forms of the player, and other stats through newspapers or other platforms.
  6. Listen to the analysers and game experts to get complete information about a time such as winning predictions and team formations.
  7. For any team in any sport, home advantage plays a vital role in winning a game so along with other details also get attached with such information.
  8. In betting, there are chances of both loss and win so keep in mind you can afford the loss in the worst situations. So it is necessary to manage your budget before placing a bet on your favorite team.
  9. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of betting in the basketball game. So keep your budget managed and aligned and find which betting suits your budget.

The abovementioned basketball betting guides and information will help you in placing a successful bet during the basketball match. So it is important to have a compound knowledge about the overall betting systems and game theory.

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