Top 5 Pinoy Boxing Champion 2024 - Hope for the Philippines


Filipino boxers have achieved great heights and championships in boxing history. However, Filipino boxers have been struggling to win a key championship in various weight classes. This brings out many speculations and raises many questions from the boxing legends about whether Filipino boxing is going through a tough phase and why boxers from this passionate country not making up any mark in the world. After Manny Pacquiao, will the world see any Pinony Champion achieving so much that Pac-Man has achieved?

This blog will discuss the top 5 potential Pinoy Boxing Champions, and other top-ranked boxers from the Philippines that will be the face of Pinoy Boxing and bring championships to their country.

Top 5 Pinoy Boxing Champion 2024 - Hope for the Philippines

Championship Drought in the Philippines Boxing

In the last year, there was no Filipino boxer who won any major boxing championship. However, in 2024 you can expect way better results and championships heading to the Philippines. This is because 26 other Filipinos are currently ranked in top positions of boxing-sanctioning bodies like WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO. 3 of them get on track to compete for world titles as compulsory oppositions: Vincent Astrolabio, Rejson Gaballo, and Pedro Taduran. Previous IBF Super Flyweight champ Jerwin Ancajas got on a training course to fight reigning WBA Bantamweight king Takuma Inoue, but unfortunately, the fight was postponed temporarily due to an injury suffered by the Japanese superstar. Currently, it's a previous champion with high positions in the majority of companies.

Top 5 Pinoy Boxing Champion 2024 - Hope for the Philippines

Top 5 Pinoy Boxing Champion Prospects in 2024

Dave Apolinario

Dave Apolinario faced Brian Mosinas in his last fight on August 30, 2023, at Korakuen Hall. The Dobermann won the fight via unanimous decision. He is currently number 2 in the WBA rankings, number 5 in the IBF Rankings, and Number 9 in the WBO Rankings of the Flyweight Division. He is leading three by WBA, IBF, and WBO, and is knocking on the door for a title shot after he recently surrendered the IBO crown.

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Top 5 Pinoy Boxing Champion 2024 - Hope for the Philippines

JohnRiel Casimero

Several former globe champions are on the edge of gaining one more shot at a championship belt. JohnRiel Casimero, a previous IBF Light Flyweight, IBF Flyweight, and WBO Bantamweight champion, is being taken into consideration as a potential challenger for indisputable globe very Bantamweight king Naoya Inoue. Casimero is rated very well by numerous companies, making him a solid contender for one more title shot.

Top 5 Pinoy Boxing Champion 2024 - Hope for the Philippines

Mark Magsayo

Mark Magsayo another former WBC featherweight champion, has moved up to the 130-pound division and is now ranked No. 7 by the WBC. With a recent impressive victory in the super featherweight division, another win could propel Magsayo towards a title fight.

Vic Saludar, a former WBA/WBO Minimumweight champion, is currently ranked No. 2 by the WBO and No. 6 by the WBA.

Magsayo came back strongly after losing his bantamweight championship to Brandon Figueroa despite having boxing online betting odds in his favor.

Top 5 Pinoy Boxing Champion 2024 - Hope for the Philippines

Marlon Tapales

Despite losing his WBA and IBF Super Bantamweight titles to Naoya Inoue, Marlon Tapales remains a strong contender in the boxing world. He plans to fight in the Philippines in May or June, followed by a title eliminator match before aiming for another world championship. Meanwhile, former WBO Minimumweight champion Melvin Jerusalem is also in contention, ranked No. 5 by the WBO and No. 7 by the WBC. With his high rankings, Jerusalem could soon challenge for another title.

Top 5 Pinoy Boxing Champion 2024 - Hope for the Philippines

Miel Fajardo - A boxing Sensation in the Philippines

Among the top Pinoy boxing champions, Miel Fajardo is definitely a star in the making and his rankings in the Light Flyweight division justify the fact, that he will be the next superstar of Filipino boxing. Besides this, he is the only Filipino boxer who is ranked in two divisions.

At just 23 years old, Fajardo holds many significant records to his name, and talking about his current rankings, he is the IBF's No. 6 Light Flyweight and the WBC's No. 9 Flyweight.

Fajardo comes from a humble background in Agusan del Sur and has an appreciable boxing record of 11-1-2. 10 out of his 11 victories were knockouts. The only defeat in his career was against Andales in 2017, who is also a top tie boxer in the Light Flyweight division and holds significant positions in different boxing sanctioning bodies. Discussing his recent performances, he has been a dominant force and has developed strong muscles and boxing tactics. This is certainly crystal clear from his last three bouts, which resulted in knockout victories in the very 1st round.

Top 5 Pinoy Boxing Champion 2024 - Hope for the Philippines

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Other Top-Ranked Filipino Boxers in Contention of Pinoy Boxing Champion List

Besides these top-rated Pinoy champions, there are several other Filipino boxers are ranked in the top 10 across various divisions:

  1. IBF No. 7 Super Featherweight: Charly Suarez
  2. IBF No. 4/WBO No. 8 Super Bantamweight: Carl Jammes Martin
  3. WBC No. 8 Bantamweight: Froilan Saludar
  4. IBF No. 8 Super Flyweight: Jade Bornea
  5. WBA No. 7/WBO No. 9 Super Flyweight: KJ Cataraja
  6. WBC No. 4 Super Flyweight: JayR Raquinel
  7. IBF No. 9 Flyweight: Vince Paras
  8. WBO No. 7/WBA No. 8/IBF No. 8 Light Flyweight: Regie Suganob
  9. IBF No. 4/WBA No. 5 Light Flyweight: Christian Araneta
  10. WBO No. 6/IBF No. 9 Light Flyweight: Arvin Magramo
  11. WBC No. 3/IBF No. 6 Minimumweight: Joey Canoy
  12. IBF No. 3/WBC No. 4/WBO No. 4/WBA No. 10 Minimumweight: Jake Amparo
  13. WBA No. 8/IBF No. 8 Minimumweight: Rene Mark Cuarto
  14. WBC No. 9 Minimumweight: Garen Diagan

These talented Filipino boxers are demonstrating their boxing skills in their respective weight classes and will definitely win championships for their country, the Philippines. EsballPH should be you go to boxing online betting platform to bet on multiple wager types on these Filipino boxers.